Tuesday 11 October 2011

(Finally) War is upon us

Lieutenant First Grade Acute, Cannonfodder Adex and Commander Kadavr set out in the early hours of Monday morning for a short training session.

Nashh had not flown a Merlin frigate class vessel for several years and never one of the double-webbing variety. On paper this ship has some great potential. After a few scraps with his Corp members it proved more difficult to handle than first thought.

'Rifter and Wolf on scan' Acute interrupted the friendly skirmish.

'Roger, peel of to the Amamake gate, Adex hang back here' Nashh instructed, 'I'll check that compound near the sun'.

A few seconds later and Acute reported his scan showed nothing but empty space.

'They are 100 clicks from me' Nashh replied, 'stand down, it's our own militia'. 'Let's roll on home boys', Nashh continued, 'I need a beer'.

'Roger that' came the reply.

Ten AU short of the Dal gate a second Rifter appeared on scan.

'When you guys land, jump straight through, I'll aggress this ... ah fucksticks, forget it, he is friendly'.

Seconds after Nashh landed next to the Minmatar Militia Rifter an alarm sounded from the Merlin on-board systems.

'Wait what the fuck, he is shooting at me..'

Adex and Acute now arrived as well, eager for blood.

'Do not aggress, I repeat do not aggress' Nashh commanded his troops. The -KBG- CEO fired a warning shot across the bow of the aggressor and announced his allegiance to the Militia in the local channel.

Expecting for the aggressing Pilot to have made a mistake, he turned off his weapons but used his two webs to gain enough distance to warp off.

Two more Minmatar Milita pilots landed on grid, called in by the first, and immediately opened fire on the Black Guard Merlin.

'Nashh! For fuck sake mate!' Acute exclaimed.

'Stand down officer, it's fine' Nashh smiled as he turned off all his active modules and prepared to warp his pod to safety.

A small blue flash preceded trails of grey smoke engulfing the Dal stargate in shadow and dust. With preparations made for getting the escape pod to safety the Merlin hull would prove the only casualty.

'Ok boys, now we can go home, beers are on me!'