Sunday 15 July 2012

Jizz in mah pants

So with us still in the Alliance Tournament I cant say too much about what we are doing at the moment but for the right price I will get anyone access to Shadow Cartel forum posts and fleet setups of course, I am still in the market for a Titan and my funds are shy by about 30 billion so make me an offer.

Anyway my friend Mr T'amber has been working on the above project and has run out of time to complete what he intended to do. I get a hard-on everytime he posts more of his work and this video is a short compilation of what he has achieved sofar. Granted the quality isnt the best but you get the idea.

I'll climb out of your arse now T'amber. I love you. Have babies with me? Call me mkay?

Tuesday 10 July 2012

New Sponsor - Monocle Madness

So I have a new sponsor for my blog in 'Monocle Madness'.  These chaps have made yet another gambling site for all the gambling addicts in EVE online. There is EOH, slowly slipping into the background and there is Blink, safe to say the two biggest names in EVE-online gambling and isk wasting/making.

These guys have pushed it another step further, a great looking website and lots of different ways to take a risks on all sorts of bets including the Alliance Tournament!

Go and check out their site and send me 10% of your winnings!