Tuesday 6 December 2011

'The Flaming Diva'

Nashh stood over the strangled remains of the young girl, she was barely 18. A drop of blood slowly started to trickle from her nose. Ariana, her name was, or so she said.

More frequently Nashh found himself getting into fights and sleeping with prostitutes or willing, naive young girls. He always had a tendency for violence when drunk or drugged but space combat relieved a lot of his inner anger. Planet-side-life simply wasn't something he fitted in with.

The girl had done him no wrong. She had in fact been very pleasurable and fulfilled most of his desires.

Ariana certainly wasn't his first kill, not even the first female but she was by far the most beautiful.

Slowly he gathered his belongings that were spread across the floor. From the back-right pocket of his jeans he pulled a small hip-flask, he swigged from the containing spirit within before covering the girl and the bed with what remained.

'Sorry' he mumbled, he meant it.

From the inside of his jacket he produced a pack of matches. He had picked them up from the same place he picked Ariana up from; 'The Flaming Diva''.

He smiled.

How fitting, he thought as he struck a few matches and lit up the bed...