Monday 30 August 2010

Artemis Fortune & Persephone (DELETED)

I have been thinking about this fiction story overnight and have decided to take it down.

I have written fiction story’s previously and not really thought about it too much, generally if I have included any in-game-characters the response has been positive. On this occasion however I feel perhaps I overstepped the mark.

My fictional character Nashh is getting pretty dark and nasty, personally I like it. I have included Mynxee, Flashfresh, Venom Orchid and other Bastards in previous stories, but generally kept it all above board and decent.

The last two stories have been gloomy, depressing, twisted, dark and are of some sexual nature. Although I have portrayed Nashh as a low-life scumbag with a heavy drink and drugs problem, a twisted mind and generally the anti hero, I have portrayed other in-game characters in ways that may not suit their own fiction story-line.

I am not removing the ‘Joining VETO…’ story as both Mynxee and Venom are cool with my twisted brain writing filth about them. Perhaps I should have asked them before I wrote it, but it didn’t cross my mind. It was merely a response to Mynxee leaving to join VETO.

The story that followed was just something that came up and I put on paper. Yes both were written to ‘shock’ and make people go ‘WAT?’. But I didn’t think of asking Persehone if she’s cool with her characters being portrayed in the way I did, I should have.

She is cool with it btw, and although I personally feel one can write whatever they want in a fictive story, others may not agree.

If you do have interest in reading it, leave a comment with your contact details and I’ll mail it to you, alternatively it is on the ipod-Capsuleer-App already and I cannot remove that.

I am not sorry and have no regrets writing it, I enjoyed it and thought it was cool, hence I posted it. I am merely removing it in case I offended anyone, you crazy Rp’ers.

Opinions? Feel free to comment, I’ll pick it up as and when I can, bit busy though this week, wedding and all… (CCP please send me an Opux Luxury Yacht yeah?!)

Friday 27 August 2010

Joining VETO...

‘Jacque!’ Nashh belted over the comms channel, ‘send me three... Now… Usual spec…’

‘Mr Nashh, I ..I can't after last time. I am sorry but two of the girls are still having treatment after their last visit.’

‘I'll pay Nashh slurred. Double…’

‘I am sorry the pimp stutterd, t-tools are not toys... I can't put my girls in harms way… You must understand.’


‘Well I guess I can make an exception, Jacque started... But no funny stuff ok?’

‘Just send them up…’


The door chimed. Nashh stumbled half-naked off his desk chair and tripped over the bottle of rum next to it on the floor, spilling what little contents was remaining.

The chime chimed a second time.

‘I' m coming for Christ sake!’

His hand landed on the plaque next to the entrance of his apartment and the door slid open.

‘Er… I didn't order you...’

Nashh rubbed his bloodshot eyes and blinked.

‘Venom? Holy fuck! I…’

Venom orchid had not changed much since last time they met. She still had the Hellcat tattoo on her left arm, although the oversized Hellcats-belt-buckle had been replaced with the insignia of the Bastards. She clearly still liked leather.

‘I knew you joined but we keep missing each other I guess…’

Venoms hand struck him hard across the left cheek before she paused and stepped inside.

‘What the fuck is your problem’, the foxy pirate stated, looking around the messy apartment. Empty bottles of booze strewn across the floor, some filled to the brim with cigarette ends.

‘Did you really think she'd come back here? To the Bastards? Wake up Nashh.’

‘Look, this is not a good time right now... I am expecting guests’, Nashh managed, scratching the back of his head.

Venom orchid stared at him blankly, raising her eyebrows in disbelief.

‘Mr Kadavr? Jacque sent us...’ A tall, scantly clad Minmatar girl had stepped into the room. She looked nervous. Two more dreadlocked ladies of leisure waited in the hallway, curiously peering in.

Nashh looked from Venom to the girls and back, ‘this is not...’

‘You fucking sad bastard’. If venom had exuded any joy for seeing Nashh previously, that had drained away.

Nashh gave a wry smile and hung his head, staring blankly at the floor.

Shaking her head, venom started her rant... ‘Look, your a nice guy Nashh, but what is your fucking obsession with her!? Give it up; it's not ever gonna happen…’

Nashh shrugged his shoulders and wiped some moisture collecting in the corner of his eye.

‘Fucking man up you little girl. Look at you!’

The trio of prostitutes huddled together, mouths ajar in amazement, watching the spectacle unfold.

Nashh straightened up, chest out, anger, adrenalin and lust coursing through his veins.

Venom stroked his cheek and rested her hand on his toned and tattooed chest…

‘Out... Get out...’ Nashh glanced sideways at the three girls.


The three girls stumbled into each other and hurried out, fear in their eyes.

Venom let her hand slip and turned towards the door.

Quick as a viper Nashh lashed out and grabbed her by the wrist.

‘Not you’ he spoke softly, pushing the panel on the wall, closing the door.

Sunday 22 August 2010

Pirates Ahoy #6 Summer Dullness has bright sparks...

Summer dullness...

Summertime is always quiet in our Universe. Perhaps not so much an issue running missions or mining, however for Pirates specifically a real drag… I have to lower myself to shoot noob-ships tinkering on their PI setups or cyno-ships unable to return anything but a helpless look. All that just to sleep better at night after seeing that pretty blue flash…

Targets are far and few between but there are moments of glory still to be found. There are even, in these quiet times, pilots that, perhaps due to many pirates being off too, grow lazy and fat.

One unsuspecting Hurricane pilot had his egg ejected into the cold vacuum of space after my Ishkur stripped his rusty hull from around him. A ransom had been offered, with him however just shooting the last of a wave of rats and with 20 new ones spawning, time was not on his side. I was left no choice but to continue firing and take what was now rightfully mine.

Not long after a second Battlecruiser appeared on the D-scanner. After finding his initial location and purposefully warping to it, I found nothing as I entered his mission. My call for help in the Bastard comms channel got swiftly answered by our new brother in arms TFS Tibbs or Tibbsy as he has been renamed. With the Drake’s new location locked in the trusty Ishkur set of to gain point, whilst Tibbsy held one jump out. I was sure to get a point on this chap but had my doubts I could break his tank, hence my call for help, and the Tibbster is one hell of a pilot. With his help the kill was assured as much.

The Drake pilot had manoeuvred himself a solid 50 clicks from my warp-in but with the large cloud of rats he must have missed my entrance onto the field of battle. Overheated complex afterburners pushed my vessel to within Scrambler range in a matter of seconds. With the lock and scram secured I requested for Tibbsy to jump in and finish him of. High Drones skills and a rather poorly tanked Drake don’t mix well I guess, as the Drake erupted in a ball of blue flames leaving nothing but a smoking wreck for Tibbsy to look at.

I felt a little bad as I made Mr Tibbs travel 5 jumps to come and support me. The stunned pilot paused a little too long when he tried to get his pod to safety and point was acquired before he could make his escape.

The rats seemed to favour Tibbsy’s Hurricane and started to fire at my Assault Frigate, so much so I was forced to temporarily leave the scene. Chow, the Drake pilot, was kindly invited to our ransom channel and negotiations were under way as Tibbs took care of the rat’s, in preparation for my return.

In true Pulp Fiction style Mr Tibbs accidentally shot mr Chow in the face. A genuine accident and as the price for Chows pod had already been agreed I sent him a little isk as a way of apology and spoke to him for a little while after. Apology accepted.


With Persephone’s recent celebration of the coveted ‘Peregrine Badge’, awarded to her for the stellar kill of an Interceptor in a fat-man (Tristan), a smile crossed my face. These two kills are the only ones of the few to be put forward for this month’s solo-kill-of-the-month-award. Please read Persephs brilliant fictive story on receiving the award.

So not bad, you would say right? With the end of the month closing in fast, is August going to be my month? Will I finally receive that much wanted medal and the recognition from my fellow corp-mates?

The answer is simple and short; no. Why you ask? Well, Muckalt, another one of our newbies has gotten himself the following kills;

Hound Vs Drake
Hound Vs Drake

And just if that wouldn’t do it he topped it off with this little gem;

Hound Vs Raven

Astounding, mindboggling stuff, so I guess September could be my month right?...

Watch this space

Saturday 21 August 2010

Bastard Recruitment still open!

Recruitment is still open for the Bastards check out this link for the recruitment thread.

Please join our public channel (Independance) and speak to the recruiters lurking in there from time to time and dont be shy to tap me up personally if you have any questions.

To give a basic idea of what and whom we actually are, if you didnt know already (shame on you);

"Who are The Bastards?"

The Bastards are a multinational, active low-sec pirate corporation. We engage in all forms of piracy and are committed to ensuring that others support our enjoyable style of playing.

We are also proud participants and supporters of Hulkageddon! Hulkageddon II saw us ganking our way into third place and reaping some awesome rewards and carebear tears. More info on Hulkageddon can be found here.

"What do The Bastards offer?"

Lots of fights. We encourage ransoms over explosions as we are pirates, not PvPers. We split all ransoms and loot profits among involved gang members equally.

Vent, KB, Ransom Board and corp-only forums that will all bring a smile to your face regularly.

Some logistical support. We have some corp ships available to those that need them. A large BPO inventory to meet corp members needs and members able to help you fill those ship and equipment needs from high-sec.

"Where can I find out more about the opportunistic businessmen called The Bastards?"

Our KB can be found here (ALL player related kills and losses are posted.): Kill Board

Our Ransom Board can be found here: Ransom Board

Our homepage including a link to our corp application and FAQ is: Homepage

"Characteristics of a Bastard"

Before you even bother with the below you should see our corp FAQ section here.

You must be able to use vent. If you’re online and x up for a fleet you’d better be on vent otherwise you’ll be ignored.

We recommend a 10 mil SP minimum and that you are at least 18 years old. These are not firm membership requirements and exceptions may be made on an individual basis.

You must be applying with your main.

-10 is inevitable so if you’re second guessing the lifestyle then you’re probably not Bastard material.

You must not be adverse to losing ships. We are a team and you may lose a ship while holding a target down for the gang. We will not ask you to throw away ships however, if you’re a sore loser then you’re likely not Bastard material.

You must have a good sense of humor. If you’re a sensitive type then you’re probably not Bastard material.

You must not already "know-it-all". If you do, you don't need us and we don't want you. Every Bastard has things to learn and knowledge and skill to share.

"How seriously interested must I be?"

After submitting an application with API your application will be reviewed. If we like your written app you'll be contacted by a recruitment officer for an interview. If that goes well then you will be invited to our semi-public channel to meet members and friends as well as fly in our fleets for a time to determine your compatibility with us. This will gauge how well you fit in and ensure for you that the life of a low-sec pirate is for you.

Our recruitment process is involved because we are committed to bringing on new members that have a real passion for the pirating life style and can become a valued member of our community. We care more about what is between your ears then how many SPs you have accumulated and what ships you can fly. Don't waste our time and yours trying to impress us with either.

Start the application process here.

Friday 20 August 2010

DEATHRACE2010 - Team NK Complete...


All Racers! Rally will be Amarr Prime Region, please make sure to be in this general area of the universe for the race. Launch system will be announced at 17:00 on Sunday in the in-game channel Death Race 2010. Race will start promptly at 18:00! Between 17-18 we will be fleeting up in the launch system, only those racers registered and in the race fleet will be awarded prizes.

I wish all particpants the very best of luck and hope you all have a great time! More than any other pilots I'd hope the pilots in team Nashh Kadavr go kick some serious ass!

Team Nashh Kadavr Pilots are;

1 ; Chimagia

2 ; El Tea

3 ; Jartren

4 ; Brother Murphy

5 ; JEK3

6 ; Zen'tau

7 ; astral dominix

8 ; Admiral Norbank

9 ; Flafnir

10; ArhKeNez

11; Mea VI

12; Mord Fiddle

13; Vallorie

14; Azohauler

15; evanv04

16; Skippermonkey

17; Hardreign

18; Max Ursa

19; Angelus Infirim

20; Amnatar Kyaan

I hope you get to take home some of these;

First Place
> 600m isk!
> Choice of Faction Frigate + Domination Warp Scrambler (Sponsored by MissX934)
> Astarte Hull (Sponsored by Dissonance Corporation)

• Second Place
> 300m isk!
> Dominix Hull (Sponsored by Dissonance Corporation)

• Third Place
> 100m isk!
> Drake Hull (Sponsored by Dissonance Corporation)

• Fourth thru Tenth Place
> 10m isk! (Double the entrance fee)


> "Most Kills" - 100m isk (Sponsored by Rixx Javix) and 10 Rocket Rifters (Sponsored by Nashh Kadavr)

> "First Kill" - Firetail and Deadspace MWD (Sponsored by Roo at Depth's Unknown)

> FREE HOSTING - is offering 3 Standard Hosting Packages Free for One Year! These will be offered in order of finish until satisfied.

> EON Magazine - In addition to donating 1 Billion ISK to the prize pot, EON will be publishing a FEATURE on the Death Race in an upcoming issue! So make sure you take some UI-Less Screen Shots during the race and send them to

(Make sure to put in a good word for me Mr Javix!)

Friday 13 August 2010


Cometh and see the spectacle to be known as DeathRace! Organized by Rixx Javix the first DeathRace event is going to be EPIC and shall be written into EVE History!

For more information check out the initial post and check out Rixx’s blog and the official DeathRace site.

Right, are you back? Excellent, now that you are up to speed; please note that I have donated 10 Rocket Rifters for the pilot scoring the most kills in the race I wish to further extend my support to this fantastic idea by sponsoring 20 pilots to participate in the event.

That’s right, you can fly and race in DeathRace2010 and win a whole horde of fantastic prizes for absolutely free!

The next 20 pilots leaving a comment below this post will have their entry fee paid for by myself! Simply leave your participating Characters name in the comments below and I shall forward your details to Rixx and pay your entry fee!

Good Luck and fly reckless!


Participants sponsored by Nashh Kadavrs EVE Blog;

1 ; Chimagia

2 ; El Tea

3 ; Jartren

4 ; Brother Murphy

5 ; JEK3

6 ; Zen'tau

7 ; astral dominix

8 ; Admiral Norbank

9 ; Flafnir

10; ArhKeNez

11; Mea VI

12; Mord Fiddle

13; Vallorie

14; Azohauler

15; evanv04

16; Skippermonkey

17; Hardreign

18; Max Ursa

19; Angelus Infirim

20; Amnatar Kyaan

Friday 6 August 2010

Flashfresh and Ronindata Art

I have actually taken a few forced days off from eve; RL has been manic and resulting stress has manifested itself in a physical form. Clearly this is all related to my short nights sleep, epic amounts of booze, cigarettes and mayonnaise.

Nevertheless I kept myself going and finally finished some drawings I made some time ago. Please note these are my first experimentations with photoshop and I know I suck but for a first timer I cant complain.

Anywho without further ado;

This is Flashfresh, CEO of the Bastards. The best CEO I have had in EVE and an excellent blogger;

I had made this sketch of him some time ago;
And this was the intended result;

Luckily for him I found this option called 'hue/saturation?' wich easily changed pink to black;

This is Ronindata, ex-Bastard CEO, but still a director and all-round-bad-ass;

Initial sketch (after cleaning it up);


Each sketch took about a week of 'getting inspiration', a day of sketching and 6 hours a piece to colour in. They arent the best but I am happy with the result, they will only get better with more practise.


More soon, maybe...


Watch this space