Thursday 19 January 2012

Reds in fleet?

So (KBG) currently shares the 'redsinfleet' intel channel, created as the brainchild of itsmeHck and occupied by Shadow Cartel Alliance and the infamous Tuskers.

The idea behind the channel is pretty simple; the people involved in the channel are not blue to each-other but can invite each-other to fleets when needed. The idea is pretty simple indeed but the execution is more complicated than one might think. There have been several altercations that have jeopardized the future of the channel but this post is my views on it and in no way represent the views of anyone else.

In the time that we have spent under Shadow Cartel's wings there have been a few occasions where I had to check with Alliance Leadership if certain targets are fair targets for us. There are a certain amount of pilots in the area that may be 'blue' to the Alliance but not to -KBG-, regardless we have chosen to adopt the same stance and have not opened fire.

When encountering a Tusker around the start of our time at Shadow Cartel I asked what rules of engagements we have with our 'enemies with benefits'. The answer was clear, engage at will but remain respectful, wherever possible ransom there pods rather than popping them.

Now these are not strange rules to follow or unreasonable, we have a similar understanding with Heretics in Amamake and The Bastards in Evati.

Over the last few days something has become more evident in the KBG relation with the Tuskers. Bastards and Heretics will wave in local and strike up a chat here and there, with a few exceptions the Tuskers do not.

There are a handful of Tuskers that are actually very friendly and accommodating, but the majority seems to have grown a dislike towards at least myself.

What is the point of this post? I don't know really, perhaps I am still a little disappointed in the actions of a particular Tusker yesterday and am not sure how to proceed.

Occasionally I fly to Hevrice to pick fights with the Tuskers, losing some winning some. Although I am space poor I wouldn't even ransom their pods if on a given occasion I would be quicker than their pro-pod-warps. I either don't even lock them or would let them go for a nominal fee to prove a point. If I win I even return their dropped items as an offer of respect.

Having spoken to several friendly Tuskers this is a tactic returned and part of the 'Pirate-code', making isk of a pod ransom is usually worth more than pod goo splattered over your ship.

In a moment of extreme derp I exploded my Jaguar 30 clicks from the Tusker home-station after mistakingly aggressing first and taking station sentry gun fire as well. The shock of my derp and in the following panic I failed to whip my pod out quick enough and was scrambled.

Mixed emotions of 'oh fuck' and 'it's ok, think ransom' shot through my head before being replaced with rage as station environment loaded.

I lost over 900 million isk in implants as I was carrying my low-grade Snakes and other stuff. Yes, it was my derp, yes I didn't get my pod out in time, yes we are not blue to each-other...

But how can I possibly fleet up with this jerk that in my eyes did me wrong and cost me serious spacemonies? I am stuck in a bit of a pickle as I cannot leave the channels we share, and there will be occasions where we will be forced to fleet up by our superiors. Or, will I refuse to fly with Tuskers? Or deny my Corp to fly with them? or just when the jerk is in the same fleet? Should I gank the fucker when we do share a fleet? Why can't I just get over myself? Have a quafe a smile and stfu?

Yes I am butthurt and yes I am still raging, I is mad bro mkay. Even more so now he has quoted me in his bio like a trophy and takes the piss out of me on their killboard. You fucking prick.

Politics in EVE suck balls.

Wednesday 18 January 2012

My first pvp video

So I had intended to do this for a while but have lost a lot of recordings and had to work with poor programs to make this one, anyway I dont think its awfull. Obviously I am keen to take suggestions on improving the viewers pleasure, leave me a comment!

Watch the full screen version here.

Monday 16 January 2012

Battle report - Solar System; Parts.

Attackers; Shadow Cartel Alliance, Kadavr Black Guard

Shiptypes; Recon, Tier 3 BC, Tech 3, Logistics Support

Fittings; Classified

Fleet size; 20

Estimated ship Value; 3.5 billion isk

Fleet Commander; Baggins

Target; Pax Romana, Gryphon League, Darklings

Ship type; Battleships, Recons, Bombers, Tier 2 & Tier 3 Battlecruisers, Tech 3, Commandship, HAC and ECM support.

Fleet Size; 30+

Fittings; Shield, Armor, short-range, long-range, Faction, T1

Estimated ship Value; 6.5 billion isk

Fleet Commander; Unknown

Battle summery;
Our bait Phoenix nearly completed it's third and final siege cycle with only minimal interest from the local inhabitants. As we where about to recall the Phoenix and abandon the project to commence a roam a covert cyno was lit; 20 clicks from the starboard side, ejecting 4 Stealth Bombers.

Shortly after an Arazu Recon class cruiser de-cloaked and also commenced aggression on the apparently stricken Dreadnought.

Local spikes and enemy numbers increase rapidly; Battlecruisers, Battleships and a Tengu exit warp just off the Bow of the giant bait vessel.

Suddenly; (10101) and (-KBG-) enter the field, spreading points, calling the Tengu primary. The initial counterstrike confused the opposing fleet causing some to disband and flee, those that stayed where swiftly slain.

Unorganized and in disarray several combatants warp back to the field at range, mistaking the length a boosted Recons point range, falling and exploding one by one.

A final push is ordered by the opposing fleet commander and a cloud of enemy vessels return to the center of the fight. A flurry of targets is called, points are spread.

Concentrated fire and good discipline pays off as their numbers dwindle, leaving bright blue flashes and smoke-trails as they are dispatched. Several opposing combatants are stunned, leaving their pods on the field for a few seconds too long.

Few manage to escape due to a shortage in disruptors but the battle fizzles out and as the grey plumes of destruction evaporate the enormity of our destruction becomes clear.

'Type losses in fleet' the demand came. Fleet channel remained silent.

Zero losses for 25 ship kills and 4 pods, totaling a rampage worth in excess of 7.5 billion isk.


Saturday 14 January 2012

Friday 13 January 2012

Roc Wieler, is that you?

'The Watering Hole' provided a hearty lunch and at least average quality drinks. The place stank but service was provided by young Minmatar girls on roller-skates, which made up for a lot.

Anabaric sat across from him, eating a large platter of steaming chicken wings with his hands. Sauce covered his fingers to the knuckles and his left cheek. He was chewing loudly and only occasionally paused to check out what zoomed by on roller-skates.

'You are a fucking animal mate' Nashh directed at him, before sipping his ale.

'Says you' Commander Ana fired back, spitting out bits of chicken and sauce.

Nashh Kadavr shrugged his shoulders, 'whatever'. 'So, what do you think?'

'Chicken's good, service is good-looking...'

'Not this place you derp, Goinard I mean'.

'I'll let you know, we still need some more numbers, I mean our own if you know what I mean...'

Captain Kadavr raised a quizzical brow, 'I know what you mean'. He looked over at the bar where a broadshouldered, bold Brutor stood, working his charm on the female bartender.

'Well I'll be damned...'

'Whut' Ana spluttered.

'I'll be right back, wait here'.

Nashh slowly made his way over to the bar still not sure if it was actually him or not. He wore that same style leather jacket he had seen him in a few years back, although the letters spelling 'The Colonel' where no longer there. Then again he no longer was...

Arriving at the bar Nashh stood right next him and was about to say something as two young Achura girls pushed in between them and asked for the Brutors signature. Oh, it was definitely him.

The Minmatar combat pilot took two pictures from his left inside pocket and scribbled his signature in the bottom right corner. The picture was of himself, posing and flexing his bulging biceps.The girls giggled and blushed but before they were tempted to hang around any longer Nashh interrupted; 'thanks girls, now how's about fuck off hey...'

The girls scurried along, both men staring at them leaving.'I see you still have your charming touch'.

'As do you my friend', Nashh replied.

'I was being sarcastic'.

'I know', Nashh pointed at the orange liquid in the pint-glass sitting in front of Roc, 'what, the fuck, is that?'.

'Carrot juice brother, it's healthy'.

'What brings you here then? I thought you were dead or retired... well either, same shit, whatever...'

'Same as any self respecting man does Nashh; women, combat, booze and a gym'. Roc laughed aloud as he slapped Nashh's right shoulder whilst sipping his vegetable drink through a straw.

'Well if you are not tied to anything we are still recruiting...'

'So I hear...'

'Right, well maybe we should talk?'

'Maybe we should...'

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Slaughter in Jovainon

With an 18 man strong shield fleet and 5 additional support ships -KBG- and Shadow Cartel thundered from Egghelende to Evati, snagging just a few kills on the way.

Several technical issues and mistakes later and the call was made to return to Goinard, our temporary base of operations. Making the wise choice to avoid combat with three roaming fleets around the Evati area.

On return some of us where still keen to score a kill before retiring to bed and I volunteered to lead a shield Battlecruiser gang on an hour loop via Old Man Star.

Most pilots where tired but eager to spill blood. Hearnie kindly offered up his alt to scout ahead freeing me up to set the route for this still unfamiliar area.

Cannonfodder Pope, Luitenenant Junior Grade Caldalra, Commander Anabaric and Captain Kadavr represented the Kadavr Black Guards joined by Hearnie, Chandaris, illirdor and Torrinor of Shadow Cartel.

A lone Hurricane Battlecruiser piloted by a Tusker pirate was spotted flying in the direction of Onne, allowing us plenty of time to setup camp and catch him, spilling first blood only a few jumps into the roam.

The roam continued, narrowly missing out on a few Cynabals before the final swing back towards Aeschee to drop of members of the Douchingtons.

Three pilots in Hevrice, representing the Tuskers, where pushed into a scrap but to no avail and thus we sped on all eager for bed.

Intell notified us of a large HAC gang with logistic support coming down the Goin-Aeschee pipe and I chose to hold back the fleet as we where outnumbered and where sure to perish if we would engage.

Intell piped up again, notifying us a 5 man Tusker gang in Aeshee likely coming our way, all had GCC and where in Battlecruisers, no support.

An excellent opportunity of course but with that large HAC gang on-route and now only two jumps out we needed to act fast.

'Tuskers warping to Jov gate!' our scout reported.

'Roger, fleet warp Aeshee gate, spread points'. This was sure to be the perfect end to our roam. Mid warp the Tusker gang led by Sulli appeared on d-scan and as our fleet emerged from the warp-tunnel they had already moved of the gate. Damn.

In an attempt to catch them on their out-gate I ordered the fleet to warp back to the Hevrice gate. Although still in system the Tuskers where nowhere to be found, this was not their only exit but the shortest route home for sure so we setup camp with Anabaric jumping through to keep eyes on incoming traffic.

Tusker Rixx Javix was first to lose his global criminal status followed soon by the rest of their gang and we prepared for their imminent arrival.

'We could join forces and go after the HAC gang?' Ana suggested and immediately I attempted to contact Sulli regarding this.

With a delayed response followed by a rejection I should have known better. Sulli didn't want to go after the HAC gang; he was making his own preparations to come after us.

'Five Tuskers in Hevrice, not on scan' Anabaric notified me.

A quick headcount confirmed our fleets to be of about equal size, a last ditch attempt to give us the upper-hand by arranging for logistic support failed but by then it was all to late, I committed our gang to stay and fight.

'Check check, Tusker gang incoming, I am jumping back to you.'

I ordered the fleet to align to the sun, microwarpdrives on and deploy drones.

The two Tusker gangs of five each attempted to pincer us at the stargate as Marc Scaurus in a Harbinger was called primary. His shields dropping I asked for confirmed points before calling secondary on their Drake heavy fleet.

The Harbinger pilot managed to warp off in low armor before I realized my mistake; I had powered the fleet too far off the battlefield to effectively hold them down.

Like a house of cards my fleet crumbled around me, swarmed by ECM drones some of our pilots were unable to lock up anything and tracking disrupters hindered our Canes.

'I am going down, minus one Cane'

'Yeah me too, minus one Drake'

I burned myself back to get within point range requesting for points confirmed, hoping to even the odds a little.

The only target pointed was aznwithBeard in his Drake and I immediately called out him to new primary, hoping our remaing DPS could cut him out as the heavily damaged Harbinger returned within my disruptor range.

Douchington illirdor managed to warp off in his heavily damaged Oracle as news came over comms we had lost another Cane to enemy fire.

With myself in the only Hurricane left on the field I was sure to be next and I attempted to burn away, a little too late as two Drakes webbed me down and my fate was sealed.

Warping out my pod I requested for someone to call targets, still in the wrong belief we could down some of their ships.

'Guys? Who is still on the field? Hello?'

'Cal, but I am webbed and pointed'

'Yeah me too' Pope mumbled.

I then realized, too late, I should have bailed our fleet after losing our first two ships and ordered to retreat if possible, saving pods where possible.

'Sorry guys, type losses in fleet-channel please'.

The list extended and comprised nearly the entire fleet, 7 (out of 9) losses for 0 (out of 10) kills.

Annihilated…. Well done Tuskers, awesome scrap.

(Nashh fails...)

Read Marcs version of events here and Rixx's post on the happinstaps here.

Monday 9 January 2012

Back in the saddle...

The stargate propelled him many lightyears into the next system, the brand new Tengu hull shuddered around him. He smiled, anger and violence coursing through his veins.

'Align bottom station' fleetcommander Baggins calmy notified the fleet. A short pause and the command to warp to zero followed.

The Tengu had not yet been paid for and with his string of frigate and cruiser losses since his return Nashh should probably not be out in a boat of this value. He didn't care.

The warp tunnel enveloped around them, reaching full warp speed before exiting cohesively just above the rust colored Minmatar space-station. At the undock was the target, a Thanatos class Carrier.

'Target deaggressed, target de-agressed' Ghazi informed.

'Approach, overheat, go for bumps' Baggins calmly instructed.

Asakura was the first to make contact, pushing the Thanatos clear from the undock preventing his escape and securing it's downfall.

'Excellent bump!'

A further three carriers undocked in a desperate bid to save their ailing buddy, followed by several battleships. Sustained fire from the 20 man Tier 3 heavy fleet made the support rethink and they chose to re-dock, abandoning the Thanatos to it's fate. A brief standoff followed but it was clear the opposing party had lost the will to fight and thus the fleet thundered on.

A mere few jumps later and the fleet held up 30 clicks from the Todifraun stargate, an opposing fleet was inbound, ship-types and numbers unknown.


'Drake primary, Raptor secondary, Myrmidon Tertiary, scratch that, Baddon primary..'

'They are bailing, no wait, Drake aggressed!'

'Drake primary, call points guy's.'

Comms fell silent for a moment as each pilots overview filled up, gasps and 'oh shits' where muttered. An estimated 50 man strong Eve Uni fleet rolled out onto the battlefield, mixed class ships of all sizes, supported by a few ECM boats.

There was a fire fight...

A flurry of targets where called, some popping faster than could be targeted. Boosted disrupters grabbing hold of whatever they could as Eve Uni members looked disorganized and some tried to flee. Some valiantly stayed to die with their comrades, lighting up bright blue before fading into nothingness. Some of their braver frigate, destroyer and interceptor pilots barged in making a wondrous mess of things before also exploding and propelling their innards into the vacuum.

As the dust settled on the Todifraun stargate and the field was ours to claim the extend of our success became clear. Zero casualties in return for downing no less than 19 vessels in a 3 minute engagement.


The roam continued, engaging Eve Uni once more, claiming a further 5 kills before they tucked in their tails and ran. On route an unfortunate pilot deemed it clever to cyno in a Rhea class jumpfreighter into a system full of pirates. That silly boy completed this successful roam with a bang.

More shenanigans soon...