Monday 17 August 2015

I love your blog!

You just killed me in the arena, so I hate you for today, but tomorrow I will go back to being a fan. Best of luck next week!

Nice email to wake up to, also a stern reminder I have a blog. So after being bowled out of the first match by Dead Terrorists under harrowing reverse tidi conditions we didn't expect to do too hot on our second match either. 

With our team only completing 10 minutes before the bans started stress levels rose nicely and the old space-jitters can be heard on the below video taken by Dwaigon. 

The experience so far, despite being in the losers bracket, has been amazing for everyone involved. our match yesterday heavily swung in our favour, the enemy logi was at a favourable distance to us and our ecm drones worked a treat on both the Vindicators.  Our support wing did a great job tackling and Mr Spaxi did an excellent job keeping us all alive.

Our usual FC was not available so I had to step up and FC this match, something I will not do again if I can avoid it, or risk a heart attack ;)

Anyways, for your viewing pleasure;


  1. Dude, once the match started you sounded as calm as in any fleet I've been in with you. You FC'd well and won the match. Go Bastards!

  2. I only rage on the inside ;)