Sunday 22 May 2011

Departing; chapter 6/7

‘So in real basic terms how are we doing?’

‘Well, the Corp expenses so far rack up to 14.2 billion’.

‘And the income?’

‘Four billion in the last 9 weeks, great potential I would say...’

‘That's it?’

‘Well in liquid isk yeah, but there is 2.5 billion in Corp assets and we have gained another pilot worth 4, don’t forget’.

Nashh Kadavr looked over at the new recruit, Moo Moocow, ‘you’d better earn your keep boy’.

‘There is a small gap that needs filling though and soon’. ‘Outstanding bills that are becoming urgent are about 2.8 billion, some other bills I can push back until a later date’. ‘May I recommend looking at your personal assets?’

‘No, my hangars in Iges and Evati are to remain untouched, sell whatever else I have but do not touch those’.

Nashh fell silent for a moment, just the thought of selling the ships and modules he collected over the years made him quiver. At its peak the Evati hangar had resembled Jita in the sheer quantity of goods.

‘I know just the man though’.’ I'll be back in a few days, Moo? You are coming with me...’


Nashh had met Cyber Ten on a few previous occasions, but those were vague, distant memories.
Cyber certainly never appeared to be shy on cash. On various drink and drug fuelled parties he would throw isk around as easy as buying someone a drink.

It wasn't hard to find him.

The Huffin Club was owned by Cyber, the clientele eclectic; different races and classes. But all were there for the same reason, cheap beer and topless staff.

Moo was ordered to remain in the bar area as Nashh requested to see the owner.

After passing several security checks Nashh was led to the office in the basement.

‘Nashh!’ Cyber smiled in a overfriendly manner, his eyes where wide open and watery.

The office was small; it just about fitted a small basic desk, a cupboard and an old worn leather sofa. It smelt of old beer and stale smoke.
Three small screens showed area's in the club above. One showed the dance floor, one the ladies toilets and the third overlooked the bar. Moo appeared to be enjoying some of the local beers.

The desk was surprisingly tidy compared to the rest of the room. On the middle of the desk was a large shiny platter with what can only be described as a heap of a light blue powder, some had been separated and shaped into lines.

‘Cyber?’ The guard asked from behind Nashh Kadavr.

‘Yes, you may go thanks’. Cyber dismissed the guard with his left hand whilst pinching the bridge of his nose with his right. He looked anoyed.

The guard closed the door behind himself.

‘Nashh my old friend, what can I do for you? Would you like a drink? A line?’ Cyber raised his eyebrows and used both hands to illustrated the platter in front of him.

‘Money, no and no, I am on a detox, thanks anyway’.

Cyber seemed to replay the last minute again in his head.

‘How much and for how long?’ His smile disappeared, his expression now more serious.

‘I need 3 billion for a 6 week term’, Nashh Kadavr replied calmly, as if he just asked for a bag of peanuts.

Cyber Ten sat back in his chair before opening the top drawer of the desk. From it he removed a cigar and a box of matches.

‘Six weeks huh?’ Cyber spoke slowly now; ‘the interest will be 17.5%’.

The striking and lighting of the match seemed to echo in the room. A thick cloud of cigar smoke separated the two men.

As the initial smoke dissipated and Cyber re-appeared, he had shifted forward and smiled a big smile; his watery eyes twinkled in the dim lighting.

‘You have six weeks, don't be late, don't underpay, or the boy loses his head’, the grinning loanshark nodded in the direction of the security screens.

Nashh didn't need explaining who, what or when. The security camera viewing the bar showed Moo being led away by Cyber’s henchmen.

‘Agreed...’ Nashh Kadavr nodded, ‘no problem’.

Cyber sat back in his worn office chair and smiled.

‘I'll let myself out’.

Closing the door behind him, Nashh felt weak at the knees.


Thursday 19 May 2011

Departing; chapter 5/7

‘Check check!’

‘Yeah what?’ Nashh grumbled.

‘Dominix on scan sir’.

‘Yeah I know’, continue’.

‘Check ...’

‘I can read the fucking scanner, shut up! There ain't no probes out, relax’.


Rage missiles spuwed forth from the Tengus launchers, much faster and with greater accuracy than any other missile boat could ever possibly achieve.

Suddenly alarm bells flared up.

‘Warp to safe 1’, Nashh commanded calmly.

Aura's cold response spelled certain doom, and he knew it;
'You are unable to warp as external factors are interfering with your warpdrive'.

A Proteus had de-cloaked a mere 100 meters starboard.

‘Hail the captain of the Proteus, offer to pay any ransom’.

‘No response sir’.

A Dominix and an Armageddon exited a warp tunnel not far out. This was not looking good.
The Proteus emptied the capacitor faster than boosters could refill.
Within seconds the 3.5 billion vessel burst into a large plume of smoke. Wreckage and shrapnel propelled outwards into the blackness.

Nashh remained calm and instructed for his pod to escape, repeatedly.

With the overview turning red once more, he streched out, touching the inside of his pod with the palms of his hands...

...wishing he didn't have a billion worth of implants in his head.

He screamed a silent scream.


Within 24 hours of the incident Morrigan was on her way back from Amarr. A complete new Tengu fitting in the corporate hangar array of her Orca.

One jump out from the wormhole-entrance her scout warned of a Buzzard camping on the inside of the hole.

‘Nashh? Your call’.

Nashh kadavr stood on the bridge of the Amarr large tower, looking out into the cold darkness.


A moment of silence past…

‘Fuck, He's got a ninja-point, I am scrambled’. Dirty sounded calm and composed; ‘attempting to re-approach the hole’.

‘Incoming; Drake,Cane, Hound, Rapier..’

‘I am not going to make it’.

The signal crackled then went silent.

Nashh leaned up against the large glass panes with his forehead. ‘Why?’ He muttered to himself.


It was Aether Astaios, Morrigans assistant.

‘Yes Aether? This is not the best time’.

‘Sorry sir, it's just that I have repeated payment request for our new pilot’. ‘They want payment within 24 hours or Moo is transferred to a different buyer’.

‘Thank you Aether’.

‘I would like to be alone for a minute...’

Monday 9 May 2011

Departing; chapter 4/7

Mesmerising, like looking at the back of a pulsating spoon. Nashh always did love wormholes.

Initiate warp to Dickstar II, he instructed his Tengu. The glorious Tech3 vessel aligned smoothly before speeding to the Kadavr Conglomerate’s base of operations.

What a POS, a true marvel of design, he pondered. Four tall columns of e-war and laser turrets adorned each side of the giant structure. Just inside of those the large, gently swaying bubble of defence, reinforced by no less than 9 Shield Hardening Arrays.

The Strategic Cruiser whizzed and hissed as it was gently parked inside the Ship Maintenance hangar.

‘Coffee?’ Morrigan offered as Nashh disembarked.

‘Yeah, thanks babe’.

‘How did it go?’

‘Pfew’, Nashh started, ‘it was tough to be honest’.’ I suffered some structural damage so get someone on repairs as soon as you can’.

‘Other than that the loot score was very good’. He paused to sip some of his hot brew.’ The C3 static won't last much longer so let's go and mop up the wrecks as soon as possible’.

‘Yessir, mr CEO’, Morrigan smiled.

Nashh returned a smile. He was the happiest he'd been in some time. For months had he not flown as much as he had done in the last few weeks.

‘Let me get Aether to go back and salvage for you, you look like you need a rest’.

Nashh Kadavr seemed to contemplate the offer for a moment but then agreed, it had been another long day.

‘I have one more thing before you do take your rest, boss’.


‘We need another capable pilot for our operations here, as previously discussed’.

Nashh nodded in agreement.

‘Look at this guy here’; Morrigan handed over a neo-pad with pilot details.

Nashh's expression remained blank. ‘He can't fly anything Morrigan, his name is... Moo?! Why?’

‘Look at his core skills Nashh’.

‘Ah, I see’. Nashh fell silent, they were perfect. ‘How much?’

‘Four billion should be sufficient to entice him’.

‘Can we afford that?’

‘Just about... Just about’.

‘Get it done then...’

Departing; chapter 3/7

‘Mr Flashfresh? There is a lady here to see you’.

‘Does she have an appointment?’

‘No sir but she says it's urgent’.

‘Who is it?’

‘Er.. Dirty hands?’

There was a pause on the other side of the intercom. 'Send her in'.

As Morrigan entered the CEO's office, Flashfresh stood up from his seat and smiled.
'Long time no see!' flash started, 'grab a seat, care for a drink?'

Morrigan didn’t sit down; she didn't care for a drink. She never did.

‘I wish to resign, I no longer feel qualified to spy on Nashh’. ‘Things...’ Morrigan paused.. ‘Things have gotten personal’. ‘I simply...’

Flash raised his hands, signalling for her to be silent. He sat back slowly in his large dark office chair, gently rocking it.

The office was only dimly lit; too dark to see what was in the shady parts. Flash still wore his trademark aviator sunglasses regardless.

Morrigan shuffled uneasily.

‘You have something I would like to know about, yes?’

‘Er…’ Morrigan started.

Flash raised his right hand again, demanding her silence.

‘Ok here is the deal; you tell me what I need to know and you will be discharged from your duties’. ‘Consider it your contract fulfilled’.

Morrigan looked down to the floor, before clearing her throat.

‘I need your word that no harm will be done to Nashh’.

‘Of course’, Flashfresh signalled for Morrigan to continue, ‘of course’ he repeated.

‘It appears Nashh is planning to empty the Bastard hangars’. ‘He has done extensive research into what the value of all the contents both here and in Iges’.

‘And?’ Flash quizzed.

‘Well that's it’. Morrigan was a little surprised by Flash's reaction.

Flash removed his sunglasses and rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands. He regarded Morrigan for a moment before he continued.

‘Pirate Commodore Nashh Kadavr, awarded with 14 medals, served for nearly 2 years, loyally!’ Flash rose up from his seat and slammed his fists on the table.’In a single donation he has been one of our biggest contributors in the history of our glorious corporation’. ‘And now... you care to tell me he is going to rob his beloved brothers and sisters?! With just that as proof!’

‘I... But...’Morrigan stuttered.

‘You may go’. Flash retook his seat and pointed at the door.

Morrigan was stunned, her mind racing to try and grasp hold of what had just happened.
This conversation was over, the outcome not clear. But she knew she was no longer welcome.

As the door closed behind her, Flashfresh sat in silence.

After deliberating for a considerable length of time he used the neo-com on the corner of the desk.



‘Don't ask me why right now but revoke Nashh's hangar rights, effective immediately’.

‘Er.. Sir, he has just resigned’. ‘He has no access’.

‘He what?... Is there anything missing?’

‘Let me check sir’.

A moment passed before Hermit returned.

‘No sir, everything is still here...’

‘Thank you Hermit, over and out’.

Flash sat in his heavy leather chair. He poured himself a small glass of rum from a bottle hidden in the bottom drawer of his oak desk.

Before sipping the golden liquid he raised his glass and muttered to himself; 'good luck, you'll be back'.


With an uneasy feeling Morrigan returned to Nashh Kadavr's luxury apartment in Evati VII.

Nashh was dressed in full pilot gear, nothing unusual, although the Bastard logo was missing from the back of the jacket.

'we need to talk' Morrigan urged.

‘Yes, I have something to tell you, follow me' Nashh interrupted.

‘I have an orca pilot on standby in case you don't want to come with me’, Nashh explained in the elevator on the way down.

‘Don't get me wrong, you are invaluable to me but I am not sure if this is the kind of adventure you wish to be part of’.

‘I.. Er..’ Morrigan started.

With a loud hiss the elevator doors opened on level B691; Nashh's personal hangar.

Alison Virpio awaited them. ‘Good morning CEO’ she smiled, saluting him as he walked past.

‘CEO?’ Morrigan asked, ‘what is going on?’

‘Are we ready Alison?’ Nashh demanded.


‘Ready for what?’ Morrigan desperately wanted to know.

Alison handed Morrigan a neo-pad. The information shown on the first page showed the contents of the Orca parked at the far end of the enormous hangar.

‘Large ammar pos, ship-maintenance array, fuel...’Morrigan read aloud. ‘What is this?’

‘We are Kadavr Conglomerate’, Nashh smiled, ‘wormhole explorers, are you coming?’

Considering her options quickly Morrigan replied;

‘Fuck yeah...’

Departing; chapter 2/7

Nashh had been dragged into his Iges IV apartment and dumped on the large White leather sofa. Out cold.

Venom kneeled by his side, gently stroking his head.


She jumped up, pistol drawn. The voice had come from the kitchen area. Venom recognised the voice, it was the same as the call she had received about an hour earlier.

"Black, two sugars." she replied, holstering her weapon.

Out of the shade Morrigan appeared with two steaming mugs. She was dressed in black from top to bottom; a skin-tight leather suit. Knee-high boots with tall heels elevated her 2 inches higher. Venom understood now why Nashh had spent so much time with this girl, and wouldn't mind to do so herself.

"There is no sugar so just black then?" she extended Venom one of the mugs.

Venom smiled, "I am surprised there is even coffee in this place".

Morrigan’s real name was Dirty Hands, clearly a joke when her name was registered. It suited her in many ways however; running errands for Nashh would frequently leave her with dirty hands. Morrigan was the name she used when introducing herself.

'I am glad you could come at such short notice, he wouldn't even listen to me anymore. I knew he would to you...'

'No worries, thanks for calling'. ‘Just in time too, he shot the tender’. Venom paused to sip from her mug. ‘I suggest he leaves station as soon as he is able’.

There is something else, Morrigan started. I am not sure where to start; Nashh is in some trouble, and possibly getting himself into some more.

‘Nashh is always in trouble’, Venom Orchid smiled, ‘don't worry, he'll sort it out or buy his way out’.

‘That is the problem you see, Nashh is in no position to buy his way out anymore, the isk is gone’.

Venoms eyes widened. She looked from Nashh to morrigan,’15 billion isk? How?’

‘Not sure yet, I am still going through all transactions he has made over the last 6 months’. ‘It looks like he has given away at least one third of his previous fortune, and there is a lot of officer equipment registered in his name’.

‘Ok’, venom scratched her head, ‘so he is broke’. ‘That isn't really the end of the world is it?’

‘No it isn't, I may be able to liquidate some assets for him to get him a decent capital again’. ‘My worries are his own plans on making isk’.

Morrigan sipped the last of her drink and put the mug on the glass table. She used a small grey remote to turn on the wall projector.

Schematics, figures and financial data flashed up.

Venom was unclear what exactly she was looking at; it looked like a stock-take or an inventory check of some sort.

"What’s this?" she shrugged.

‘It's a full inventory check of the Bastard hangars, both here and back in Evati’.

Venom looked back from the screen to Morrigan, not sure what to say.

‘Nashh has accidentally been given full access to all the corps assets’, Morrigan explained.

‘He would never...’ Venom started, ‘but ... why have all these ships and modules got values noted next to them?’

Morrigan didn't reply. She didn't have too.

‘He is going to rob the Bastards?’ Venom Orchid paused, ‘how much is it worth?’

‘Just over 8 billion so far but valuation isn't completed just yet’. ‘He hasn't got access to any liquid assets but the rest...’ Morrigan nodded in the direction of the screen.

Both vixens fell silent and stared at the heaped body on the sofa.

'Flash is gonna kill him'.

'I know' Morrigan responded.

'I mean, really kill him...'

'I know' Morrigan repeated.