Wednesday 28 September 2011

Black Guards have Cyber ... and crew

Nashh looked over the figures Morrigan presented to him. Nodding agreeably he flicked through a few pages worth of numbers and graphs.

'Excellent work Morrigan, excellent'. Nashh flicked back to one of the earlier pages and highlighted a few items. 'Pay these out at market price will you, add 20% extra, then box up the items and send them to Tibbs'.

'Yessir' Morrigan sighed, she never did like that Bastard.

Nashh simply smiled at her. 'Give my regards to the boys as well; tell them to keep up the good work'.

'I will' the loyal assistant smiled. 'How is it going here? Miss me yet?'

'Ha!' Nashh started, 'yeah I miss you alright, but I need you in there babes, I wouldn't trust anyone else'.

Nashh wrapped his right hand around her neck and kissed her forehead. Morrigan looked up and pouted in the hope for a more intimate kiss but he had already turned away...

Oblivious to her advance Nashh started to ramble on about all the different methods he has tried or is trying to recruit more members. He then proceeded to tell her all the reasons why people should join and how he didn't understand...

Morrigan only half listened, nodding and humming in agreement occasionally.

'I just need a few more members, you know, to get the ball rolling..'

'I mean what else hey? What else can I possibly do?' Nashh turned to see Morrigan packing away her Neo-pad. 'You gotta go already?' Nashh looked from his watch back to her.

'Yes Nashh, good luck here though hey' she kissed him on the cheek as she passed by.

'Try calling old friends!' she shouted before closing the door behind her.

'I haven't got any!' Nashh shouted back.

He muttered some swearwords under his breath, picked up the mug of cold coffee and took a swig.

He muttered some more...

Tjirptjirp sounded the high-pitched buzzer on his intercom.

'Yeah what?'

'Good morning to you too sir'. It was Anabaric.

Nashh grumbled.

'Yeah so anyway there are some guys here to see you'.

'Who is it mate, I am busy'.

There was static noise and the volume dropped but Nashh could make out some voices.

A crackle sounded and Officer 'Ana' returned, 'Cyber or some shit and his crew, he says he is your mate?'.

'Cyber? Wait...'

The intercom crackled again and a vague yelp could be heard.

The voice on the intercom had changed.

'Nashh, it's me Cyber, come down here I have news about your recruitment'.

Nashh fell silent for a moment.

'Oi, Nashh!'

'Er.. yep, yes, roger.. I am on my way down now'.


With a loud hiss the lift doors opened to the Black Guard hangar. Nashh stepped out, slowly, not really sure what to expect.

Acute and Caldarla stood a little further down the hall in front of a Rifter class frigate under construction. They were nodding as Cyber spoke to them, using both his hands to depict a battle scene or so it appeared. Anabaric and three other figures were in deep conversation over by some ammo crates until one of them looked up.

Delisa excused herself from the little group and made her way over. Nashh smiled awkwardly and stuck out his hand, 'hi'.

Delisa broke out a firm salute and clicked her heels, 'Delisa, reporting for duty, Sir!'.

'' Nashh started, 'at ease...'.

'Yessir, it's a pleasure meeting you sir' Delisa continued, 'Cyber has told me all about you'.

'Has he now...' Nashh looked over Delisa's shoulder and saw Cyber walking over. 'You can call me Nashh, drop the Sir ok?'.

'Yes... Nashh' Delisa struggled. 'I shall leave you two to talk' she smiled at the two CEO's and turned to join the group of men further down the hall.

'Friendly crew you got there Cyber' the Black Guards CEO began, 'I don't owe you any money do I?'

Cyber grinned, 'no mate, I would remember'. The imposing Amarrian slowly looked around, checking out the hangar from floor to ceiling. 'Its a bit empty here buddy...'

'Cyber, no offense but the suspense is killing me...'

'Good news and bad news mate' Cyber smiled and put a hand on Nashh's shoulder. 'Bad news is that I have little to no control over Lex' Cyber looked over at the huddle of pilots, 'nobody does.....'.

Lex sat on an ammo crate with one arm resting on his knee. He looked over and nodded, as if he knew he was being talked about.

Nashh nodded back. 'Right, gotcha'.

'Good news is that your Corp will grow nearly twice-fold in the next 24 hours'.

Nashh looked perplexed. ''.

'Unless recruitment is closed mate?' Nashh snapped out of his daze, 'Hell no brother!' Nashh grabbed the Renegade CEO's hand and shook it. 'Awesome stuff!' Nashh slung an arm around Cyber as the two of the walked over to the rest of the crew. 'This calls for a beer! First round is on me!'.

'No Nashh, all the beers are on you...'.


  1. Cyber was telling us the story of when Lex got caught with the midget porn!

  2. I honestly cant imagine Anabaric saying sir to anyone :P

  3. In fictive stories anything is possible...

  4. Not quite true Korg, I might say it, just with a large dollop of sarcasm...

    Also did you hear we're recruiting? ;)