Wednesday 30 November 2011

Down n Out?

So as some of you have noticed I have not been in game for over a month now. My 1st laptop burned out, my second laptop the same and my wife’s laptop got stolen.

The 1st laptop was fixable according to a local tech-dude. For $300 worth of new part and labour were needed. The second laptop was beyond saving after it connected with the wall after a moment of rage.

A tough decision needed to be made, buy a new laptop on a Caribbean island where future support would be a complete write off or take the gamble and fix my only hope of playing EVE again this year.

I opted for the fix and parts should arrive from America within 7 working days and the dude needed only a day to install the new components (motherboard, processor and fans).

For your sanity I shall spare you the details of Caribbean way of doing anything but to give you a brief rundown of my experience so far; tomorrow, tomorrow, definitely tomorrow, next week Friday, next week Thursday, I am making progress, I am missing another part, tomorrow, pick it up in the morning, sorry I had a heart attack come back tomorrow, definitely Monday morning I promise, tomorrow sorry, chill out this is the Antilles, tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, its ready, come pick it up in the morning.

And there I was, already anticipating disappointment. Ready to pick up my Frankenstein beast of glory, eager to install the latest version of EVE.

“So it turns on but only for a few minutes, I need another part and its coming from Colombia next week Friday.”

I just walked out of the shop and wept.


  1. So anyway, can i have your stuff?

  2. Is that even a real country? Jeepers, sounds like a nightmare of unprecedented proportions, a rollercoaster ride of stupendous anguish, despair and utter failure. Topped with a rotten cherry of horror.

    Hope it gets sorted soon. Fingers crossed from up here in a real country.

  3. God damn man, you're on an island, in the Caribbean, go drink some rum and chill on some pristine beaches :P

    Computer frustrations aside, I would much rather be on the Antilles than in grey London doing 100+ hour work weeks.

    Take care out there dude

  4. I'm with Kane, I think it's time for some booze and sands. Eve will be here tomorrow, and the tomorrow's tomorrow.

  5. Astrial Stargazer30 November 2011 at 15:17

    Gloom and dispare have agony on me...rum will numb it.

  6. Nashh, Kane speaks the truth on this one. Get yourself and your loved ones onto the beach and chill; grab some Guyanese rum and soak up the sun. Eve is definitely not going anywhere. I know I'm not - then again, that maybe because I ran into a fleet that included x2 oracles, x1 tornado, a falcon, some 'canes, a 'rax, caracal, dram, thrasher and oh, some more.



  7. thanks for the encouraging words; rum being the favourite here indeed...