Sunday 11 December 2011

Updatez pleaz? 1/3 Anabaric


Yeah who is this?

Who do you think fuckhead? Hello? Ana? Ana!?

Nashh redialed.



It's me, Nashh.

Nashh who?

Stop dicking around you penis, I need a favour.

Ah Nashh sorry man... Didn't recognize your voice. How's it going?

Yeah fine fine, listen...

Nashh paused a moment for Officer Anabaric to finish his chuckle.

You done yet?

Yeah yeah sorry, whattup?

I need you to arrange some new boats for me, get a pen and paper.


Shuttup and pencil this down, Worm, Moa, Machariel, Tornado, Dramiel, get me two of those actually, I need a full set of Crystals, some pills, blue of course, you still with me?

Er yeah but...

Shuttit, also get me five destroyers, Tengu hulls, two will do, I have the subs, pith shield boosters, two medium, two smalls, one hundred cap charges...

Nashh? Anabaric interrupted.

Yeah what?

You coming back?

Yeah I think so, soon hopefully...

It's just that...


Well we are on holiday, you know.


Remember holiday in null?

Well, get Acute to get that stuff ready then.

Dude, Acute is up here with me, have you not...

For fuck sake brother, pass me over to Cyber I'll get him to sort it out then, Jesus...

Er, Nashh, Cyber left, remember?

I... Right...

You ok boss?


You sound a bit stressed. Hows your little break? I hear the girls are pretty hot there?

Yeah... Flaming hot.

Cool cool, so you have a date for your return yet?


You sure you ok? You don't sound ok...

I... I gotta go...

Right, so what about that stuff?