Saturday 27 February 2010

Drawings in the making...

Here is the prelimenary drawing of Flashfresh the Bastard CEO. Still work in progress but its getting there. I am thinking pink for the T-shirt =)

Friday 26 February 2010

Drawings in the making...

I am still doodling and sketching some stuff to go with my fictive story, I just felt like posting this one as I like it. Its in the early stages but its looking good sofar.

I have ordered and am expecting a digital sketch pad any time now and am looking forward to experiment with that!

I am also working on a funny sketch of the Bastard CEO Flashfresh of which I shall post the 'making of...' tomorrow.

Btw again this is drawn with a biro and thus erasing mistakes is not an option, took about 20 minutes.

Friday 19 February 2010

Bio Funnies #6

My other alt is a Ferrari...

Bio Funnies #5

To beer or not to beer...

Help Desk #3

Installment #3 in the Help Desk series brings you; 'Funky Chicken Fits'.
I have been laughed at by corp mates, random people in local and the guys that killed me flying this;

Yes, I agree the fit is stupid. However I love the 'free thinking' option of EVE, there is not just one way to fit anything and everything has its own purpose in our universe. The purpose of this drake was solo gate camping. Varieing online times can mean that you find your self alone and bored sometimes and for shits and giggles you come up with stupid ideas to entertain yourself.

This Drake had cost me in the region of 55 million Isk and killed; 2 pods, 1 Caracal, 2 Bestowers, 2 Iteron IV's and a Harbinger before it got raped and laughed at.

I have seen some crazy fits including small guns on Battlecruisers, mixed sized weaponary on Battleships, split tanked Ishtars, Nano Drakes and Lazor Myrms.

What is your opinion? Should we all fly Battleclinic approved vessels or do as we please?

EVE 2010

EVE 2010

Here is a late post on my plans for 2010. It's late as RL has taken hold of my blogging time and my desire to pewpew any other free minute I get. I am working on the right balance...

Plans for RL life;
  • Baby NO2 is underway and should arrive in no more than 3 weeks from today.
  • I am getting married in September.
  • Stop smoking, drink less, work out.
  • Moving somewhere sunny at the end of the year.
  • I hope to attend Fanfest 2010 with the family and represent the Bastards.

In Game Plans;

  • No more flying blind drunk, tipsy is ok.
  • Achieve the rank of 'General of the Air Force' (currently I am a Colonel)
  • Get in on some capital kills.
  • Refine skills for the ships I fly currently, then branch out to Minnie ships.
  • Build more and expand my fleet.

On the Blogging front;

For one I will finally install Word on my new laptop and post just from there, as posting from work messes up the layout, text size and fonts for some reason.

I have some new blog topics in the pipe line and some old ones to build on here is a brief description;

  • Celebrity Death Match

A second EPIC CDM had been in the making, one where I intended to field a Carrier and a support crew (Celebs) to fight Goon CEO Karttoon. Some delays and a long story later you can guess that this is now not happening. However the plan is not dead, so expect a Carrier CDM this year...

Other CDM's are still pending; Crazy Kinux, Arrhidaeus, and lots more well known Pilots to meet and fight...

  • A week in the life of...

A new post about Nashh spending a week with well known Corporations to tell the community about an outsiders point of view of these corps. Finding out what kind of things they get up too, what the crews are like and an oppertunity for these corps to advertise their reqruitment status etc.. should be fun!

  • Help Desk

A topic that is hard to work with as most topics I intended to discuss here are done and done again. However one post shall follow soon; 'Funky Chicken Fits'. This topic may die out soon after but lets see how we roll...

  • Fiction

Fiction story's are still brewing and I shall post at least 2 full storys this year.

  • Pirates Ahoy!

How can I live a pirate's life in New Eden and not write about them?! Excactly, this post shall describe the adventures of Nashh with the Bastards and friends. The Corp has big plans this year and there shall be plenty to write about, some action, some stupid mistakes but above all a bit of fun!

I hope I havent lost too many readers with my absence and I thank all of you with your kind words, either ingame or on the blog.

Watch this space...