Sunday 6 November 2011

Farewell Mynxee (part 1)

Farewell Mynxee part 1

In his brief break from daily space flight, Commander Nashh Kadavr choose the planet Intaki V to enjoy some well earned rest and recuperation.

Not all planets are suitable for capsuleers to find peace and quiet. Their implant slots quickly give away their position in society and there where numerous issues to be expected when mingling with the general public.

Intaki V however sports various capsuleer-only-resorts. Around the planets equator lay several small islands just off the coast of one of the main continents. The islands where entirely dedicated to servicing space dwellers and providing them with seclusion of prying eyes.

The east side of Bonbonair was well known for it's calm, turquoise sea and white sandy beaches. Prices for a weeks stay could easily feed other small countries on the same planet for a year but with his good friend Cyber being the majority shareholder of the resort, his stay was considerably cheaper. Not that it would have mattered. All the isk in the universe wouldn't have mattered.

News had come to him that she had registered herself here a few weeks ago. Perhaps not active and not found causing trouble that was recorded anywhere, but alive non the less.

The opportunity to see her again was worth anything to him. Her radiating presence and magnetic beauty had captured him many years back. He wasn't really sure if she would be as pleased to see him, in fact he wasn't sure what to say to her if anything at all. It was entirely possible she wouldn't even remember him...

There where no less than 7000 capsuleers on the island this time of year and a further twelve thousand staff members, service and security personnel. It wouldn't be easy to find her.

The aptly named 'Beach Hut' provided a little shade and refreshing drinks as he contemplated how long he would stay to look for her. He tried to work a little on his Neo-com but there where too many distractions. Mainly the brash Amarrian on the far side of the bar, telling tall tales of business and combat, most of it lies. He still carried a full high grade set of Slave Implants, not uncommon to own by revelers in Bonbonaire but unusual to come to a planetside beach-resort in a clone still carrying such luxuries.

'Hey' the Ammarian shouted over, 'Hey you, you are Kadavr right?'.

Nashh looked up from his Neo-pad and sipped his beer before nodding, eager not to end up in a conversation.

The Amarrian made his way over and placed a hand on Nashh's shoulder, 'barkeep! Get this man a drink on me!'

'No, honestly' Nashh interrupted, 'I am about to go'. With a big gulp he finished his beer and threw his payment on the bar-top.

'What? is my beer not good enough!?' the Ammar pod pilot barked as he tightened his grip on Nashh.

Nashh stood up from his barstool and straightened himself to find the guy was considerably taller than him. It didn't worry him, a punch to the throat could floor a man of any size.

'Get your hand...'

With a loud crash a glass smashed over the head of the heavily implanted Ammar before he sank to his knees and toppled over.

There she was, beautiful as ever, holding the remains of a glass bottle. 'Hey Nashhypoo, come on, time to go before the big guy wakes up'.

To be continued...


  1. Love reading your stories, but can you fix your English?

    choose -> chose
    where -> were
    seclusion of prying -> seclusion from prying
    non -> none

  2. Thanks. I can't spellcheck ATM as I am posting from my iPod and can't even edit posted txt. Once I get a laptop I'll fix the post.