Monday 7 November 2011

Farewell Mynxee (part 2)

Farewell Mynxee part 2

A short drive from the beach hut, at the very southern part of the Island, stood 'the lighthouse'. It wasnt really a lighthouse, but it was a tower and did at one time provide seafaring vessels with information about the local coast line and sandbanks. 'The lighthouse' had been decommissioned nearly 100 years back and the building was getting in a bad state of disrepair. Doors and windows had been removed and most walls were covered with writing or drawings. The top floor provided spectacular views of ocean-side of the island, the sea was much wilder on this side and huge waves crashed loudly into the rocky shore below.

'So where have your plugins gone?' Nashh quizzed as he stroked her red dreadlocks.

'Gone, I am done Nashh' she sighed and turned to look out into the distance. 'Its time for me to return back to my roots, my people'. 'I have sold my remaining properties and ships, I shall not have any worries for isk'.

Nashh seemed unfazed. She was probably joking, or at least she would realize the mistake she was making soon enough.

'My remaining clones have been destroyed or sold'.

'Can I have one?' Nashh smiled.

Mynxee smiled back and waited for him to realize what she was really saying.

In the distance a shuttle glided through a small patch of clouds. It was Mynxee's ride home.

'So...' Nashh started, 'you have no clones and no plugins?'

Mynxee didn't respond.

'You are mortal?'

'As I said... I am done. I intent to live the remainder of my natural life in peace and planet-side'.

'Why? What for? Where?'

Mynxee looked deep into his eyes and smiled. 'Its probably best if you didn't know'.

'So that's it?'

'My shuttle is here, I have to go.' The wind blew through her well-groomed dreads. 'I am driving north to the airstrip, I can give you a ride?'

Nashh remained silent.

'I am sorry' she stroked his cheek and kissed him on his lips. 'Farewell'.