Thursday 2 August 2012

I am still here...

I am still here! although I have been a little quiet I have been around. I have a week away from EVE coming up today then one week of full on EVE before I shall slip slowly into the darkness that is RL.

A new job has come my way and it will require all-consuming- dedication to succeed at it. Its ok, I am ready for a break or a slow-down in EVE but I will not be leaving permanently just yet.

I will post some stuff re the Alliance Tournament soon to let you know how I experianced that and I will update you all about how the corps are doing and the state of the alliance. Recruitment for all our three corporations is open and details for all three will follow soon. If you cant wait for my blurps then head on over to our website where you may find a little more info;

A fortunate turn in events this year saw me make a little iskies and most of that has now been spent on characters, Alliance Tournament and my hangar. After loosing an unfit Vindicator (long story) and my shield Rapier I figured I'd best take a screenie of what remains in my hangar before it all slowly dissapears.

In a future post I shall explain what does what but I think the names will explain enough for now.

See you next week!