Thursday 29 December 2011

Return imminent...

The jetwash blew through his now growing facial hair... Shuttle N55SF kept the engines running.

'DESTINATION?' the flight officer shouted over the roaring engines.

'Dal' Nashh responded slowly, squinting his eyes.


'DAL! you fucking prick'


Nashh simply nodded.


Nashh made his way up the ramp without looking back once...

Tuesday 27 December 2011

Help? part 2 ... purchase imminent.


After much debating and thinking I have chosen to try one more laptop, it suits my personal life a little better than a desktop and as far as I can tell it will certainly suffice for my needs.

This will be purchased tomorrow unless anyone disuades me before I leave to the shop.

Friday 23 December 2011

This. is. too. funny.

I just had to post this, I must have watched it 20 times and still laugh my ass off everytime...

Thursday 22 December 2011


Ok so I admit I don't know much about pc's and need some advice.

I found a really cheap Acer desktop, £380 with optional second screen.

Processor; 1.3 GHz AMD E-300 APU
Memory; 4GB
Harddrive; 1000GB
Graphics; AMD Radeon HD 6300

All I use it for is EVE, word, video editing. Will this work?

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Updatez Pleaz? 3/3 Beaute

Fuck! Whartup bitchez!

Nashh is that you?

Yahar howz it going huh?

Yes well, all in all it's pretty good. We could do with some more bodies here, this hole is providing more we can handle at the moment.

Roger roger...

Er... Yeah so I have taken over loot payouts for the moment, I hope that's ok with you?

Yarz, fuckit...

Right, it's just that the guys where needing some iskies you know? Sorry man but it has been a while huh?

Fuckits man whatever, yer know...

You ok Nashh?

Fucking awesomez, great!

Right, good to hear. I have used some of the Corp funds to provide subs for as long as I could but our take is more than I could payout from our reserves. Jita and Amarr markets have been kind and just over eleven billion has been payed out for the last few weeks.

Fark... (burp)

Yeah I know good stuff huh!? I have taken the liberty to promote a few of our more loyal pilots and Dragon has been given full Director rights.

Ugh... Yarz...

It was easier that way with moving the POS and all. Anyway all is well, let me send you some graphs and figures to illustrate our progress here... Nashh?


You there Nashh?


Monday 12 December 2011

Updatez pleaz? 2/3 Acute



Hey man...

Hey, hows it going?

Great man, just great...

Good to hear. Just to let you we got everything under control here, all is well.

Great. Just great...

So... Would you like me to mail you some reports?

Nah man, youzz have tings good and stuff huh?

Er... Yeah, you ok?

Yep yeps...

Ok good. So what can I do for yah boss?

Nothings, mjust wringing...

Right, gotcha.


So anything specific you are ringing for?

Nawr nah...

Right well if there isn't anything else?

Nopes... Howz the warz going brother? You boyz rippin it up huh? Like yer know like killin stuff right ha!

Are you drunk?

Just great man, cool stuff huh...


Yar... Yar...

Right, well, I guess I had better get on with some stuff here then ok?

Yar, stuffs and tings huh...

Yeah, yeah stuff and things. You take care now you hear?


Nashh? Nashh?


Sunday 11 December 2011

Updatez pleaz? 1/3 Anabaric


Yeah who is this?

Who do you think fuckhead? Hello? Ana? Ana!?

Nashh redialed.



It's me, Nashh.

Nashh who?

Stop dicking around you penis, I need a favour.

Ah Nashh sorry man... Didn't recognize your voice. How's it going?

Yeah fine fine, listen...

Nashh paused a moment for Officer Anabaric to finish his chuckle.

You done yet?

Yeah yeah sorry, whattup?

I need you to arrange some new boats for me, get a pen and paper.


Shuttup and pencil this down, Worm, Moa, Machariel, Tornado, Dramiel, get me two of those actually, I need a full set of Crystals, some pills, blue of course, you still with me?

Er yeah but...

Shuttit, also get me five destroyers, Tengu hulls, two will do, I have the subs, pith shield boosters, two medium, two smalls, one hundred cap charges...

Nashh? Anabaric interrupted.

Yeah what?

You coming back?

Yeah I think so, soon hopefully...

It's just that...


Well we are on holiday, you know.


Remember holiday in null?

Well, get Acute to get that stuff ready then.

Dude, Acute is up here with me, have you not...

For fuck sake brother, pass me over to Cyber I'll get him to sort it out then, Jesus...

Er, Nashh, Cyber left, remember?

I... Right...

You ok boss?


You sound a bit stressed. Hows your little break? I hear the girls are pretty hot there?

Yeah... Flaming hot.

Cool cool, so you have a date for your return yet?


You sure you ok? You don't sound ok...

I... I gotta go...

Right, so what about that stuff?




Thursday 8 December 2011

Reposted sketch for the flaming diva...

Due to to the lack of a laptop I thought a picture of my dead girl sketch would suffice but here is the scanned-in piece...

Shalee Lianne interviews Nashh Kadavr

Big shout out to Shalee for granting me an interview, check it out here.

Tuesday 6 December 2011

'The Flaming Diva'

Nashh stood over the strangled remains of the young girl, she was barely 18. A drop of blood slowly started to trickle from her nose. Ariana, her name was, or so she said.

More frequently Nashh found himself getting into fights and sleeping with prostitutes or willing, naive young girls. He always had a tendency for violence when drunk or drugged but space combat relieved a lot of his inner anger. Planet-side-life simply wasn't something he fitted in with.

The girl had done him no wrong. She had in fact been very pleasurable and fulfilled most of his desires.

Ariana certainly wasn't his first kill, not even the first female but she was by far the most beautiful.

Slowly he gathered his belongings that were spread across the floor. From the back-right pocket of his jeans he pulled a small hip-flask, he swigged from the containing spirit within before covering the girl and the bed with what remained.

'Sorry' he mumbled, he meant it.

From the inside of his jacket he produced a pack of matches. He had picked them up from the same place he picked Ariana up from; 'The Flaming Diva''.

He smiled.

How fitting, he thought as he struck a few matches and lit up the bed...

Friday 2 December 2011

There is always that last one...

'Hey man fill this up will ya!'

'Jack', as he made himself known by slid his mug forth along the bar-top.

The brash Minmatar Brutor wobbled and brushed passed Nashh whom was sat at the bar. The music was loud, too loud and not to his taste. But the tender had been good and got him what he wanted quick. Two girls, non capsuleers and way to drunk, danced sensually and kissed eachother, providing enough entertainment.

Jack the Brutor had been loud and annoying for a while but Nashh composed himself a few times and restrained his natural aggression. Not that temptation wasn't there to tell him a piece of his mind or hurt him, badly.

The tender looked from nashh back to the Brutor, sensing aggravation and figured it was best to just serve the guy to get him away from Nashh.

'What you want it filling up with bro?'

'What you think, Jack laughed out loud. Fuck sake, hound piss! Hahaha! '

The bartender didn't smile but picked up the mug and carried it over to the nearest beerpump.

Jack nudged Nashh and laughed out loud. 'What with? Ha!'

'It's a valid question', Nashh muttered.

Jack sized up Nashh for a moment, looking him up and down. Nashh Kadavr was wearing ripped jeans and worn combat boots with the laces undone. A white vest with oil stains on the side and some dark brown splatters on the chest area, sure to be dried blood, but not his own. His muscular and tattood arms and were shoulders clearly visible. His left arm depicted a battle scene running all the way up his left shoulder, his right arm had an ancient pistol on the inside of the forearm and the rest of the arm skulls. Lots of skulls. His right shoulder depicted a skull, crossed rapiers, angel wings and flames.
He was sitting on a barstool with a leather jacket draped over it, the same skull and rapier motif was visible on the back of the jacket and a gold bio- hazard sign behind a broken sword was carefully stitched on the left sleeve. In small letters below it it read; "Black Guard".

Jack smiled, squinting his eyes, drunk. He may have been drunk but knew he was not made to feel welcome next to Nashh. He didn't say another word until he got his beer and walked off with it, 'thanks'.

Nashh picked up his half empty beer and before he swigged it empty he nodded at the tender, 'last one brother, last one'.

The bartender smiled and nodded back. From a fridge in front of him he picked out another label-less bottle, opened it and put it on the bar in front of Nashh.
From a shelf behind him he picked up a thin, long necked bottle and filled up two small glasses of the containing golden brown liquid. On the label it read PIRAT rum.

'On me', the tender lifted a glass and held it aloft for a moment before emptying it in one go.

The Black Guard CEO followed suit.

The golden liquid ran down his gullet, firing up every possible taste sensation. Orange and caramel flavors lingered, even though there was no spirit burn his gums tingled.

'Holy fucksticks, leave me the bottle please brother'.

'Last one hey', the tender smiled.

'Last one...'

Wednesday 30 November 2011

Down n Out?

So as some of you have noticed I have not been in game for over a month now. My 1st laptop burned out, my second laptop the same and my wife’s laptop got stolen.

The 1st laptop was fixable according to a local tech-dude. For $300 worth of new part and labour were needed. The second laptop was beyond saving after it connected with the wall after a moment of rage.

A tough decision needed to be made, buy a new laptop on a Caribbean island where future support would be a complete write off or take the gamble and fix my only hope of playing EVE again this year.

I opted for the fix and parts should arrive from America within 7 working days and the dude needed only a day to install the new components (motherboard, processor and fans).

For your sanity I shall spare you the details of Caribbean way of doing anything but to give you a brief rundown of my experience so far; tomorrow, tomorrow, definitely tomorrow, next week Friday, next week Thursday, I am making progress, I am missing another part, tomorrow, pick it up in the morning, sorry I had a heart attack come back tomorrow, definitely Monday morning I promise, tomorrow sorry, chill out this is the Antilles, tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, its ready, come pick it up in the morning.

And there I was, already anticipating disappointment. Ready to pick up my Frankenstein beast of glory, eager to install the latest version of EVE.

“So it turns on but only for a few minutes, I need another part and its coming from Colombia next week Friday.”

I just walked out of the shop and wept.

Monday 7 November 2011

Farewell Mynxee (part 2)

Farewell Mynxee part 2

A short drive from the beach hut, at the very southern part of the Island, stood 'the lighthouse'. It wasnt really a lighthouse, but it was a tower and did at one time provide seafaring vessels with information about the local coast line and sandbanks. 'The lighthouse' had been decommissioned nearly 100 years back and the building was getting in a bad state of disrepair. Doors and windows had been removed and most walls were covered with writing or drawings. The top floor provided spectacular views of ocean-side of the island, the sea was much wilder on this side and huge waves crashed loudly into the rocky shore below.

'So where have your plugins gone?' Nashh quizzed as he stroked her red dreadlocks.

'Gone, I am done Nashh' she sighed and turned to look out into the distance. 'Its time for me to return back to my roots, my people'. 'I have sold my remaining properties and ships, I shall not have any worries for isk'.

Nashh seemed unfazed. She was probably joking, or at least she would realize the mistake she was making soon enough.

'My remaining clones have been destroyed or sold'.

'Can I have one?' Nashh smiled.

Mynxee smiled back and waited for him to realize what she was really saying.

In the distance a shuttle glided through a small patch of clouds. It was Mynxee's ride home.

'So...' Nashh started, 'you have no clones and no plugins?'

Mynxee didn't respond.

'You are mortal?'

'As I said... I am done. I intent to live the remainder of my natural life in peace and planet-side'.

'Why? What for? Where?'

Mynxee looked deep into his eyes and smiled. 'Its probably best if you didn't know'.

'So that's it?'

'My shuttle is here, I have to go.' The wind blew through her well-groomed dreads. 'I am driving north to the airstrip, I can give you a ride?'

Nashh remained silent.

'I am sorry' she stroked his cheek and kissed him on his lips. 'Farewell'.

Sunday 6 November 2011

Farewell Mynxee (part 1)

Farewell Mynxee part 1

In his brief break from daily space flight, Commander Nashh Kadavr choose the planet Intaki V to enjoy some well earned rest and recuperation.

Not all planets are suitable for capsuleers to find peace and quiet. Their implant slots quickly give away their position in society and there where numerous issues to be expected when mingling with the general public.

Intaki V however sports various capsuleer-only-resorts. Around the planets equator lay several small islands just off the coast of one of the main continents. The islands where entirely dedicated to servicing space dwellers and providing them with seclusion of prying eyes.

The east side of Bonbonair was well known for it's calm, turquoise sea and white sandy beaches. Prices for a weeks stay could easily feed other small countries on the same planet for a year but with his good friend Cyber being the majority shareholder of the resort, his stay was considerably cheaper. Not that it would have mattered. All the isk in the universe wouldn't have mattered.

News had come to him that she had registered herself here a few weeks ago. Perhaps not active and not found causing trouble that was recorded anywhere, but alive non the less.

The opportunity to see her again was worth anything to him. Her radiating presence and magnetic beauty had captured him many years back. He wasn't really sure if she would be as pleased to see him, in fact he wasn't sure what to say to her if anything at all. It was entirely possible she wouldn't even remember him...

There where no less than 7000 capsuleers on the island this time of year and a further twelve thousand staff members, service and security personnel. It wouldn't be easy to find her.

The aptly named 'Beach Hut' provided a little shade and refreshing drinks as he contemplated how long he would stay to look for her. He tried to work a little on his Neo-com but there where too many distractions. Mainly the brash Amarrian on the far side of the bar, telling tall tales of business and combat, most of it lies. He still carried a full high grade set of Slave Implants, not uncommon to own by revelers in Bonbonaire but unusual to come to a planetside beach-resort in a clone still carrying such luxuries.

'Hey' the Ammarian shouted over, 'Hey you, you are Kadavr right?'.

Nashh looked up from his Neo-pad and sipped his beer before nodding, eager not to end up in a conversation.

The Amarrian made his way over and placed a hand on Nashh's shoulder, 'barkeep! Get this man a drink on me!'

'No, honestly' Nashh interrupted, 'I am about to go'. With a big gulp he finished his beer and threw his payment on the bar-top.

'What? is my beer not good enough!?' the Ammar pod pilot barked as he tightened his grip on Nashh.

Nashh stood up from his barstool and straightened himself to find the guy was considerably taller than him. It didn't worry him, a punch to the throat could floor a man of any size.

'Get your hand...'

With a loud crash a glass smashed over the head of the heavily implanted Ammar before he sank to his knees and toppled over.

There she was, beautiful as ever, holding the remains of a glass bottle. 'Hey Nashhypoo, come on, time to go before the big guy wakes up'.

To be continued...

Thursday 27 October 2011

Nashh Shiskabobbed by T'amber...

So T'amber has made a valiant return to the game after a little time off and produced this for his eve-facebook buddies. Yes... those are corpses spiked on the pointy bits, apperantly I am the second spike from the bottom, hanging upside down behind Virtuozzo Eve.

View more truly amazing ship edits on his photobucket page here.

Friday 21 October 2011

Laptop broken, back soon (hopefully)

Where's Nashh? Acute and Anabaric where asked for the third time that day.

'Dunno' Ana's uninterested response came. He was not much more interested in the game of scrabble in front of him.

'Dunno, dunnie care?' Cyber snarled back.

Acute chuckled.

'What? You think that's funny?'

'No Cybs relax, he is probably in his office as usual'. Acute lay out some letters on the board and grinned some more.

Cyber looked down at the scrabble board filled with obscene, badly spelled words. 'Cumflap and dicktart are not even words you morons, and even if they would have been they wouldn't have been spelled like that!'.

Lex Fasces had now strolled up and joined the little group. He was eating a piece of fruit, it looked like a pear, and it's juices ran down his chin. 'Wha gwan?' he spluttered out whilst loudly chewing.

'We lost Nashh' Ana mumbled.

'Haha!' Lex exclaimed, spitting out some of his snack.

'What, you think that's funny?' Acute asked sheepishly as he smiled at Cyber.

'No you moron you spelled cumflap wrong' Lex chuckled and picked up another beige tile with the letter P.

'O my sweet lord...' Cyber slapped his righthand on his forehead. 'Lex, what the fuck?'.

'What? Oh Nashh... Have you checked his office?

'It's locked'

'His apartment? The pub?'

Four quiet beeps sounded, so close together it could have been just one.

Anabaric as usual would be the first to check his NEO-pad, but others followed suit. The men fell quiet for a moment then stared at Cyber.

Cyber's eyes widened before he mumbled; 'I am CEO?'.

Friday 14 October 2011

Pirates and ninjas..

Pirates and ninjas think cowboys are gay...

Tuesday 11 October 2011

(Finally) War is upon us

Lieutenant First Grade Acute, Cannonfodder Adex and Commander Kadavr set out in the early hours of Monday morning for a short training session.

Nashh had not flown a Merlin frigate class vessel for several years and never one of the double-webbing variety. On paper this ship has some great potential. After a few scraps with his Corp members it proved more difficult to handle than first thought.

'Rifter and Wolf on scan' Acute interrupted the friendly skirmish.

'Roger, peel of to the Amamake gate, Adex hang back here' Nashh instructed, 'I'll check that compound near the sun'.

A few seconds later and Acute reported his scan showed nothing but empty space.

'They are 100 clicks from me' Nashh replied, 'stand down, it's our own militia'. 'Let's roll on home boys', Nashh continued, 'I need a beer'.

'Roger that' came the reply.

Ten AU short of the Dal gate a second Rifter appeared on scan.

'When you guys land, jump straight through, I'll aggress this ... ah fucksticks, forget it, he is friendly'.

Seconds after Nashh landed next to the Minmatar Militia Rifter an alarm sounded from the Merlin on-board systems.

'Wait what the fuck, he is shooting at me..'

Adex and Acute now arrived as well, eager for blood.

'Do not aggress, I repeat do not aggress' Nashh commanded his troops. The -KBG- CEO fired a warning shot across the bow of the aggressor and announced his allegiance to the Militia in the local channel.

Expecting for the aggressing Pilot to have made a mistake, he turned off his weapons but used his two webs to gain enough distance to warp off.

Two more Minmatar Milita pilots landed on grid, called in by the first, and immediately opened fire on the Black Guard Merlin.

'Nashh! For fuck sake mate!' Acute exclaimed.

'Stand down officer, it's fine' Nashh smiled as he turned off all his active modules and prepared to warp his pod to safety.

A small blue flash preceded trails of grey smoke engulfing the Dal stargate in shadow and dust. With preparations made for getting the escape pod to safety the Merlin hull would prove the only casualty.

'Ok boys, now we can go home, beers are on me!'

Monday 10 October 2011

Officer Anabaric



‘Mr kadavr? Luitenant First Grade Anabaric is here to see you’.

Send him in please, hold all Calls’.

‘Yessir, how long?’

‘Untill I say otherwise’.


The door to Nashh Kadavrs office opened and Anabaric stepped in.

Nashh looked up from the paperwork on his desk and put his hands to his face.

'Take that stupid fucking hat off mate and sit down.'

'Ana' smiled but realized his CEO was serious and took his shimmering silver hat off and put it next to him on the floor as he sat down.

The black guard CEO continued with his work.

Anabaric cleared his throat before sliding into a more comfortable position and surveying the office around him.

The office was spacious. Full length screens covered the wall on the right, an extensively filled bookcase covered nearly the entire wall on the left. The screens showed security cameras from various hangars in the Black Guard home station and some showed market graphs depicting values of Wormhole related loot.

'Nice work on the digs bud' Ana started, nodding his head in approval.

Nashh remained quiet.

It had taken some time to get the corporation up and running and organize hangars, basic staff quarters and his own office. He had never had a real office before.

Nashh put down the electronic pen and looked over at Anabaric, whom was starting to look a little uncomfortable.

'You, young man, are starting to cost this Corp a bloody fortune' Nashh kept his eyes on Officer Ana and opened the top right drawer of his desk.

Anabaric shifted uneasily.

'Did you know it costs me 5 mil every time I have to officially register one of these?' Nashh smiled as he threw a little wooden box across the desk.

Ana relaxed a little as he opened the box and regarded the medal inside it. It was a 'Golden Eagle' awarded only to those capable pilots, able to destroy an enemy vessel of at least one class higher than the one they are piloting themselves. It is a highly regarded medal but Ana had collected a fair few shiny chest decorations over the last few months.

He smiled, and slipped the box into an inside pocket, 'thanks boss'.

A sharp beep came from the inside of another pocket and Anabaric produced a Neo-comm. He read the message and his eyed widened.

'You are a great example to the new recruits Ana, glad you are on our side...I..'

'Nashh' Anabaric interrupted, 'I have something urgent to take care of, do you mind if we continue this later?'.

The KBG CEO looked at the combat pilot in front of him and grunted. Waving his hands he dismissed him.


Within 30 minutes of the short meeting Nashh received notification of a member being involved in combat.

On opening the mail and checking the data he sighed.

You little fucker...

Saturday 8 October 2011

EPIC CDM Preperations...

So it has been a while since any CDM related post have been made so here you go an update on where myself and CDM is at.

With running multiple corps my time has been spend on them mainly and whilst is still can, I spend a lot of time on getting the frame work put in place and the general upkeep of said corps as well. I never intended to run any corp to be very honest, I just wanted to do the WH adventure all by my lonesome. However, once I dedicate myself to something I do it all the way. And tbh I am loving it.

The WH corp is going strong and we have a really good bunch of folks in there, at present there are 10 members that are active and make isk, good isk. These guys are supported by about 15 alts; fleet-boosting, salvaging or spare probers. This corp is still recruiting but friends and family only at this stage.

The PVP corp, Kadavr Black Guards, is also coming on leaps and bounds. Running at about 20 members spread across EU and UK time-zones we are slowly starting to look like something serious. We currently have an additional 4 pilots on their trial period and a further 4 pilots in OUCH University coming our way as well soon. Yes we are recruiting so don’t be shy come and apply on our web page here;

Then there is the daily management of said corps, alliance newsletters, building on our awesome forum, dealing with the occasional diplomatic issues that pop up, actually undocking and shooting stuff, loot pay-outs, recruitment and then… maybe then when I have a sliver of time spare I write a little on the blog.

Which is what this post is all about but I digressed sorry.

‘’So CDM, is it dead?’’ I get asked in local occasionally, well no its not dead dude but I am fucking busy mkay. That and to be very honest I already know the outcome of the next CDM and I am a little scared.

Some of you may know that indeed the next Celebrity Death Match will be with my good buddy Lady Shaniqua. LS has been my mentor on several of my projects and is by far the best PVPer I have had the privilege of flying with on many occasions.

We have obviously had our little scraps and thus far the outcome has been pretty much the same every time; me ending up in a ball of flames. So I put my dilemma to LS a while ago, I didn’t want to have a straight-up-scrap in ships of the Celebs choosing coz it would only end in guaranteed tears for me. So to at least give me a little tiny chance of getting a genuine LS killmail we needed to come up with something a bit different.

Well this CDM will run out into EPIC proportions indeed, a video to accompany it and the most isk fielded in any CDM so far for sure.

Both of us are allowed to spend a certain amount of points on no more than 6 space boats each. One could just field 2 I guess but general statistics don’t bode well for tactics like that. Other than that we are not allowed to field any ECM of any kind, no faction or complex modules and no pirate implants.

The point system has been taken from the last Alliance Tournament and goes as following;

    • Battleship, Faction - 21

    • Marauder - 18

    • Battleship - 18

    • Black Ops Battleship - 18

    • Command Ship - 16

    • Strategic Cruiser - 16

    • Cruiser, Faction - 14

    • Heavy Assault Cruiser - 13

    • Battlecruiser (Tier 2) - 13

    • Recon Ship - 13

    • Heavy Interdictor - 13

    • Logistics Cruiser - 12

    • Battlecruiser (Tier 1) - 10

    • Cruiser - 8

    • Bomber - 6

    • Electronic Attack Frigate - 5

    • Frigate, Faction - 4

    • Assault Frigate - 4

    • Interdictor - 3

    • Interceptor - 3

    • Frigate - 3

    • Tech 1 Industrial Ships - 3

    • Destroyer - 2

The definitions of 'Tier 1' and 'Tier 2' Battlecruisers are as follows: Tier 1 Battlecruisers are: Cyclone, Brutix, Ferox, Prophecy. Tier 2 Battlecruisers are: Hurricane, Myrmidon, Drake, Harbinger.

So the plan is to fight in an arena of no bigger than 125 km, warp in your battleboat and do battle, you lose the boat, you dock up and get your second etc etc until one of the contestants doesn’t have any boats left.

If you win a particular round you don’t get to dock up for repairs btw and thus looting the field for drones, ammo and cap boosters is a likely tactic to expect. At the end of the fights the victor gets to take the loot from the battle field and salvage if he/she so wishes.

Pretty straight forward really but not so much when you start spending your points and start thinking about what ship to bring first and what if your opponent brings such and such…

My ship list is ready, or so it was. LS has run into some isk unfortunately and is now the owner of a Machariel spaceboat. Which got me thinking... he could bring that and blow my 5 boats straight out of the sky winning 5-0.

Of course my ship-list will remain sekrit until the day itself but please feel free to comment below with the ships you would bring, how would you spend your points and what boat would you bring out first? Would you have crazy fits or more classic style pvp stuff?

I gues I am shitting myself and can’t ask LS to help me on this one….

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Black Guards have Cyber ... and crew

Nashh looked over the figures Morrigan presented to him. Nodding agreeably he flicked through a few pages worth of numbers and graphs.

'Excellent work Morrigan, excellent'. Nashh flicked back to one of the earlier pages and highlighted a few items. 'Pay these out at market price will you, add 20% extra, then box up the items and send them to Tibbs'.

'Yessir' Morrigan sighed, she never did like that Bastard.

Nashh simply smiled at her. 'Give my regards to the boys as well; tell them to keep up the good work'.

'I will' the loyal assistant smiled. 'How is it going here? Miss me yet?'

'Ha!' Nashh started, 'yeah I miss you alright, but I need you in there babes, I wouldn't trust anyone else'.

Nashh wrapped his right hand around her neck and kissed her forehead. Morrigan looked up and pouted in the hope for a more intimate kiss but he had already turned away...

Oblivious to her advance Nashh started to ramble on about all the different methods he has tried or is trying to recruit more members. He then proceeded to tell her all the reasons why people should join and how he didn't understand...

Morrigan only half listened, nodding and humming in agreement occasionally.

'I just need a few more members, you know, to get the ball rolling..'

'I mean what else hey? What else can I possibly do?' Nashh turned to see Morrigan packing away her Neo-pad. 'You gotta go already?' Nashh looked from his watch back to her.

'Yes Nashh, good luck here though hey' she kissed him on the cheek as she passed by.

'Try calling old friends!' she shouted before closing the door behind her.

'I haven't got any!' Nashh shouted back.

He muttered some swearwords under his breath, picked up the mug of cold coffee and took a swig.

He muttered some more...

Tjirptjirp sounded the high-pitched buzzer on his intercom.

'Yeah what?'

'Good morning to you too sir'. It was Anabaric.

Nashh grumbled.

'Yeah so anyway there are some guys here to see you'.

'Who is it mate, I am busy'.

There was static noise and the volume dropped but Nashh could make out some voices.

A crackle sounded and Officer 'Ana' returned, 'Cyber or some shit and his crew, he says he is your mate?'.

'Cyber? Wait...'

The intercom crackled again and a vague yelp could be heard.

The voice on the intercom had changed.

'Nashh, it's me Cyber, come down here I have news about your recruitment'.

Nashh fell silent for a moment.

'Oi, Nashh!'

'Er.. yep, yes, roger.. I am on my way down now'.


With a loud hiss the lift doors opened to the Black Guard hangar. Nashh stepped out, slowly, not really sure what to expect.

Acute and Caldarla stood a little further down the hall in front of a Rifter class frigate under construction. They were nodding as Cyber spoke to them, using both his hands to depict a battle scene or so it appeared. Anabaric and three other figures were in deep conversation over by some ammo crates until one of them looked up.

Delisa excused herself from the little group and made her way over. Nashh smiled awkwardly and stuck out his hand, 'hi'.

Delisa broke out a firm salute and clicked her heels, 'Delisa, reporting for duty, Sir!'.

'' Nashh started, 'at ease...'.

'Yessir, it's a pleasure meeting you sir' Delisa continued, 'Cyber has told me all about you'.

'Has he now...' Nashh looked over Delisa's shoulder and saw Cyber walking over. 'You can call me Nashh, drop the Sir ok?'.

'Yes... Nashh' Delisa struggled. 'I shall leave you two to talk' she smiled at the two CEO's and turned to join the group of men further down the hall.

'Friendly crew you got there Cyber' the Black Guards CEO began, 'I don't owe you any money do I?'

Cyber grinned, 'no mate, I would remember'. The imposing Amarrian slowly looked around, checking out the hangar from floor to ceiling. 'Its a bit empty here buddy...'

'Cyber, no offense but the suspense is killing me...'

'Good news and bad news mate' Cyber smiled and put a hand on Nashh's shoulder. 'Bad news is that I have little to no control over Lex' Cyber looked over at the huddle of pilots, 'nobody does.....'.

Lex sat on an ammo crate with one arm resting on his knee. He looked over and nodded, as if he knew he was being talked about.

Nashh nodded back. 'Right, gotcha'.

'Good news is that your Corp will grow nearly twice-fold in the next 24 hours'.

Nashh looked perplexed. ''.

'Unless recruitment is closed mate?' Nashh snapped out of his daze, 'Hell no brother!' Nashh grabbed the Renegade CEO's hand and shook it. 'Awesome stuff!' Nashh slung an arm around Cyber as the two of the walked over to the rest of the crew. 'This calls for a beer! First round is on me!'.

'No Nashh, all the beers are on you...'.