Thursday 6 December 2012




'Shisake, that's what it's called'.


'You like it?'

'It's a bit weak.'

Shibortateh the bartender smiled. 'Do you like the taste? The flavour?'

'It's ok'. Nashh replied before smelling the tiny clay cup in his hand. 'It stinks, it stinks of old clothing and mud'. He emptied the cup and gestured for a refill.

Shibi, as he was known to regulars, refilled the small cup. 'It's mushrooms, but close enough'. 'You have an interesting palet mr kadavr'. ' It's the funghus used in the fermentation process, in some distils it leaves it's distinct earthy flavour and scent, it's character'. Shibi smiled and refilled the cup.

'Ok yeah I get it, fine, it's not bad I guess'. 'Just get me a bigger cup will you, please?'