Sunday 30 May 2010

MEME; Statistics

As stated before (against my own better judgment) I am a statistics whore. I just cant help myself, I love them. Anyways I came across this post from Romeo Blackstorm and figured is would make a good MEME chain post.

Not sure really who decides you can do one of these and who decides when and how you join in but I’ll give it a go. So here are my stats in a similar format as Romeo has done.

Battleclinic Statistics

Rank; #7960, perhaps not greatly impressive however January 2010 my rank was #22135 so good progress at least.

Kills; 402

Losses; 109

Favourite prey; Battlecruiser (isn’t everybody’s?)

Ship lost most frequently; Frigate, generally of the Faction variety hence my high isk loss I guess.
Estimated skill points; 29.972.129 which sounds about right. Nashh started of as a freighter pilot so a lot of his SP are non combat related.
Damage in isk done; 21.966.386 isk, helped along by some expensive faction fit Marauders and T3 Cruisers.

Corp Database;

Chance of enemy survival;
Efficiency; 86.11%

Top 10 ships used;

1 #; Drake; 128
2 #; Vexor; 46
3 #; Ishkur; 41
4 #; Myrmidon; 40
5 #; Ishtar; 25
6 #; Gallente Navy Comet; 22
7 #; Crow; 19
8 #; Enyo; 18
9 #; Worm; 16
10#; Tristan/Kestrel; 7

Top 5 most weapons used;

1#; Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile (not that surprising)
2#; Warrior II
3#; Light Neutron Blaster II
4#; Hobgoblin II
5#; Caldari Navy Terror Assault Missile (haven’t used these for 6 months so wtf?)

Ransom Stats;

Total Ransoms made;
Total isk made; 538.636.905k

I have shown you mine now show me yours!

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Help Desk #7: How to fit a Kestrel

Help Desk #7: How to fit a Kestrel

It appears this particular heading has become rather popular by my blogs standards. The last two ‘how to fit’ flavours of Help Desk are in the top 5 most read posts to date and thus call for more of the same.

It is Bastard pilot Mon Palea that gave me the initial setup in the 15 hr prelude to a Celebrity Death Match with Venom Orchid. It is not the fit I fought her in as I used the apparently controversial ECM Kestrel that ended up giving me a bad name.

This is however the only viable Kestrel-PVP fit that I have found so far. So for budding Caldari Pilots wanting to have a cheap ship to start out in until you can fly a real ship please read on.

Now repeat after me; ‘This is my Kestrel, there are many like it but this one is mine…’

[Kessy of Doom]

Low Slots
Ballistic Control System II
Micro Auxiliary Power Core I

Mid Slots
Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters
J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I
Medium Shield Extender II

High Slots
Rocket Launcher II, Caldari Navy Thorn Rocket
Rocket Launcher II, Caldari Navy Thorn Rocket
Rocket Launcher II, Caldari Navy Thorn Rocket
Rocket Launcher II, Caldari Navy Thorn Rocket

Small Bay Loading Accelerator I
Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I

With all lvl 5, ZMR1000, ZMM100, no overheating;
EHP: 3397
Shield Resists: 0/20/40/50
Armor Resists: 50/45/25/10
Capacitor: Stable at 87%
DPS: 163
Volley Damage: 284
Weapon Range: 10.1km
Locking Range: 50km
Scan Resolution: 581.3mm
Speed: 896m/s
Align Time: 6.3s
Estimated Cost: 9 million isk

*EFT warrior that I am I reluctantly recommend Faction ammo, however I do have T2 Rage in the hold for larger targets.
*It certainly isn’t the greatest Frigate out there, however for Caldari Pilots wanting to try PVP; this fit is very decent to assist in small or large gangs.

Please commence infinite discussions about this, I don’t care, this post just has my two cents and suggestion for fitting a Kestrel. Please note that I fully support anyone’s choice of fitting as long as it makes sense. This is a mere suggestion; you don’t like it?; troll the many copies of the similar/same Kestrel fits posted on Battle Clinic.

Saturday 22 May 2010

Pirates Ahoy #5 Tears

Pirates Ahoy #5 Tears
With ‘Project Rifter™’ well under way there may be a few less of the ‘Pirates Ahoy’ variety. However I did, against my initial wishes and plans, undock other ships than the Rifter and felt the need to share.

On a little roam, lead by a rather upbeat and friendly z0de (must have got laid or summin) we passed through Tasti and stumbled into an offlined Pos. We did try to ransom the owner of the POS but with no liquid isk we decided to chop up the anchored structures. Unfortunately nothing of value dropped and the 0.5 million isk the pilot offered to keep his tower didn’t seem worth the effort of harassing the poor guy any further.

The roam also netted us a Rifter kill, a Badger, and a Harbinger. Nothing to shout about really, however the unfolding events after brand new Bastard (then still a recruit) Nichonostra killed this Hound are worth a chuckle.

The Pilot ‘Shadowoperative Nate’ let loose the biggest downpour of tears seen so far in my eve career. Yes he did fit a True Sancha Scrambler on his Bomber, bit strange perhaps but sometimes you do silly things and just suck it up, move on. Shadow however ended up offering everyone in local 40 million is for Nichon’s corpse and added a 50 million bounty on his head. To top it off he offered a further 50 mil for frapsing the podding of Nichon.

Needless to say implantless Nichon had his egg cracked open voluntarily and the 90 mil was banked. I failed to fraps the moment and thus missed out on that extra 50 but Shadow did throw some more money around to multiple pilots in local. He also got himself kicked from his corp there and then for being an idiot. He claimed himself he was kicked because of his harsh handling of outlaws.

The following is some of the shit he spouted in local, some more was through private convo’s with various pilots. I have deleted some other ramblings from local to keep it as short as possible;

[ 2010.05.17 21:45:05 ] Shadowoperative Nate > What is that a solo camp?

Nichon Pops the sucker…

[ 2010.05.17 21:46:40 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Ok I rest my case
[ 2010.05.17 21:46:41 ] Shadowoperative Nate > =P
[ 2010.05.17 21:47:13 ] Shadowoperative Nate > I guess you earned the 90 mil faction scrambler

Say what?!

[ 2010.05.17 21:47:15 ] Shadowoperative Nate > =P
[ 2010.05.17 21:47:22 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Or did you!
[ 2010.05.17 21:49:14 ] Shadowoperative Nate > The one who kills bring me ' Nichonostra's ' head will recieve 40 mil ISK

Sure I’ll volunteer lolz!

[ 2010.05.17 21:49:20 ] Nashh Kadavr > o/
[ 2010.05.17 21:49:27 ] Nashh Kadavr > i'll get him

[ 2010.05.17 21:49:34 ] Shadowoperative Nate > 40 MIl wired directly into your account
[ 2010.05.17 21:49:35 ] Nichonostra > logging off
[ 2010.05.17 21:49:37 ] Nichonostra > cya

Lol you liar!

[ 2010.05.17 21:49:40 ] Shadowoperative Nate > lol
[ 2010.05.17 21:49:44 ] Shadowoperative Nate > I'll bounty you
[ 2010.05.17 21:49:50 ] Shadowoperative Nate > so you will be hunted

[ 2010.05.17 21:49:57 ] Nashh Kadavr > o my god!
[ 2010.05.17 21:50:09 ] Nashh Kadavr > just give me the bounty and i'll hunt him

[ 2010.05.17 21:50:28 ] Shadowoperative Nate > 20 mil bounty 20 mil once you show me his head
[ 2010.05.17 21:50:32 ] Nashh Kadavr > deal
[ 2010.05.17 21:50:34 ] Shadowoperative Nate > gogo
[ 2010.05.17 21:50:40 ] Nashh Kadavr > i have him on scan
[ 2010.05.17 21:51:01 ] Nashh Kadavr > pay me 20 now and i will proceed

Our little fleet including Nichon are huddled up in a safespot… laughing.

[ 2010.05.17 21:51:11 ] Shadowoperative Nate > good.
[ 2010.05.17 21:51:14 ] Shadowoperative Nate > make him suffer

[ 2010.05.17 21:51:37 ] Nashh Kadavr > i can see him close by
[ 2010.05.17 21:51:39 ] Shadowoperative Nate > haha no
[ 2010.05.17 21:51:58 ] Nashh Kadavr > i have him pointed
[ 2010.05.17 21:51:58 ] Shadowoperative Nate > 20 mil when you bring me his head. No advance payment, No bartering
[ 2010.05.17 21:52:13 ] Nashh Kadavr > you said 40
[ 2010.05.17 21:52:14 ] Shadowoperative Nate > 20 mil will be transferred into your account
[ 2010.05.17 21:52:21 ] Shadowoperative Nate > plus the 20 on his bounty

[ 2010.05.17 21:52:31 ] Nashh Kadavr > 20 up front
[ 2010.05.17 21:52:33 ] Nashh Kadavr > engaging

[ 2010.05.17 21:52:34 ] Shadowoperative Nate > contract me his corpse
[ 2010.05.17 21:52:48 ] Nichonostra > fuck.
[ 2010.05.17 21:52:57 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Nothing up front. I know how this works.
[ 2010.05.17 21:53:05 ] Nashh Kadavr > holy shit he is tough i have to bail

We are picking our nose waiting out GCC’s…

[ 2010.05.17 21:53:26 ] Shadowoperative Nate > your older than him . .
[ 2010.05.17 21:53:31 ] Nashh Kadavr > can you come help at least?

Hoping he would come back in something nice…

[ 2010.05.17 21:53:43 ] Nashh Kadavr > i am older but he is in a high dps ship man
[ 2010.05.17 21:53:47 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Sure I need to replace my ship =P
[ 2010.05.17 21:53:52 ] Nashh Kadavr > kk hurry
[ 2010.05.17 21:53:56 ] Shadowoperative Nate > get someone else in the system to help u
[ 2010.05.17 21:54:01 ] Arrhidaeus > Like me?
[ 2010.05.17 21:54:07 ] Nashh Kadavr > without paying them?
[ 2010.05.17 21:54:19 ] Nashh Kadavr > nothing for free in this game dude

[ 2010.05.17 21:54:24 ] Shadowoperative Nate > the killshots gets 20 and then you can divide the additional 20 mil
[ 2010.05.17 21:54:34 ] Shadowoperative Nate > look at his bounty -.-

[ 2010.05.17 21:54:47 ] Nashh Kadavr > i'll go in again and give it my all but not without a risk fee up front
[ 2010.05.17 21:54:59 ] Nashh Kadavr > why would i risk my ship for 20 i may not get
[ 2010.05.17 21:55:31 ] Nashh Kadavr > kk my ship is repaired

[ 2010.05.17 21:55:35 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Because of the 20 on his bounty?
[ 2010.05.17 21:55:42 ] Nashh Kadavr > yeah but what if i lose
[ 2010.05.17 21:55:54 ] Nashh Kadavr > then i lost my ship for nothing

I am trying for him to up the ante…

[ 2010.05.17 21:56:09 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Not my problem I only pay hunters who bring me a succesful target
[ 2010.05.17 21:56:28 ] Shadowoperative Nate > See now he has 30 mil bounty

[ 2010.05.17 21:56:36 ] Nashh Kadavr > ok pay me ten and i will engage
[ 2010.05.17 21:56:41 ] Shadowoperative Nate > kill him and you'll get the last 10
[ 2010.05.17 21:56:45 ] Shadowoperative Nate > No.
[ 2010.05.17 21:56:50 ] Shadowoperative Nate > I'm not stupid.
[ 2010.05.17 21:57:01 ] Shadowoperative Nate > That's now how it works.

[ 2010.05.17 21:57:02 ] Nashh Kadavr > i am only trying to help dude
[ 2010.05.17 21:57:32 ] Nashh Kadavr > i have him on scan
[ 2010.05.17 21:57:39 ] Nashh Kadavr > want me to go for it?
[ 2010.05.17 21:57:46 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Go ahead.
[ 2010.05.17 21:58:05 ] Nashh Kadavr > will you pay me the 10 if i engage?
[ 2010.05.17 21:58:18 ] Nashh Kadavr > and are you coming to help or what?

[ 2010.05.17 21:58:28 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Actually I'll just make this a competition whoever kills him first gets the 40 mil
[ 2010.05.17 21:58:44 ] Shadowoperative Nate > All ppl in the system may participate

[ 2010.05.17 21:58:57 ] Nashh Kadavr > your loss mate
[ 2010.05.17 21:58:57 ] Shadowoperative Nate > And as and added bonus I'll raise it to 50 mil

Lol keep them iskies rolling…

[ 2010.05.17 21:59:14 ] Shadowoperative Nate > I don't have a ship.
[ 2010.05.17 21:59:16 ] Shadowoperative Nate > SO no.

[ 2010.05.17 21:59:33 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Tasti Local Channel
[ 2010.05.17 22:04:23 ] Shadowoperative Nate > 60 mil for the person who kills Nichonostra
[ 2010.05.17 22:04:37 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Off with his head!
[ 2010.05.17 22:12:42 ] Shadowoperative Nate > 90 mil for the person who destroys Nichonostra!
[ 2010.05.17 22:13:10 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Kill him
[ 2010.05.17 22:13:45 ] Shadowoperative Nate > 100 mil? If he suffers!

[ 2010.05.17 22:15:48 ] z0de > I pop'd him
[ 2010.05.17 22:15:51 ] z0de > give isk please.

[ 2010.05.17 22:16:20 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Contract me his corpse
[ 2010.05.17 22:16:22 ] Shadowoperative Nate > !
[ 2010.05.17 22:17:02 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Don't think you did, his bounty is still 30 mil and my offer for the additional 60 stands
[ 2010.05.17 22:17:13 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Destroy him!

[ 2010.05.17 22:17:24 ] z0de > oh you want him podded
[ 2010.05.17 22:22:43 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Okay his auto bounty is up to 51 mil pod him and I'll wire the rest
[ 2010.05.17 22:26:18 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Check your wallets guys

[ 2010.05.17 22:26:44 ] Nashh Kadavr > one mil?

He paid everyone in local 1 million isk…

[ 2010.05.17 22:27:13 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Like the sample lady in the food store you won't get the whole cake.
[ 2010.05.17 22:27:14 ] Shadowoperative Nate > -.-

[ 2010.05.17 22:27:25 ] Nashh Kadavr > lol
[ 2010.05.17 22:27:32 ] Shadowoperative Nate > It is a taste. Kill him and get the remaining 90 mil
[ 2010.05.17 22:29:33 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Revenge is fun.

[ 2010.05.17 22:29:41 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Like the note says.
[ 2010.05.17 22:29:48 ] Shadowoperative Nate > A taste. 90 mil if you kill Nichonostra.
[ 2010.05.17 22:30:39 ] Nashh Kadavr > dude shadow
[ 2010.05.17 22:30:42 ] Nashh Kadavr > i got him
[ 2010.05.17 22:30:51 ] Nashh Kadavr > want to watch him die?

[ 2010.05.17 22:30:55 ] z0de > *cough* we *cough*
[ 2010.05.17 22:31:03 ] Nashh Kadavr > /emote sighs
[ 2010.05.17 22:31:07 ] Nashh Kadavr > ok we got him

[ 2010.05.17 22:31:08 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Yeah frap it
[ 2010.05.17 22:31:16 ] Nashh Kadavr > come and watch if you like
[ 2010.05.17 22:31:17 ] Shadowoperative Nate > and I'll wire an extra 50

I did have frapps on but it didn’t record…

[ 2010.05.17 22:31:48 ] Shadowoperative Nate > But only if you record it AND upload it to youtube!
[ 2010.05.17 22:31:48 ] z0de > come p1, m1 to see
[ 2010.05.17 22:32:00 ] z0de > effort to record

[ 2010.05.17 22:32:02 ] Shadowoperative Nate > So all can laught at him.
[ 2010.05.17 22:32:04 ] Nashh Kadavr > i will email you the frapss
[ 2010.05.17 22:32:04 ] Shadowoperative Nate > =)
[ 2010.05.17 22:32:10 ] Nashh Kadavr > you post it or whatever
[ 2010.05.17 22:32:28 ] Shadowoperative Nate > No you do. As per request.
[ 2010.05.17 22:32:32 ] Nashh Kadavr > how much for a fraps vid of his pod kill?
[ 2010.05.17 22:32:38 ] Shadowoperative Nate > 50 mil.
[ 2010.05.17 22:32:44 ] Nashh Kadavr > ok one sec
[ 2010.05.17 22:32:50 ] Nashh Kadavr > i have his pod pointed

Nichon voluntarily bites the dust after safely docking up his ship…

[ 2010.05.17 22:35:01 ] Nashh Kadavr > he dead
[ 2010.05.17 22:35:11 ] Nashh Kadavr > i dont know if frapps worked
[ 2010.05.17 22:35:18 ] Nashh Kadavr > will check now
[ 2010.05.17 22:35:22 ] Nashh Kadavr > want his corps?

[ 2010.05.17 22:35:28 ] Shadowoperative Nate > yes contract it
[ 2010.05.17 22:35:55 ] Shadowoperative Nate > I shall have it adorn one of my wings.

[ 2010.05.17 22:35:59 ] Nashh Kadavr > nice
[ 2010.05.17 22:36:16 ] Nashh Kadavr > want me to contract it to you
[ 2010.05.17 22:36:30 ] Shadowoperative Nate > * nods
[ 2010.05.17 22:37:08 ] Nashh Kadavr > kk
[ 2010.05.17 22:39:09 ] Shadowoperative Nate > let me know once it's on youtube.
[ 2010.05.17 22:39:20 ] Nashh Kadavr > shadow dude
[ 2010.05.17 22:39:30 ] Nashh Kadavr > i am docking with your corpse now
[ 2010.05.17 22:39:43 ] Nashh Kadavr > i'll check the fraps vid
[ 2010.05.17 22:39:48 ] Nashh Kadavr > i hope it worked

[ 2010.05.17 22:40:48 ] Shadowoperative Nate > yeah =)
[ 2010.05.17 22:41:01 ] Nashh Kadavr > how much for the corpse again?
[ 2010.05.17 22:42:37 ] Shadowoperative Nate > well the initial 50 mil was automatically payed so the remaining 40.
[ 2010.05.17 22:42:43 ] Nashh Kadavr > rgr
[ 2010.05.17 22:42:45 ] Shadowoperative Nate > and 50 once the vid is up
[ 2010.05.17 22:43:23 ] Nashh Kadavr > Corpse
[ 2010.05.17 22:43:30 ] Nashh Kadavr > there's his corpse
[ 2010.05.17 22:43:43 ] Nashh Kadavr > checking fraps loggs now
[ 2010.05.17 22:43:43 ] Shadowoperative Nate > 40 mil
[ 2010.05.17 22:43:47 ] Shadowoperative Nate > not 50!

Was worth a shot no?

[ 2010.05.17 22:43:49 ] Shadowoperative Nate > =)
[ 2010.05.17 22:44:50 ] Nashh Kadavr > ok
[ 2010.05.17 22:44:57 ] Nashh Kadavr > frapps failed sorry dude
[ 2010.05.17 22:45:03 ] Nashh Kadavr > let me ammend the contract

[ 2010.05.17 22:45:04 ] Shadowoperative Nate > =P
[ 2010.05.17 22:45:12 ] Shadowoperative Nate > You lost 50 mil =/

[ 2010.05.17 22:45:18 ] Nashh Kadavr > yeah gutted

O well…

[ 2010.05.17 22:45:41 ] Shadowoperative Nate > How about I put the 50 mil on his bounty and you pod him again ? xD
[ 2010.05.17 22:45:47 ] z0de > do that

This guy needs professional help…

[ 2010.05.17 22:46:54 ] Shadowoperative Nate > and apparently my corp thought I've gone too rogue dealing with pirates so I need a new corp . . any takers?

Shadow get booted from his corp for being an idiot.

[ 2010.05.17 22:47:09 ] Nashh Kadavr > too rough?
[ 2010.05.17 22:47:22 ] Shadowoperative Nate > There you go =)
[ 2010.05.17 22:47:56 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Well apparently news spread that I was 'consorting with known pirate entities' =P

[ 2010.05.17 22:48:15 ] Nashh Kadavr > lol
[ 2010.05.17 22:48:29 ] Nashh Kadavr > thanks for the business chief

[ 2010.05.17 22:48:38 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Nps =)
[ 2010.05.17 22:48:42 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Likewise.
[ 2010.05.17 22:49:13 ] Shadowoperative Nate > May I join any of your 'free spirit' corps?

Er.. no way.

[ 2010.05.17 22:49:36 ] Nashh Kadavr > dunno about that
[ 2010.05.17 22:50:17 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Alright. I guess I'm not 'powerhouse' enough however, I am cutthroat!
[ 2010.05.17 22:50:28 ] Nashh Kadavr > lol
[ 2010.05.17 22:50:32 ] Shadowoperative Nate > and quite loyal
[ 2010.05.17 22:50:41 ] Nashh Kadavr > and rich
[ 2010.05.17 22:50:54 ] Shadowoperative Nate > And I have large financial assets, yes. =P
[ 2010.05.17 22:52:07 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Think about it. We could work towards mutally beneficial ends , , =)
[ 2010.05.17 22:52:38 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Anyway I'm off see ya. Will add you if I need any more contract killin' done . . hehe

[ 2010.05.17 22:52:45 ] Nashh Kadavr > rgr
[ 2010.05.17 22:52:51 ] Nashh Kadavr > allways up for some isk

Shadow adds a new 50 mill bounty on Nich’s head;

[ 2010.05.17 22:54:27 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Ok new bounty added to Nichonostra. Have fun! Offer still stands if you record the kill and youtube it = an extra 50 mil.
[ 2010.05.17 22:54:37 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Cheers.
[ 2010.05.17 22:54:46 ] Shadowoperative Nate > haha He's back!
[ 2010.05.17 22:54:53 ] Shadowoperative Nate > go wild boys.
[ 2010.05.17 22:57:07 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Nicho, your frozen corpse serve as my footstand now =)
[ 2010.05.17 22:57:43 ] Shadowoperative Nate > well except one arm which I fed to my slaver hound.
[ 2010.05.17 22:57:58 ] Shadowoperative Nate > And I think he ate your eyeballs as well.
[ 2010.05.17 22:58:03 ] Shadowoperative Nate > No hard feelings . .
[ 2010.05.17 22:59:42 ] Shadowoperative Nate > although your vacum exposed corpse is begining to thaw, so eventually I'll have to have it stripped of flesh. Maybe fashion a cup from your skull? Who knows, what wonders you can do with your remains . . -.-
[ 2010.05.17 23:02:42 ] Shadowoperative Nate > No no I'll just use his corpse for decorative purposes
[ 2010.05.17 23:02:55 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Maybe when I tire, throw him to my hounds.
[ 2010.05.17 23:03:20 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Nashh kill Nicho now and gain 100 mil.
[ 2010.05.17 23:04:11 ] Shadowoperative Nate > Zode you're on too.
[ 2010.05.17 23:04:24 ] Shadowoperative Nate > gogo. =)

By this point he had bored us enough and he had been talking to himself for ten minutes... time to move on…


Strange post this, very much so like Aiden Mourne would do after beating up carebears in highsec. Speaking of wich, Mr Mourne has accepted a CDM duel which will be arranged for some point in the near future. Rules have not yet been decided but I am sure he will come up with something clever and/or funny. No pressure…


As our roam came to an end Waylan Yutani requested to duel me. I of course accepted and he suggested fighting in Cruisers. We made the 3 jumps to Todi were I have a small selection of ships including my favourite Vexor.
I plugged myself into the onboard systems and undocked only to re-dock immediately as it was severely damaged. Must have left it there in a bit of a state after a previous roam, how unlike me.

Repaired and ready to go I sailed ‘Baby on Board VI’ into the black vacuum. Waylan’s Thorax was already waiting outside the station and I suggested to meet up in a safe spot or at a planet but his cold response was; no, here outside the station. I started to explain I would take station aggro but didn’t complete my sentence as Aura warned me of the aggressors’ incoming fire.

Drones swiftly deployed from their hold and sped to the Thorax as I opened the drone only overview. ECM drones?! Crap! My small guns and webs made swift work of 3 Electronic Warfare Drones but before I could engage the 4th; space lit up in a satisfying blue light.

Waylan’s pod drifted in wreckage and grey plumes of smoke, circled by 2x T2 Ogres, 2x T2 Hammerheads and a T2 Hobgoblin…

The pleasant chap explained that this was the ship he had beaten Mynxee in many moons ago. I vaguely remembered a post of hers regarding this. Didn’t you offer to buy her a new ship, something about E-honour and the unfairness of ECM-Drones? Maybe I am wrong.

Anyways, Mr Yutani said I passed the test and I could now join his corp, lol! Nice meeting you chap and hope to see you again some day.

Watch this space…

Thursday 20 May 2010

Project Rifter #2

Project Rifter Part #2
So how’s it going with project Rifter? Rubbish; thus far I have lost the first 6 Rifters for exactly 0 kills in return;

Lost this one going in on a missioning Domi and Raven. A swarm of drones is clearly too much for this Frigate. I tried to get out but as my warpdrive engaged the hull buckled. I think sticking my hand in a meat grinder would have been more fun.

Great fight with this one. I harassed this chap at a gate and he engaged! Brilliant stuff as I already had a comfortable orbit around his Brutix. His drones did most of the damage but they were dispatched swift enough. As I started chewing into his armour my modules intermittently switched of due to cap issues. My down-fall however was that I bumbed into the gate, breaking my orbit and being alpha’d soon after.

After running away from Lady S a few times I decided our duel might as well be done now, knowing his Rifter skill is far superior than mine. The result was expected however I did get him into structure. He was nuet fitted and made short work of my cap, again a NOS would have given me an extra cycle. Also the T2 Rage rockets did near enough no damage.

Chased this chap around for 10 minutes or so, until I found him waiting for me at the gate. He 3 volleyed my Rifter at 23k distance and for lols killed my pod too. How rude.

Excellent fun with these two guys in a Punisher and a Nacy Slicer. I was waiting for them in a Faction Warfare Plex but made the mistake of scramming the punisher first. This allowed the Slicer to get into a comfortable 20 k orbit. The Punisher lived with a mere sliver of hull. Close but no cigar.

Trying to get into a fight sometimes is not as easy as it may seem, and after some time roaming I commandeered my 6th Rifter to meet up with a (unknown) Interceptor and …oops a Myrmidon? The Inty warped off swiftly but the Myrmidon didn’t. I failed to get away in time and instead engaged his 2 sentry dones?! and some other assorted rabble. To be honest my heart wasn’t in it and I just watched number 6 fade into oblivion.

So I have made some pilot errors here and there, but on the fitting side of things I am considering a recall on the remaining vessels to refit them with a NOS. I am confident that Lady S is thinking ‘I hate to say I told you so’ with a big grin on his face. Perhaps I should not have been so stubborn and listened in the first place.

Lucky number 7?
Perhaps so; Hermit and Jabajools organised a little roam and I volunteered Rocket Rifter #7. A bit of a messy roam but I did finally draw first blood for the good of the Project.

No solo achievements perhaps, but some kills nevertheless. This missioning drake was swiftly probed out by Hermit and even faster than that; Lady S got the tackle in his shiny Daredevil. To make sure everyone would sleep a little better that night we ensured everyone in fleet got in on the kill-mail. We did attempt a ransom on the pod but our patience ran out so he got the express way out of Evati.

A few jumps in to our roam our lead scout Lady S quickly found some targets worth scanning out, initially a Drake and a Mealstrom but by the time we had probers in the system they had both disappeared.

Another vessel appeared on scan in Ualkin and with hopes of it being the Mealstrom; Lady S and myself warped in for tackle only to find it was a Hurricane instead. It would have to do and I set to work on the ECM-drones this poor fellow deployed. With the rest of the fleet hot on our heels the Cane didn’t last long.

The trip home was a little unlucky for Jaba, losing his drake (and our 30 mil loot) to a gate-camp. You win some you learn some I guess…

What next
All in all the Rifter is not my favourite ship just yet. I need some sexy kills in it before I can fall in love with it. I have started a partial recall on the Rifter fleet and am refitting them to have a NOS.

A quick thank you to the all that left comments on the previous post and those that have helped or advised so far. Even THE rifter Drifter, Mr Wensley put in his 2 cents.

More on Project Rifter soon…

Watch this space

Monday 17 May 2010

Project Rifter #1

Project Rifter
The Rifter; apparently the most coveted frigate in our universe, or so everyone keeps telling me, over and over again. For the last 46 days I have skilled up specifically for this vessel (all support skills to 4 or 5) to finally try it myself. Made famous by a lot of high profile players but non more so than Wensley, the Rifter Drifter. His Rifter guide has been a great help and I have studied it well.

Frigate hulls have really got hold of me over the last couple of months. Assault ships and faction varieties have been great fun to fly and scored me some very sexy kills. However they have come at a cost too, my average Worm, Comet, Ishkur or Enyo fit costs 30 million isk plus the hull. To give you an idea I have lost 5 Comets, 2 Worms, 5 Ishkurs and 3 Enyo’s. Yes auch… This has brought me to practise with something of a cheaper variety, and lots of them.

Enter the Rifter…

Fitting my Rifters
I have spent hours going through kill mails finding the fit that suits me best, poured myself over Battle Clinic and EFT. The first thing that struck me is that the Rifter is very versatile; the fitting options are near endless. Project mentor, Lady S, described it as a loose sock.

There are so many different options however I wanted something a little bit more of a ‘standard’ flavour, so I can really give it my all and make amendments to later versions after my first experiences. If for my style I require more tank or gank than I can make adjustments as required.

I ran a little poll on my blog to see what everyone else would recommend. Your votes are much appreciated and these are the results;

Gank or Tank Rifter?
A) 200mm Plate, DCU, SAR 26 (54%)
B) 400mm Plate, DCU, Resist Mod 2 (4%)
C) 200mm Plate, Gyro, SAR 14 (29%)
D) 400mm Plate, Gyro, Resist Mod 6 (12%)

What is your secondary weapon on your Rifter?
A) Rocket Launcher 17 (39%)
B) Nuet 9 (20%)
C) NOS 16 (37%)
D) Salvager 1 (2%)

What size Auto-cannons do you fit on your Rifter?
A) 125mm 3 (6%)
B) 150mm 25 (58%)
C) 200mm 15 (34%)

In the end I went against even my mentor’s advice and chose the following fit;

With the help of the Bastards logistic backbone I purchased 50 Rifters and the fittings as displayed above. With cargo hold essentials such as garbage, spirits, tobacco and test dummies I spent about 450 million isk.

The biggest reason I never skilled for Minmatar ships is because the ammo thing is very confusing. This is where Lady Shaniqua steps in... Over the past months we have joined forces and killed off some impressive targets, however when not fleeted Lady S is just as likely to shoot me, I guess.

I asked Lady for help on the Ammo issue, knowing that he (Lady S is a he) is a very skilled Rifter pilot. After a patient hour explaining the differences and recommending Barrage, Fusion and EMP as the minimum types to carry with Fusion loaded primarily, I went back to Jita.

I purchased 250 rounds of T2 Rage Rockets, 500 Rounds of T2 Barrage, 1000 Rounds of Faction Fusion and 1000 Faction EMP Shells per ship. Wow that is a lot of ammo…

As described in a previous post I make fitting packages for all my ships. This is what a Rocket-Rifter Package looks like;

My business-associate spend hours getting 50 Rocket Rifters in containers and then a few more hours distributing the numbered packages to my other hangars in Ardar, Old Man Star, Egghelende and Hevrice. The main bulk of the Rifter fleet remains in my home system Evati.

The plan
The idea behind Project Rifter is pretty simple; lose all 50 of them. I intend to undock in Rifters only until I run out of them, engaging anything and everything and learning from the outcome.

In the process I hope to become a skilled Rifter pilot and know the limits and limitations of this sexy thing. I shall post about my experiences and try to keep track of what happened to each vessel, what they killed and how they died.

Wherever possible I shall Fraps any fights I get into and produce a short video.

The maiden voyage.
The amount of time and effort spent on this project already has made a maiden voyage something of epic proportions. There have been a few occasions where I felt like cheating and taking one out for a spin before the last skill (Minmatar frigate 5) completed…

I ran into Venom Orchid and would have taken out a Rifter to travel the 20 jumps back to her new home together would it not have been for both our RL lives cutting our travel plans short. On another occasion I turned down a duel (what me?!) as I had no other frigates available than the Rifter. I stuck to the plan...

The maiden voyage had originally been reserved for a Celebrity Death Re-Match with Ga’len. Many months ago Ga’len pummelled me in his Rifter ‘The Bleeding Rose’. He left me the ‘The Bleeding Rose’ as a present as long as I would fight him again sometime in a Rifter. It was his gifted vessel I first strapped myself into. To my great surprise and joy his fit is near enough the same as my chosen fit! Ga’len has unfortunately retired and could not be convinced to come back for a one off CDM. His ship shall remain in my possession and will be kept safe from harm.

I thus offered for the maiden voyage to be a duel with Lady Shaniqua however with 4 hours remaining on the 46 day skill plan I buckled and undocked ‘#1RR’ to lose it mere minutes later to a Dominix and a Raven in a mission.

But that’s for the next post…

Watch this space…

Thursday 13 May 2010

Help Desk #6: Ransoming 101

Help Desk #6 Ransoming 101
The concept of ransoming would appear simple to a layman never having been ransomed or tried their hand at it themselves before. Ransom situations however can be complicated and are high pressure situations requiring some tough and quick decisions.

Let’s break it down to what I know…

The Passive Ransom
Passive ransoms are rare but do happen. It is a ransom situation where no direct violence is involved but merely the threat of violence.

Many months ago I killed a hauler noob and his pod 3 times in a row, I suspected it to be a macro-hauler but fancied my chances and convo’d the pilot. I offered him safe passage through Evati for the small sum of 10 million isk. He accepted, and paid me whilst we were not even in the same system.

Other examples would be ransoming a pilot running a mission for a sum of money that will allow them to go unharmed from your wrath. This usually comes about after warping into the said pilots’ mission and him getting away. Rather than chasing him or waiting (depending on how juicy his ship is) it can be worth offering to leave the pilot alone for an agreed price and time.

Active Ransoms
Ransoms can only occur at certain places for obvious reasons. If the target is close to a station or gate no ransom request should go out and the warm hug of lead spitting death should be extended.

If however the target was found in a belt, safe spot or mission a ransom should be the first thing on your mind. First of all it is important to evaluate if you could make your threats come true may the need arise. So get yourself in a comfortable ‘win-position’ taking the target to low armour or even structure. Secondly ensure that you yourself can tank whatever he throws at you for at least some time.

Invite the target for a chat, either a private convo or into a corp-ransom channel. The corp-ransom channel is almost always preferred as it gives fellow pilots a chance to see what’s being discussed and to evaluate the outcome but above all to laugh at any tears, may you be so lucky.

The Ransom Chat
In the case of a fleet ransom, make sure someone is appointed ‘Ransomer’ so when the time comes, one person can deal with the talking without multiple people extending invites for a convo or making the chat muddled and unclear.

Ransoming is dangerous business so get to the point and talk later if you wish to. First off all state you purpose of the chat; i.e. ‘Hands up fool, this is a ransom!’. If the target refuses to accept the convo; kill him.

Secondly instruct the target to retract drones and switch off all modules and weapons. If the target fails to comply within reasonable time; kill him.

The target has two options before even talking; option 1 dying due to non-compliance, option 2 is switching off modules and weapons. Please note I say all modules, this includes EWAR mods and reppers.

If at any stage the target uses his modules in any way other than instructed specifically by you (if he still has rat-aggro you may allow him to rep up a little); kill him.

If the target has complied; you start talking business. One option is asking him how much he values his ship and haggling from there, or requesting a sum of money that seems reasonable to you. If he is unreasonable or takes to long to come up with a decent offer; kill him.

Make sure you keep the chat brief and quick, if other ships show up on D-scan or if local spikes; kill him.

If the target gives you grief or abuse; laugh at him, then kill him and his pod.

Remember prices should be negotionable but stay in control of the chat, if it doesn’t go to your liking; kill him.

In the case of a poor pilot only able to afford a very small/insignificant amount of isk; kill him.

Once a price has been agreed tell him who to pay (usually the person that leads the chat), if he takes too long to pay; kill him

Count downs can be provided to indicate impending death.

If at any stage you have been unsuccessful in securing a ransom and have been forced to blow up your opponents’ ship, try again on the pod.

If a ransom has been secured release all points immediately and let the poor bugger be on his way. Always honour a ransom or you destroy the possibility of repeat business.

Some terms to the ransom may be agreed either during the ransom or after. It is fairly common that a target will be given a time limit on his safety before he becomes a valid target for more ransom/destruction. Usually 2 hours if it’s a time limit or sometimes just the mission he is running. Ensure these terms are clearly understood by both parties.

Feel free to chat with the victim after, but be wary that if too much information is shared it is unlikely you will get this chap again in the future. Personally I like talking to my victims after the fight is done; it helps pass the GCC timers.

Whenever possible read over your ransom demands and see if you could have done better or scored a bigger haul. Learn from your mistakes. On some occasions I have EVE-mailed a target and apologised if I feel I came across rude and explained that ransoms are high pressure situations; constantly watching local, D-scan, targets mods being active, your tank, your cap, then the chat itself…

Ransom Demands/Values
The price you can ask for ships can vary greatly as they are all dependant on hull-type, Tech-class and modules used (combat log). Not only that, one should also consider CSPA charges if they had to be paid to invite the target to a convo, loss of drones if the target shot some of them, any damage taken that can only be repaired in station. Finally the age of the pilot matters, generally older pilots will carry implants of higher spec and thus value. You can include this pod safety price with the ship or blow up his ship and try to get the pod. On most occasions I include the price of my opponents’ pods with the ships, for example a standard bill could be;

Nashh Kadavr> 1 mil for the CSPA charge, 3 mil for the drones you killed, 2 mil for damages, 6 mil for the time spent trying to catch you, 40 mil for your Drake and modules, 10 mil to guarantee your pod and thus implants safety; 62 million and you are free to go.

Although this takes some typing and is more suited for a safer ransom situation, the more direct approach would be;

Nashh Kadavr> 60 mil and you are free to go.

Over time and the many pods ransomed it is interesting to note that pods go for an average of 50 million, however on many occasions its worth to let the pod go for 10 million or less. It’s only an egg…right?

To give you a general idea of the prices for Battlecruisers and Battleships;

Cyclone 22 mil
Drake 35 mil
Myrmidon 37 mil
Hurricane 35 mil
Harbinger 35 mil
Brutix 20 mil

Dominix 78 mil
Raven 95 mil
Hyperion 125 mil
Rokh 113 mil
Tempest 55 mil

A guideline is the base-price of the hull plus the fittings and rigs. So indeed the more common and smaller the ship the lower the profit, the bigger or rarer the ship; the more money you can ask for.

Alternative Payments
Alternative payment can be accepted for fun or if the target has no isk to pay the requested ransom. Getting the target to sing a song in return for his safety can be fun however this is rare. These sweet moments should be recorded and cherished for life.
Forcing a pilot to eject to take his vessel in return for not giving him a loss-mail is another option but again rarely happens voluntairy. A small payment towards his ship can be made, for example the value of the insurance paid on the ships hull. In these cases ensure you get the ship first before paying.

Final words
There are many pilots that will flat out refuse to pay ransom out of principle. I say good for them and give me the kill-mail. Us pirates do it as it gives us the buzz we crave and give us some isk for the effort. It is part of our profession and the lives we have chosen in EVE.

We don’t ask for unreasonable amounts and the price is negotionable. The price takes into account that the ship may or may not be insured and the hassle it takes to fly (or pod express) back to wherever you live and reship/fit a new vessel. If you don’t want to pay that’s cool, we are just as happy collecting your frozen corpses from space…

Personally I would pay ransoms and I have done on a previous occasion, not for the ship per se as I have plenty but to save myself from having to post another loss mail.

If you must know I paid 30 million to save my pod…

Now I shall leave you with a funny ransom-chat from a few weeks back;

Nashh Kadavr > hello
Nashh Kadavr > this is a stick up
Nashh Kadavr > care to save your pod?
Tharkon Khan > german
Nashh Kadavr > willen see deine capsule redden?
Nashh Kadavr > 5 mill
Nashh Kadavr > schnell bitte
Nashh Kadavr > ja oder nein?
Nashh Kadavr > 5
Nashh Kadavr > 4
Nashh Kadavr > 3
Nashh Kadavr > 2
Nashh Kadavr > 1
Tharkon Khan > haBE ICH LEIDER NET
Nashh Kadavr > was?
Nashh Kadavr > du hast keine isk?
Tharkon Khan > habe ich leider net
Nashh Kadavr > my german is shit mate
Nashh Kadavr > leider was is das?
Tharkon Khan > no isk
Nashh Kadavr > ah
falcon216 > he said slow internet
falcon216 > and poor lol
Nashh Kadavr > ok
Nashh Kadavr > mmm
falcon216 > pop?
Nashh Kadavr > est tut mir leit
Nashh Kadavr > or whatever
Nashh Kadavr > sorry matey, welcome to eve

More where this came from so watch this space…

Sunday 9 May 2010

Pirates Ahoy! #4 Feast or Famine

Flashfresh> Are you sure this is what you want to do?
Nashh Kadavr> Very much so!
Flashfresh> Piracy is feast or famine, will you be able to deal with that?
Nashh Kadavr> Spinning ships in-station is my 2nd hobby…


He did warn me all those months back…feast or famine…damn…

For two months I have flown my socks off to gain ranking both on the Bastard kill-board and on Battle Clinic. With Raelyf, z0de and Arrhideaus all on part-time basis over that period I performed well, if I may say so myself.

March end totals saw me claim medals for Most Ransoms, Top Killer, Top Scorer, Top Solo-Killer and top Pod Killer. April end totals awarded me Most Ransoms made, Highest Earner in Ransoms, Top Killer, Top Scorer, Top Solo-Killer, Top Pod Killer, Top Damage Dealer and Top Final Blows. Yes I am proud of that and yes I do like to blow my own trumpet.

One of my goals this year was to get myself ranked in the top 10000 on Battle Clinic, starting of in January being ranked 22000. It appears that goal has been reached. My kill count at 367, nearly all of those scored for the Bastards.

Some of my favourite kills include;

Enyo vs Retribution
Enyo vs LOL-fit-Harbinger
Vexor vs Navy Slicer
Killing Lucius Invictus 3 times
Revenge killing of two slippery Hurricanes
Fail ransoming this chap (Ransoming 101 coming soon)
Loki #1
Loki #2

There are some more sexy ones in there but my ego is swelling too big for my head so I’d best stop. I did actually recommend a few posts back that for ones sanity it is very important not to care about statistics too much as it can be very depressing when the stats start swinging against your favour. Well, I am good at giving advice, not taking it, especially not from myself. I am a stats-whore…and I loathe myself.


All this glory comes at a cost, hence the title of this post.

My successes over the last 2 months are much to the contribution of a prober alt, luck and help from Bastards and friends. On many occasions I have hooked up with Lady Shaniqua, a great pilot from whom I am learning a lot. Lady S is also my mentor in ‘Project Rifter’ but more on that soon.

I missed out and currently do not own the coveted ‘KOTM medal’ distributed to the pilot scoring the greatest Solo Kill as voted by our beloved corp. Raelyf won the medal in March by killing a Cynabal in a Rifter (what a hero) and Arhhideaus scored himself a great kill in his Crusader vs Zealot in April. It makes me wish for not having ransomed this chap in his Damnation, in hind-sight I could have solo’d him but called in help from Zem as I had never even seen a Damnation. Babylon Jones was only too happy to part with his 250 million isk and save his ship… next time time…

Some days have been great in the sense that there are lots of targets out, easily probed and/or enticed into a fight or ransom.

On many occasions there has been famine, serious famine. On at least 3 occasions I sacrificed a free day and roamed, probed for 5 hours on end without finding anything at all.

On some days I did find some targets and with spirits high, heart racing I would warp in to find nothing but wrecks in a just finished mission...heartbreaking. On various occasion I would warp in only to be eluded and missing point or finding a target with warp core stabilisers…soul destroying.

One particular night I had just completed a 3 hour fruitless roam and ended up chasing Handyflop around the local area for another hour. The Faction Warfare pilot eluded me every time and mocked me in local. After an hour I got so agitated I switched out to an Arazu with Faction fittings and small rails to kill his Kestrel. I failed again and got laughed at… mind shattering.

There have been losses, a fair few too. About 30 of my ships met their demise in the last 70 days to an estimated value of 550 million isk. I lost 2 pods full of implants as well costing me another 500 million to replace.

I blame Arrhideaus for getting me addicted to Faction Frigates, costly but great fun to fly. As are Tech 2 Frigates, sexy, tough little nuts that are excellent fun, however rarely pay for themselves in kills/loss ratio.

EVE can be an emotional rollercoaster, it has great peaks and highs but sometimes delivers demoralising, lonely times and silly lows and losses. I apologise to my fellow Bastards after my ‘rage-quit’ the other night. I was just a little bit pissed off about a ransom that took too long and failure to get me repped-up. The other way of looking at it is why didn’t I warp off. Either way, in a very unprofessional and unfriendly manner I safed up my prober and pod and logged off…sore loser boo-hoo.


As a (proud) recruitment officer for the Bastards I make sure any applicant is aware of the phenomenon known as feast or famine. Sometimes life is good, sometimes life is boring and/or slaps you around the head with a wet fish.

We have been lucky with some great recruits, some whom have already joined our ranks as Bastards (welcome Interdict and IlikeFoodz). Also some great pilots are running a probation/trial period and look very promising (Kingzolo, Nichonostra, Mucky and Ruben). Let’s see how things work out…

Please note that Bastard recruitment is temporarily closed until after the Alliance Tournament.

‘Project Rifter’ and ‘Ransom 101’ coming soon™

Watch this space….

Monday 3 May 2010

Mynxee for CSM5

Mynxee for CSM5

I have no problems to publically make my votes known and to show my support for Mynxee and her campaign this round of CSM.

I feel that perhaps it needs some justification apart from the fact that my fictional character wants to bed her. So here we go;

Mynxee has had a mayor impact on my life in EVE. From the very first time I actually got to meet her for a Celebrity Death Match I have admired her commitment to the community and the game. It was after meeting her I knew where my EVE-life would take me; the Bastards and honourable piracy.

The Hellcats have since left Evati and the Bastards alliance and its core members; Shea Tian, Venom Orchid and even Mynxee herself have moved on to other things. Such is life, eve-life even more so. The Hellcats leaving the Bastard alliance made me consider giving up on the Bastards, that’s how high I hold these ladies in esteem.

The high quality of her blog has been part of the reason why I am blogging myself and with her association saw my own popularity skyrocket. The majority of my blog referrals come through her site, very much so helped by our joint venture EPIC CDM. (Part #1 and Part #2)

Mynxee as an avatar has been the muse in my first fictional story some 8 months ago, if you so wish please read; chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3 and chapter 4. (Please note this story will be republished this year with some corrections and more artwork).

Outside of EVE Carole is a RL Facebook friend, (however shallow this medium may be) it meant a lot to me for such a high profile player to share her RL details with me.

Last year Mynxee just missed out on running for the CSM, I believe due to passport issues, however this year she is in and sharing herself with us as players even more!

Her campaign affects my every day life in eve as it does for many, many others and thus she needs your vote too! Her main campaign points are;

*Low sec content for outlaws and changes that reflect low sec's outlaw nature and will create a more vibrant, compelling environment for all who live and operate there—outlaw or not.
*UI improvements to streamline routine tasks and tweaks needlessly cumbersome design. I will request a session at one of the Iceland summits to discuss planned UI changes, learn where they are in the backlog, and push for sharing a "backlog summary snapshot" with the player base on a regular basis.
*Continued balancing of logistics and e-war, particularly harsher consequences for remote-repping neutrals and more diverse options for countering ECM.
*Discouraging blob tactics by removing some of their advantages--perhaps by subjecting fleets over a certain size to "stacking penalties" tied to the ship types in each wing/squad.
*More timely communication from CCP, particularly in response to en masse negative reactions from players to dev blogs, game changes, and game-related events. I believe the CSM should be tasked with a more active role in assisting with this and will push for discussion with CCP about it.

I also hope she finds an opportunity to address;
*T2 Rigs; and the fitting requirements thereof. T2 rigs have higher fitting requirements than their T1 variants but it makes them useless for most ships other than perhaps Capitals and Super Capitals. I would like to see these used more and perhaps have the fitting requirements match that of the T1 types, the fact that they are 10 times the cost should be enough of a limitation in use anyway.
*T2 Frigate prices (build requirements); Some T2 Frigates are extremely overpriced due to the too high requirements of T2 items. It would be nice to see more T2 frigs out in space.
*Rokh drone-bay increase. I don’t actually fly the Rokh but this is a noble cause.
*Probe Scanning; Mynxee has touched on this subject and some great ideas have been proposed already for making probe-scanning less of a complete ball-ache. It would be great if probe-positions could have standards settings or if a ‘save-option’ would be made available.
*Implant distribution; the way implants are distributed sometimes makes no sense. The omega slot 6 is also the slot that is required for implants that give related bonuses to the faction sets. Also if one would like to get a head full of armour, gunnery or missile related implant concessions will have to be made; for example ROF and damage implants require the same slot etc etc.

Please visit Mynxee on her blog or on her campaign website for more information, above all; don’t forget to vote!!!

Important dates;
May 5th - Voting for the fifth CSM opens

May 19th - Voting for the fifth CSM closes

May 28th - Results of the fifth CSM elections announced

June 3rd - The fifth CSM take office

June 22nd to June 25th - First CSM5-CCP summit in Iceland

December 7th to December 10th - Second CSM5-CCP summit in Iceland