Tuesday 27 December 2011

Help? part 2 ... purchase imminent.


After much debating and thinking I have chosen to try one more laptop, it suits my personal life a little better than a desktop and as far as I can tell it will certainly suffice for my needs.

This will be purchased tomorrow unless anyone disuades me before I leave to the shop.



  1. Again, if you're looking at doing video stuff (not entirely sure what you mean by this, just assuming worst) go for an i5 or better. I don't think the internal HD is so important as you can just get externals as necessary.

    I'd also be damned sure to use a lappy cooling pad, as that thing is going to kick out ridiculous levels of heat when chugging.

    Just a comment, I'm seeing these things for about $1.1k US online. For that cash I'd just build a tower, but if the lappy suits your lifestyle, then more power to you.

  2. So, I'm a first time poster here, but I've been looking around at your blog and as with most of the Tuskers blogs, I love it. On to my comment.

    I see that newegg has this model listed at $1,149.99, ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834230147&Tpk=N55SF ) which says to me that it's a monster.
    For that kind of money, I would build my own tower from base parts to make sure you could have the performance you need where you need it and a cheaper part where you don't.
    For example, with the same purchase price, you could go for a 2.6 i7 and a much better graphics card, with a bigger hdd.

    That aside, Asus makes GREAT stuff. I'll be building a tower soon myself and all of the important parts will be asus.

    Get in contact with me if you want a hand building a tower as I'd love to help. Looking forward to seeing what you go with!

  3. As always a desktop with be about 60% of the price for more power. But you don't get to play Eve hiding in the toilet quite so easily.

    Go for the i5/i7 if you can.

  4. Heat is always a major problem with laptops, esp. if you plan to run graphics-intense apps like Eve. Unlike desktops, laptops are not really designed for running graphics/CPU-intense apps all day - I've seen many an expensive laptop go belly up within a year or so, due to heat damage.

    The cheap laptop coolers don't work very well. I suggest that you get a X-type laptop stand (to allow airflow beneath the laptop) and focus a small high-flow external fan to keep air blowing across, and under, your laptop. Alternatively, you can put your laptop on a big chunk of metal to wick away most of the heat (a 25lb iron barbell plate works well).

    The external laptop power supplies also tend to run hot and burn out, due to the lack of cooling on the power bricks. Make sure your power brick is also covered by the fan, or sitting on another metal plate, to keep it cool.

  5. thanks guys, the one i bought is indeed the i5 processor... downloading eve now.