Monday 10 October 2011

Officer Anabaric



‘Mr kadavr? Luitenant First Grade Anabaric is here to see you’.

Send him in please, hold all Calls’.

‘Yessir, how long?’

‘Untill I say otherwise’.


The door to Nashh Kadavrs office opened and Anabaric stepped in.

Nashh looked up from the paperwork on his desk and put his hands to his face.

'Take that stupid fucking hat off mate and sit down.'

'Ana' smiled but realized his CEO was serious and took his shimmering silver hat off and put it next to him on the floor as he sat down.

The black guard CEO continued with his work.

Anabaric cleared his throat before sliding into a more comfortable position and surveying the office around him.

The office was spacious. Full length screens covered the wall on the right, an extensively filled bookcase covered nearly the entire wall on the left. The screens showed security cameras from various hangars in the Black Guard home station and some showed market graphs depicting values of Wormhole related loot.

'Nice work on the digs bud' Ana started, nodding his head in approval.

Nashh remained quiet.

It had taken some time to get the corporation up and running and organize hangars, basic staff quarters and his own office. He had never had a real office before.

Nashh put down the electronic pen and looked over at Anabaric, whom was starting to look a little uncomfortable.

'You, young man, are starting to cost this Corp a bloody fortune' Nashh kept his eyes on Officer Ana and opened the top right drawer of his desk.

Anabaric shifted uneasily.

'Did you know it costs me 5 mil every time I have to officially register one of these?' Nashh smiled as he threw a little wooden box across the desk.

Ana relaxed a little as he opened the box and regarded the medal inside it. It was a 'Golden Eagle' awarded only to those capable pilots, able to destroy an enemy vessel of at least one class higher than the one they are piloting themselves. It is a highly regarded medal but Ana had collected a fair few shiny chest decorations over the last few months.

He smiled, and slipped the box into an inside pocket, 'thanks boss'.

A sharp beep came from the inside of another pocket and Anabaric produced a Neo-comm. He read the message and his eyed widened.

'You are a great example to the new recruits Ana, glad you are on our side...I..'

'Nashh' Anabaric interrupted, 'I have something urgent to take care of, do you mind if we continue this later?'.

The KBG CEO looked at the combat pilot in front of him and grunted. Waving his hands he dismissed him.


Within 30 minutes of the short meeting Nashh received notification of a member being involved in combat.

On opening the mail and checking the data he sighed.

You little fucker...

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