Thursday 28 April 2011

Departing; chapter 1/7

It was strangely quiet in 'Hope Street', Iges VI most afluent drinking establishment. Venom Orchid had been here before but the place didnt look like she remembered.

There were only a few revellers left in the venue, granted it wasnt the busiest time of day but still.Venom held at the entrance and as she looked around she spotted him at the bar.

Slowly she started to make her way over when she noticed there was no music playing. Strange.

He was drunk, no question about it. Two half empty bottles of red wine sat on the bar-top, neatly lined up with an empty beer bottle, two wineglasses, a shot glass and an empty spirit bottle. It wasnt immediatly apperant what the spirit was as the label had been carufully peeled off, but knowing him it was rum.

Venom pulled up a barstool and sat down next to Nashh. She peered over the bar saw a body on the serving side, lying in a pool of blood. There was a distinct smell of burned hair.

'How many hours have you been here Nashh?

''Two days...' Nashh croaked.

'I see', Venom paused, 'I thought you stopped drinking? and drugs for that matter' she said as she regarded the neatly line up glasses and bottles. 'In fact', she continued, 'I thought you stopped smoking?' nodding in the direction of an overflowing ashtray.

'Yeah, I did' Nashh spoke with a croaky voice. He slowly turned sideways before lighting another cigarette. He inhaled deeply before blowing a large plume of grey smoke in her direction.

His eyes were glazed over, pupils dilated, bloodshot and the little 'white' that was visible looked almost grey.

'O dear... look at the state of you'. Venom Orchid looked over at the body on the floor, 'and him?

''He wouldnt give me what I wanted' Nashh Kadavr slurred.

'Well I guess security is on its way then' Venom looked around, 'time to go?'

Nashh sighed deeply, 'yeah, probably a good idea...'

Friday 15 April 2011

Stuff is brewing

stuff being told here soon...