Friday 21 October 2011

Laptop broken, back soon (hopefully)

Where's Nashh? Acute and Anabaric where asked for the third time that day.

'Dunno' Ana's uninterested response came. He was not much more interested in the game of scrabble in front of him.

'Dunno, dunnie care?' Cyber snarled back.

Acute chuckled.

'What? You think that's funny?'

'No Cybs relax, he is probably in his office as usual'. Acute lay out some letters on the board and grinned some more.

Cyber looked down at the scrabble board filled with obscene, badly spelled words. 'Cumflap and dicktart are not even words you morons, and even if they would have been they wouldn't have been spelled like that!'.

Lex Fasces had now strolled up and joined the little group. He was eating a piece of fruit, it looked like a pear, and it's juices ran down his chin. 'Wha gwan?' he spluttered out whilst loudly chewing.

'We lost Nashh' Ana mumbled.

'Haha!' Lex exclaimed, spitting out some of his snack.

'What, you think that's funny?' Acute asked sheepishly as he smiled at Cyber.

'No you moron you spelled cumflap wrong' Lex chuckled and picked up another beige tile with the letter P.

'O my sweet lord...' Cyber slapped his righthand on his forehead. 'Lex, what the fuck?'.

'What? Oh Nashh... Have you checked his office?

'It's locked'

'His apartment? The pub?'

Four quiet beeps sounded, so close together it could have been just one.

Anabaric as usual would be the first to check his NEO-pad, but others followed suit. The men fell quiet for a moment then stared at Cyber.

Cyber's eyes widened before he mumbled; 'I am CEO?'.


  1. TBH no one ever really asked!! why is it you always have dicks and cum (which by the way is spelled come.... cum is pronounced koom)on your mind?

    Its ok come out of that dark closet... we dont judge!!!

  2. also why you make cyber such a piss head?? Im sure he wont be happy with that!!

  3. That's just fictional Cyber, he a hardass biatch. You, Ana and lex are still under development...

  4. Anabaric, promptly kicks the door to the office down and starts rifling through Nashh's desk looking for shiny stuff...

    ..on finding the access codes for Nashh's Machariel, he scarpers off to the hanger, humming a little ditty...

  5. Cyber simply watches Ana go as he punches in the codes for nashh's hanger to go into lockdown into his neocom.

    Then walks away himself while opening the notepad. "Get door fixed and ask morrigan if the assistent position transfers over to the next ceo."

  6. You guys are strange, and to think we are neighbours. You know you are bringing the house prices down in the neighbourhood.