Tuesday 12 January 2010

Where have I been....

Where have I been…

I have been quiet on my blog for some time now and for that my sincere apologies. Work has been busy as hell for me in December and the little time I have had has been spent getting myself into space causing havoc.

Now we are in the New Year I hope to find more time to pursue some more EVE activities.

First off I want to thank TehMastersword for his work done on my laptop cover. Unfortunately no other works have been sent in despite more interest having been shown earlier on in this design competition. This is not the way to win a competition but I want you to know that I am very happy with the design and if you come to Fanfest 2010 you will get to see the design glazed over my laptop with your own eyes. The 500 mil isk shall be sent to you as soon as possible.

Pirating has been very mixed up for me over the last few weeks. The Bastards occasionally in disarray and with some of the veterans leaving has been a little demoralising. Also the Hellcats leaving our alliance and moving away has been a bit of a shock, but hey, such is EVE life. Flashfresh has had to attend to RL issues and so he should, but his presence is sorely missed.

It’s not all doom and gloom however, new recruits that have come in at the same time as me have proven to be great pilots and fun to fly with. Competition is stiff and I am proud to be at the top of various awards over the last few months. Realyf, one of our directors has been a great pilot to fly with and I got to spend time with him even though we are on different time zones. He truly is one of the best pilots in EVE and I hope to learn a lot from him.

Some good kills have been scored and some bad losses had. My current isk-efficiency is pretty poor after a streak of losing T2 ships for stupid reasons. Solo gate camping in Ishtars when you are drunk is not one of my recommendations and neither is tackling in an Interceptor within station gun range.

I had never flown Attack Frigates before but I have decent skills for them and thus figured I should buy some Ishkur’s and try them out. Fitting cheapish Gistii and True Sansha modules I took out my new found glory to join Arrhidaeus on a little roam. A fellow blogger and Bastard Arrhi is due a CDM but that will come. Arrhi has certainly proven his worth as a solo pirate with a penchant for faction frigs but boy does he score some kills.

It didn’t take him long to score the initial tackle on a Tusker Firetail but I was unable to save/help him in time. However the Firetail pilots friends came to late to avoid the loss of their Faction frigate in return. Then it happened… the moment I fell in love with my new ship, not only did I finish of the Firetail, the supporting Jaguar and Rifter also fell to my drones and Ion Blasters.

Love never lasts long in space I found out as I since lost the ‘Predator’ trying to kill a Rupture, failing to see he had 4 friends in Local with him. /me sighs… I was on my way to Vitreauze to spend a little time with Venom and Mynxee, hoping to go on some roams with them and the Hellfleet boys. I did manage to buy another Ishkur from a passer by as there was nothing on the market available that tickled my fancy. I paid heavily for it but I felt naked without a ship surrounding my little egg.

A slight detour later and I caught up with the Mynx herself whom kindly helped me to some more modules and ships to use while I am stationed here.

Having been away for the weekend I returned for a few hours this afternoon to get ‘Predator 2’ into space and started scanning belt in the surrounding systems. A cruiser hull in a belt seemed like a good idea but the slightly inferior fit and a hangover did not help me in the slightest. Even in top form I don’t think I made the right choice in engaging and the inevitable happened.

Out of Ishkurs and I figured it was time to go T1 to work on my stats but curiousity killed the cat when I hung around a bit to long to see what all the fuss was about outside the station. Time to log out I figured…

Is shall return to space later and maybe get into some of the Hulkagedon funtimes….

Watch this space…