Wednesday 22 December 2010

An audiance with a Bastard

So some of the UK based Bastards are having a catch up on the 3rd of January 2011 in London, so far we are not too sure how many will turn up but we have a few Bastards that will deffo be there, including myself.

The meeting place will be close to a mayor train-station in London and will start from about 1pm untill whenever. Personally I intend to be there for about 1pm to maximise drinking time as that is my favourite hobby.

Anyways, if you want to meet some of the Bastards and friends put your name down in the comments below and hook up with us, share a few beers, talk space ships/blogs about space ships/ beer and other related news.

(Location will be confirmed in the next week or so)

Did I mention there will be beer?

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Fiction; Venom's Bite

After nagging long enough my dear friend Venom Orchid has written a little story for me. Hopefully this wont be the last and maybe, just maybe we will work together on some more fiction!

This story is set about 1.5 years ago, just before I joined the Bastards, just before my CDM with Venom Orchid.



Life has become predictable in our little pocket of space. For over a year the Hellcats have lived with the Bastards in Evati, all but picking the bones clean off anyone thinking of entering our space. We own this area, even if we don’t want to claim it. We are pirates, we don’t settle down in front of nice cozy fires. We settle down with bottles of booze and other people’s belongings.

“Mynx, I’m bored.”

“Knock it off kid or I’ll kick it out of you, you know I hate that talk. You make your life as you will.” Mynx, as the Hellcats stern leader, had a booming emphatic voice when she needed to get a point across.

“Come on luv, don’t take that tone with me, you know what I’m talking about.” Being a new Director, I was starting to feel greater concern for the girls in our corp.

“Yea, I do, it’s been coming for a while.”

“It has and it hurts to think about it but we need to spread our wings or risk losing ourselves.” For some time we had been discussing if we should leave our brothers, The Bastards, and make a solo name for ourselves in another system.

I thought to myself, what if we break off from the Bastards and that kills us, stay and die or leave and die....fuck.

Mynx motioned for the bar owner to send us another bottle of red wine we donated to his cause, having earlier lifted it from a transport ship coming into Evati. He sold it and made a profit, so long as we were given as much as we wanted on the house. We drank most of what we brought him.

As Mynx was pouring the red gurgling liquid into our glasses, someone caught my attention as they entered the bar. My gaze was locked as Mynx looked up and back to see what I was looking at.

“Who’s that?” Mynx mused with a wry smile.

“Fuck, that pilot won’t leave me alone, everywhere I go, he shows up.”

“What do you mean,” Mynx asked, “He’s hot as hell.”

“No, he’s not bugging me for sex like the rest of the slags in this place. He wants to fight me. He showed up in system a few days ago and started hunting me, of course, I hunted back but when I found him, he didn’t fire on me. He hailed me and made me an offer, something about me being known, and he wants a fight, a quest he is on or something, its bullshit, I don’t trust him.”

“Uh huh, and why are you staring at him if he’s so bad?”

“I’m what?’ My face turned three times redder than my tribal tattoo's on my face.

“Ha! I knew it, why don’t you just fuck him instead, you know it’s what you’d rather do.”

“Fuck you Mynx.”

While she and I were arguing I took my eyes of him for a second, enough time for him to slither up to us at the bar.

“Ladies...,” Nashh said with a grin.

You have got to be kidding me, why the fuck can’t you leave me alone?

“Nashh, this is my boss Mynxee, have you met?”

“No, I have not had the pleasure, but I hope to soon.”

Myx’s eyes rolled in her head, being Hellcats and women we have to fight off this shit daily. Instead of answering she got up from the bar and swayed away from us, both of us watching her as she left.

“You two must have an interesting relationship,” Nashh mused.

“Fuck off, what she and I have is none of your concern. You still following me around?”

“Come on Venom, just one fight, with rules you can live with.”

Nashh grabbed our bottle and poured more red wine into my glass, looking up, he flashed me a smile.

“Damn it, fine, Rifters with a point; I don’t want your skinny ass getting away from me.”

Shit, did I just say ‘skinny ass getting away from me’? Get a grip Venom, he’s a guy, remember.

Again I blush and Nashh notices. He sits back on the barstool, and I can see he’s full of inked skin and a toned chest. It’s no secret that I prefer women to men sexually. In flight, I would rather be with men, save Mynx and a few other Hellcats. So, why am I suddenly attracted to this guy?

Fuck, fuck, fuck; enough.

“Tomorrow, come find me, and we can have your little fight.”

Nashh looks at me squarely, “What, you’re leaving so soon, I thought we were starting to have fun?”

“Piss off, this room is full of prostitutes, and I’m not one of em.”