Wednesday 31 October 2012

Triple Dread Raffle

ok final raffle for the last boats in my hangar.

tickets are 100mil a piece (90 tickets total) and isk is to be sent to Nashh Kadavr.

a random number generator will be used by W0Wbagger so no numbers cant be picked, you just get a fucking number mkay.

bought tickets will be displayed on my blog as my bio is too small to record it all.

excess tickets will be refunded and the post will be deleted once completed.

1st number gets to pick a dread
2nd number gets to pick the next
3rd gets the left over dread


Boats in this raffle (Fits are linked in my bio);

HMS W0wbagger - Faction fit Revelation

Naglfari - Faction fit Naglfar

Recloose's Judkin -  Faction fit blap moros

1 Russia4ever
2 immortallis
3 immortallis
4 immortallis
5 immortallis
6 w0wbagger
7 w0wbagger
8 w0wbagger
9 w0wbagger
13 Dark_Magni
14 ItsmeHCK
15 Burden_Mcgee
17 Kuan_yida
18 Smarncav2
19 William_Verrater
20 William_Verrater
21 Eta_monakh
22 Rhys_Bjornsen
23 Rhys_Bjornsen
24 Kelno_Astrarra
25 Rain_Aybara
26 Rain_Aybara
27 Rain_Aybara
28 Golic
29 Golic
30 Golic
31 Golic
32 Golic
33 Amaris_Echitase
34 William_Verrater
35 William_Verrater
36 Rudy_Lars
37 Micaela_DeLameter
38 Micaela_DeLameter
39 Micaela_DeLameter
40 Smarncav2
41 Smarncav2
42 Palamon
43 Palamon
44 Palamon
45 Mazi_Leigh
46 Mazi_Leigh
47 Silent_Terror
48 Silent_Terror
49 Silent_Terror
50 Polaris_Maken
51 Coradendra_Jhalavar
52 Meda
53 Meda
54 Meda
55 Meda
56 Meda
57 Xerces_Valon
58 Jared_Reidel
59 WarpToMe_AtZero
60 Torve_Starduster
61 Mangala_Solaris
62 Mangala_Solaris
63 Reza_Maalin
64 Vincent_VanDamme
65 tasman_devil
66 number_c
67 number_c
68 number_c
69 number_c
70 Nyu_Trustan
71 Saber_Utah
72 Sir_Heizen
73 Philip_Loki
74 Philip_Loki
75 Rofl_Stomp
76 Yabbiy
77 GC003
78 GC003
79 GC003
80 GC003
81 GC003
82 GC003
83 GC003
84 GC003
85 GC003
86 GC003
87 CreCre_McCrellis
88 GC003
89 GC003
90 GC003

Wednesday 24 October 2012

All or nothing...

Damnit, I tried not to, but my time is up, I am done, gone, finito, its over....

I a lame attempt to reduce my EVE time I dropped two accounts recently and just played with Nashh but before long I rebought some characters and was back to 3 accounts. I am the 'all-or-nothing' kinda guy, always have been always will be.

So I am making my leave permanent this time, my shit is up for sale. All of it; Four Dreads, a carrier, 7 T3's, 5 Faction Battleships and 2 Blackops first then later this week 12 more T1 Battleships, 6 Recons, 14 Battlecruisers and an assortment of T1, T2 and Faction Cruisers and Frigates.

Alliance members have first dibs on my hangar stuff for cheap for another week or so before the rest will go on he market. 

Oh.. and Nashh himself.

I thought about sticking him through the blender and bio-massing but I figured the isk of his sale will be more benefitial to those I have spend my time in EVE with.

I have drawn up a list of those that will get what remains when I log in for the last time but most will go to Anabaric who has solidly stood behind me, put blood sweat in tears into our time together. An excellent EVE player and a good friend, trustworthy like no other.

I am planning a little leaving party to be held in Goinard, my home for the last 12 months on Sunday 4th November starting at 21:00 evetime. I will be in space in a Carrier and invite all to come and blow me up, and as a little treat will add a sizable bounty on my own head.

Please blog and repost; invite all your friends to come along and their friends and their friends. The more the merrier, and more messy...

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Flashy Carebears

'This is wine?' Anabaric complained.

'Shuttit, it's the best this backwater shithole had to offer' Nashh grumbled before emptying his glass and refilling it from the karaf on the table.

Anabaric fancied a drink as much as the next man having worked hard all day, but this? The black liquid swilled slowly from side to side in his glass.

Nashh didn't seem to mind though and gulped down another load.

'Promotion oppertunities must be good for the Ammarians after today' Anabaric joked.

Nashh Kadavr returned a blank stare.

'After us assasinating all those commanders?' Anabaric explained.

'They where Amarrians?' Nashh shrugged.

Monday 15 October 2012

Late to the party...

Anabaric surveyed the Corp hangar below him. Various teams where loading or unloading goods and squads of mechanics poured over remains if ships or parts of ships.

Staff was kept busy but on the pilot front it had gone quiet. Many KBG members had requested leave of absence and taken a break planetside. With steady activity in the alliance no real pressure to recruit had presented itself.

A highpitched bleep from his pocket snapped him from his daze, not many people had his private contact details.


'yo bitchface, I need to show you something'

'Well hello to you too, and yes I am fine, how are you?'

The line remained silent for a moment followed by a crackle and a hissing sound before Nashh returned.

'...are you familiar with the loyalty point scheme some agents run?'

'Yes Nashh, a handfull of credits in return for some lame missions. Why, who cares?'

'Well, in return for very little effort it appears that some agents pay a lot. Something about some war or something...'

'How much for how much effort?'

'More than a billion an hour...'

Anabaric paused for a moment before replying; 'I am on my way'.

Monday 1 October 2012


So I purchased some Worms the other day to bulk out my hangar a bit more with frigates. My limited playtime doesnt really allow for many fleet roams and thus solo roams is where its at.

I have taken out a few different Rifter fits but even my trusty shield gank fit is not performing in this day and age. Incursii are doing incredibly well in either single or double rep varietys and now by far outclass the once mighty Rifter. The natural progression would then be to get Incursii right? yeah so I did and failed to get any fights because nobody wants to fight an Incursis. Anabaric has been very succesful in an ancill boosted Slasher although flying a ship like that takes more skill than I have.

So I need a ship that can enter minor plexes, ideally have a energy nuetraliser so I can shut down active tanked Incursii, it needs to be fast so I can tackle shit before they run off, it needs to be strong and do good DPS, it also needs to be the kinda ship people dont run away from because its so damn scary.

That is some high demands but the Worm delivers my every need. With two Drone damage mods it gets in excess of 180 DPS, it has space for a Energy Nuetraliser that can run for long enough to kill another frigates capacitor, it reaches 1800 meters per second (overheated) and with a medium Ancillary booster can tank 140 DPS for about a minute.

She flies like a dream and has given me some epic fights, killing multiple Destroyers and Frigates in a single fight, although I mis-timed some reloading this morning and lost the first of three. Shame the hull is so expensive!

[Worm, PVP]
Co-Processor II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

Coreli C-Type 1MN Afterburner
J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I
Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor I
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster

5W Infectious Power System Malfunction
Rocket Launcher II,Caldari Navy Inferno Rocket
Rocket Launcher II,Caldari Navy Inferno Rocket

Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I