Thursday 30 June 2011

CDM #25; El'tar (Garmon) The one that wins EVE

El’tar or Garmon has been at the top of the Celebrity Death Match list for some time.

When I finally got around to contacting him it didn't take long for him to agree to duel me, his ship choice; Battleship!

The Celeb;
Now, the outcome of this fight was certain, but that didn't matter; I was going to rub shoulders with THE best pvp'er this game has ever seen.

It's a fact, love him or hate him, El’tar or Garmon or any of his many alts all, individually, have a glorious track record in small gangs, fleets, solo, meta-gaming and of course the Alliance Tournament.

Famous for his many excellent pvp videos, his temper (real or not) and his messed up sense of humour; El'tar would be CDM 25.

El’tar was very friendly and accommodating from the moment I spoke to him. He shared some of his ship-fittings and gave some tips. I was actually a little nervous but his friendly demeanour made me settle down quickly.

In preparation I checked out his loss mails (not so many) on various kill-boards, the forums and his videos. He was sure to fit an active tank and thus a heavy neut- setup my only option and chance. Roll on the Nuet Dominix!

El’tar arranged a cyno for me so I wouldn't have to make 20 jumps in a Battle-ship through low sec. upon landing in a system light-years away from Evati he kindly provided me with my most cherished kill mail; my solo kill of El’tar.

The plan was simple, warp right on top of him, scram, double web, neut and sick a set of heavy drones on him; that was pretty much it.

As my fit didn't include a propulsion module I relied heavily on him being MWD fit, and thus immobilized by the scram and webs...

The fight
Just as I had hoped we didn't have much space between us on starting the fight, Scram and webs started cycling nicely, Nos and neuts set to work.

My capacitor drained fast but near endless supplies of cap-charges kept me going.

With much pleasure I saw that his DPS was split between my drones and my hull, good as I had plenty of spare drones to eject if I were to lose any.

His shields dropped quicker than mine but he was sure to be armour tanked…

Then my first mistake; I pulled in the Ogre that was taking damage… It may not seem significant but it is; I didn't need to save that drone, I had lots more, what it did do was draw attention to the fact his drones where not firing at me but at dispensable fodder.

His medium flavoured attack drones where immediately redirected towards my boat. Shit.

El’tars Typhoon slowly pulled away from me, 5 clicks of emptiness now between us. I have no idea how he managed to get any speed at all being double webbed.

No transversal, this was toe to toe boxing... I kept telling myself to jettison a can and orbit that to negate some of the incoming DPS but I never did.

My armour at 50% his at 25% I felt confident still, then out of nowhere a massive rep and his armour only showed 75% damage. I have no idea how he did that…

He didn't manage to rep more than that one time as far as I could tell but he didn't need to; my fate was sealed…

Fire and smoke trailed behind my Dominix Class battleship, its hull ablaze.

There was nothing further to do but watch, my modules couldn't be overheated any more.

With a final push a Caldari Navy Bane Torpedo slammed through the sliver of hull holding my ship together, penetrating several decks before violently exploding and expelling the insides of the Dominix into the darkness.

I could feel my heart pounding in my throat. The result wasn't a surprise but I had really hoped for a genuine 1v1 kill-mail of this (then) living legend.

A chance nobody will ever get again, El’tar is dead. Rip Eltar.

As a stunt and to show his disturbed sense of humour, the greatest character in eve, bio'd himself. Ninety million skill points destroyed, just like that.

With plenty of remaining high-skilled alts and plenty of isk I guess he didn't need the attention a name like El’tar attracts but who knows…

I feel privileged to have met him and can only aspire to his skills, kills and spills.

More CDM soon...

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Recovered... I think

So the B'day bashh was hilarious, what I remember of it anyway. One hundred wrecks littered belt 3-1 in Evati and it appears I lost my Bday Firetail and Tengu... Oh and I got podded.

(pics to follow)

The following day in RL i had my actuall Bday party and dude the party rocked! Daytime drinking, Samba band, sunshine dancing you name it...

To top it all off a beach party ensued the day after that...

My liver is in agony...

Thursday 16 June 2011

The BIG three O

So the BIG three O is coming my way... Never seen that one coming.

I am not much for celebrating birthdays, usually I spend them at home drinking myself silly, watching a bit of telly or something like that. Not moping or anything I just dont like b'days.

Anyway, this year I am changing that, I am having a big party at my house on Saturday 25th, snacks, supplies, lotsa beer and sunshine. (if you live near the caribean you are welcome btw)

My actual birthday is the 24th and after a lovely meal with the family I will be given a pass by the wife to get silly drunk and play EVE online in the evening. Sweet!

So you wonder what? Why should you care? Well, I would like to hereby invite anyone reading this to come to Evati on Friday the 24th June 2011 and bring a frigate of your choosing for some pewpew. I will arrange for some (100) t1 fit frigates of various flavours to be available and anyone attending is free to use these to cause havoc on any willing or unwilling Pilot in system. Btw, I hate disco's but feel free if you have to...

I am currently on EAST USA time zone and expect to be online just before midnight EVE TIME, ofcourse feel free to be there before.

If you feel the need to bring gifts then these are very welcome ofcourse, I will ensure any isk sent gets a good home ;-)

Why not leave a comment below so I know if you will be attending?


Thanatos - Dame Death (love you)

Federation Navy Comet - Rixx Javix (thanks bro! keep strong)

Republic Fleet Firetail - Kenza (legend!)

Tengu - TheHermit (dude u rock!)

Marko Drack - Gistii - B type AB and MWD (Mucho Gracias!)

50 mil - Skyreth (Thanks for showing up!)

Friday 10 June 2011

Recruitment Post

Sunday 5 June 2011

Departing; chapter 7/7

Three risky low sec trips have been completed. After the loss of Orca I, a fourth trip seemed not worth going back again.

Merchants from as far as Jita had come to pick up Transporters full of modules and ships. Some had made the journey with simple Shuttles, picking up the more valuable blue prints only.

The three Orca loads were ferried directly to Ammar and sold off in bulk.

The Iges hangar only received one Orca to offload items. Four Laches Recons, 2 command ships, 12 Battlecruisers, 6 cruisers and an assortment combat gear was sold directly on the local market.

All that remained in evati where 6 containers, mainly ammo and 38 ships, most were fitted. Nashh loved those ships. Nearly half of the ships had faction or complex modules, either to enhance performance or to assist in fitting. Most vessels had been recommended by his good friend Lady Shaniqua and fitted to his specifications.

Nashh stood in the giant hangar, it felt empty.

‘Cyber has been paid’. Morrigan stood a few feet behind him. She understood he needed his personal space right now. ‘Moo is on his way home’. ‘We have made more than we need in sales Nashh…’

‘Ok’, Nashh replied solemnly.

‘What do you want to do with the rest?’

‘Contact the Bastards, sell it to them cheap’. ‘All of it’.

‘Pirate Commodore Tibbs just popped by to say hello, do you wish to see him?’

‘Yeah... Sure’.

Tibbsy hadn't waited for permission and was already browsing the remaining gear.

‘You can go now’, Tibbs spoke directly to Morrigan.

Morrigan looked over at Nashh for confirmation.

He simply nodded and dismissed her with a wave of his hand.

‘So what is for sale then big boy?’ Bastard legend Tibbs laughed out loud.

Nashh sighed… ‘That Worm over there is a gift for Hermit, the rest is for sale’.’ What do you want?’

Tibbs looked around for a few seconds then placed his right arm around Nashh's shoulder.

‘I'll take it all….’


Nashh had gathered his crew around him; Getsum, Beaute, Morrigan, Aether, Moo, Alison and Dragon.

He stood up as he addressed the group in front of him.

‘As of today this Corp owes no money, we are a standalone venture and we are breaking even’.

‘Not bad, but the time has come to expand. Over the last few weeks preparations have been made with the help of our good friend Hermit and we are ready to receive our first recruits’.
Nashh nodded in the direction of the ever optimistic Beaute; ‘Beaute Suprenate will be promoted to director and assist in keeping this station running, I would appreciate your support in this’.

‘Morrigan and I will start making preparations for the colonisation of a higher class wormhole system’.

‘Moo will base himself in Hek, highsec, and coordinate our combat excursions there. I have Contacted an old buddy of mine, Dame Death, she will look after you there and provide you with the basic training required to participate in the Minmatar war effort’.

‘A fresh start ahead of us, now let's make some isk!’