Tuesday 13 December 2011

Updatez Pleaz? 3/3 Beaute

Fuck! Whartup bitchez!

Nashh is that you?

Yahar howz it going huh?

Yes well, all in all it's pretty good. We could do with some more bodies here, this hole is providing more we can handle at the moment.

Roger roger...

Er... Yeah so I have taken over loot payouts for the moment, I hope that's ok with you?

Yarz, fuckit...

Right, it's just that the guys where needing some iskies you know? Sorry man but it has been a while huh?

Fuckits man whatever, yer know...

You ok Nashh?

Fucking awesomez, great!

Right, good to hear. I have used some of the Corp funds to provide subs for as long as I could but our take is more than I could payout from our reserves. Jita and Amarr markets have been kind and just over eleven billion has been payed out for the last few weeks.

Fark... (burp)

Yeah I know good stuff huh!? I have taken the liberty to promote a few of our more loyal pilots and Dragon has been given full Director rights.

Ugh... Yarz...

It was easier that way with moving the POS and all. Anyway all is well, let me send you some graphs and figures to illustrate our progress here... Nashh?


You there Nashh?


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