Thursday 6 December 2012




'Shisake, that's what it's called'.


'You like it?'

'It's a bit weak.'

Shibortateh the bartender smiled. 'Do you like the taste? The flavour?'

'It's ok'. Nashh replied before smelling the tiny clay cup in his hand. 'It stinks, it stinks of old clothing and mud'. He emptied the cup and gestured for a refill.

Shibi, as he was known to regulars, refilled the small cup. 'It's mushrooms, but close enough'. 'You have an interesting palet mr kadavr'. ' It's the funghus used in the fermentation process, in some distils it leaves it's distinct earthy flavour and scent, it's character'. Shibi smiled and refilled the cup.

'Ok yeah I get it, fine, it's not bad I guess'. 'Just get me a bigger cup will you, please?'

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Station bound

Blackness, pure dark. His temporary accomodation on the lower back side of intaki IV was unlit from outside station lights. Opening the shutters made the room darker, so he did.

His weary bones ached, this had been the longest he had spent in one body. Hangovers used to be easily cured by selfdistructing his pod or clone jumping.

The young girl he paid for the night before awoke slowly on the bed behind him. She groaned. With a soft voice she wispered for him to come back to bed.

He looked over his shoulder and even in the dim lighting her naked body looked devine.

He returned his gaze out into the black vacuum of space.


Tuesday 6 November 2012

MuffinsRevenger (taken from failheap)

The cold metaphorical wind was blowing through the vastness of space, swirling around imaginary dust-particles and tumbleweed as we floated in our POS-forcefield, staring down the titan as it floated next to us
It was Sunday evening, and the dark gray space around us seemed at least twice as menacing as it usual, closing in on us and attempting to breach through the hulls and tear down friendships and tolerance keeping us safe from the stars malice
You could sense it on the celestial winds, tonight someone was going to get royally fucked

And if we did not play our cards right, it might be us

A few nights before, Nashh had been sitting with the barrel of his finely crafted colt .45 in his mouth, tired of existence and contemplating ragequtting once and for all
Fingering the trigger, he had smiled and realized that simply shooting himself and ending it all in the quietness of his captains quarters would not cut it, no, that would be too much like surrendering
Instead, he began drafting a plan of a public spectacle to rock the stars, and announce his end for the world to see

This took shape of a declaration, he would undock in expensive spaceships and whoever destroyed him and took his worldly assets would be welcome to keep them

So, just like the days of old where fortune finders rushed out into the wasteland to claim the riches awaiting those who dared, people flocked to the system of Goinard to prove who was the boldest

In good time before the fight the followers of captain Mangala Solaris, a bandit gang known as RVB Ganked, announced their intent to grab the riches from the corpse of Nashh, and with the promise of at least a hundred pilots in attendance the system and its potential rewards, be it in money or potential for fighting started to lure hostiles in, like an open flames to us poor moths

With Nashh’s industrial ship containing the riches symbolizing the means for him to end himself tackled and attacked, the first greedy profiteers started showing up on grid, first destroying the industrial and then turning on one another
This squandering rabble was an opportunity to cause havoc too juicy for the commanders of Shadowcartel to miss, and they made the call to jump six archons and a thanatos in together with a scattering of battleships and support to destroy some of the eager pilots and prepare for the Mangala Solaris onslaught

As sure as we all turn to dust in the end, the attack came, and a fierce firefight broke out around the still burning wreak of Nashh, smiling to himself from inside his capsule as It was targeted, almost as an afterthought, and obliterated and he finally found the oblivion he longed for, his part in this story now finally over
The fight in its early stages was frightfully one-sided, and the carriers and battleships of ShadowCartel held the field admirably, keeping up their merciless fire against the foaming rabble of the Ganknight hoard

That cold contempt could not be allowed to stand, and we made the call to come through and reinforce the valiant tribal attackers with golden hulls of justice and promises of deliverance from the pains of existence

We flash into existence in a glorious series of red lightning bolts, a fleet of roughly seventeen absolution, pregnant pigeons of lightning-fast death and hatred, seven lokis armed with advanced immobilizing technologies and a scattering of zealots and guardians to keep us alive as well as one retarded gypsie-hurricane brought along for good fortune
Leading us is the iron will of Hunlight, guiding us towards the enemy fleet with a vengeance only rivaled by the intense plasma furnace of a dying star, ruling the fleet with an iron fist
Together with us a complement of BALEX ships with murder in their minds come through, and together we set upon the 25 Shadowfed and 90 Ganknighthists still alive on grid

The system at this point is at 311 souls, and the lag is fucking atrocious (time-dialation at 85%)
Our movements are delayed, and it is as if we are watching a disaster in slow-motion, the missiles and beams streaking through space between the hostile forces and explosions tearing ships apart with sickening slowness, revealing all the gloriously hideous detail of deep space combat for our eyes to see

We immediately start taking on the ShadowCartel battleships, and though their armor repairs initially hold up we are able to burn through some of the less well-build Minmatar vessels
In the meantime a lot of us are taking opportunistic shoots at the wild hoards following Mangala Solaris, destroying many of the desperately firing but fragile frigates and cruisers who stray too close to the maelstrom of energy discharge that is the central field of battle

The call from Hunlught to “stop blapping the frigs and they won’t bother you” is made, and most of our pilots reply with a guilty “oops” and we concentrate back on the hostile carriers

This however proves fruitless, as eventually both sides stabilize and a mind game begins, a game of swapping targets and trying to split apart the close-knit group of hostile carriers who valiantly shrug off any attempts of our forces to break through their armor-tanks
In parallel to the Snuff/Swear and BALEX attempts to break through the carriers, several valiant skirmishing attacks from the ShadowCartel attempt to break through and disrupt our friendly formations are made, primarily using long range battlecrusiers, but they are forced off with catastrophic losses of their own for no damage inflicted

The fight has been going on for about half an hour in real time, but only like ten minutes or so have passed in game due to the massive time-dilation effects

Suddenly space is torn open in a vast display of tortured laws of physics as yet another fleet jumps through, forty battleships from Drunk and Disorderly, yet another group of privateers fighting for the Caldari state and their own profits arrive to shift the balance of the battle raging before them
They immediately set upon trying to break through the BALEX formation, but the time dilation and superior skill of the Balkan pilots make this an impossible task

A deadlock is now in place, four or five different groups of pilots are fighting one another and unable to dislodge the other grip

So a call is made
A call to ignore old wounds and damaged pride in order to avenge even older crimes, to disregard principle in order to avenge those stab wounds in our backs

A quick non-aggression pact between BALEX, Snuff, Swear and Drunk and Disorderly is formed, and we focus on trying to break through the ShadowCartel Carriers tanks as the random fleet of gank’ed mills around trying to find something weak enough to destroy, firing madly at anything and everything they can
We keep up our fire for a five or so minutes of in game time, something that feels like (and is) closer to twenty minutes of time passed on the outside

Realizing we can’t break through or disrupt them with what they have, drunk and disorderly arranges for a squadron of six dreadnoughts to be brought on field to end the carriers one and for all

After the dreadnoughts have been brought in the hostile carriers start slowly dipping downwards, and ShadowCartel, despite their best efforts, realize that the end is slowly creeping up on them from the weight of numbers
However, the end comes from an unexpected direction

A lone carrier warps into the middle of the maelstrom of destruction, and is called out as “uh-oh, PL carrier on grid” followed by a cheerful “well fuck” from Hunlight

The carrier lights up a cyno, and suddenly it’s surrounded by another twenty or so of its brethren, who deploy sentry drones and proceed to lay waste to whatever they can target

This is the signal to retreat for the friendly forces that are still able to do so, and even thought a fair number of people stay on the field holding their ground the carriers of the pandemic legion eventually overwhelms the support and start working on destroying the hostile carriers

Much to everyone’s surprise however, the ShadowCartel carriers are able to outlast the combined sentry gun damage from the hostile slowcat-formation
A tiny ember of hope starts to glow within the collective minds of the tackled ShadowCartel carriers and still immobilized Drunk and Disorderly dreadnoughts
Maybe there is still hope of deliverance?

The hope however is not long lived, but is crushed as 20 Pandemic Legion super carriers jump in and laugh fight bombers, finally ending the surviving capitals run for glory through the conflagration of massed compact torpedoes

In the end, the dust settles on a Goinard with over four hundred and thirty ships destroyed, massive values turned to ash over a pointless conflict ignited by a lone man’s desperation to not die alone

And those of us who fought and bleed on those fields of desolation, we would not have had it any other way

Wednesday 31 October 2012

Triple Dread Raffle

ok final raffle for the last boats in my hangar.

tickets are 100mil a piece (90 tickets total) and isk is to be sent to Nashh Kadavr.

a random number generator will be used by W0Wbagger so no numbers cant be picked, you just get a fucking number mkay.

bought tickets will be displayed on my blog as my bio is too small to record it all.

excess tickets will be refunded and the post will be deleted once completed.

1st number gets to pick a dread
2nd number gets to pick the next
3rd gets the left over dread


Boats in this raffle (Fits are linked in my bio);

HMS W0wbagger - Faction fit Revelation

Naglfari - Faction fit Naglfar

Recloose's Judkin -  Faction fit blap moros

1 Russia4ever
2 immortallis
3 immortallis
4 immortallis
5 immortallis
6 w0wbagger
7 w0wbagger
8 w0wbagger
9 w0wbagger
13 Dark_Magni
14 ItsmeHCK
15 Burden_Mcgee
17 Kuan_yida
18 Smarncav2
19 William_Verrater
20 William_Verrater
21 Eta_monakh
22 Rhys_Bjornsen
23 Rhys_Bjornsen
24 Kelno_Astrarra
25 Rain_Aybara
26 Rain_Aybara
27 Rain_Aybara
28 Golic
29 Golic
30 Golic
31 Golic
32 Golic
33 Amaris_Echitase
34 William_Verrater
35 William_Verrater
36 Rudy_Lars
37 Micaela_DeLameter
38 Micaela_DeLameter
39 Micaela_DeLameter
40 Smarncav2
41 Smarncav2
42 Palamon
43 Palamon
44 Palamon
45 Mazi_Leigh
46 Mazi_Leigh
47 Silent_Terror
48 Silent_Terror
49 Silent_Terror
50 Polaris_Maken
51 Coradendra_Jhalavar
52 Meda
53 Meda
54 Meda
55 Meda
56 Meda
57 Xerces_Valon
58 Jared_Reidel
59 WarpToMe_AtZero
60 Torve_Starduster
61 Mangala_Solaris
62 Mangala_Solaris
63 Reza_Maalin
64 Vincent_VanDamme
65 tasman_devil
66 number_c
67 number_c
68 number_c
69 number_c
70 Nyu_Trustan
71 Saber_Utah
72 Sir_Heizen
73 Philip_Loki
74 Philip_Loki
75 Rofl_Stomp
76 Yabbiy
77 GC003
78 GC003
79 GC003
80 GC003
81 GC003
82 GC003
83 GC003
84 GC003
85 GC003
86 GC003
87 CreCre_McCrellis
88 GC003
89 GC003
90 GC003

Wednesday 24 October 2012

All or nothing...

Damnit, I tried not to, but my time is up, I am done, gone, finito, its over....

I a lame attempt to reduce my EVE time I dropped two accounts recently and just played with Nashh but before long I rebought some characters and was back to 3 accounts. I am the 'all-or-nothing' kinda guy, always have been always will be.

So I am making my leave permanent this time, my shit is up for sale. All of it; Four Dreads, a carrier, 7 T3's, 5 Faction Battleships and 2 Blackops first then later this week 12 more T1 Battleships, 6 Recons, 14 Battlecruisers and an assortment of T1, T2 and Faction Cruisers and Frigates.

Alliance members have first dibs on my hangar stuff for cheap for another week or so before the rest will go on he market. 

Oh.. and Nashh himself.

I thought about sticking him through the blender and bio-massing but I figured the isk of his sale will be more benefitial to those I have spend my time in EVE with.

I have drawn up a list of those that will get what remains when I log in for the last time but most will go to Anabaric who has solidly stood behind me, put blood sweat in tears into our time together. An excellent EVE player and a good friend, trustworthy like no other.

I am planning a little leaving party to be held in Goinard, my home for the last 12 months on Sunday 4th November starting at 21:00 evetime. I will be in space in a Carrier and invite all to come and blow me up, and as a little treat will add a sizable bounty on my own head.

Please blog and repost; invite all your friends to come along and their friends and their friends. The more the merrier, and more messy...

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Flashy Carebears

'This is wine?' Anabaric complained.

'Shuttit, it's the best this backwater shithole had to offer' Nashh grumbled before emptying his glass and refilling it from the karaf on the table.

Anabaric fancied a drink as much as the next man having worked hard all day, but this? The black liquid swilled slowly from side to side in his glass.

Nashh didn't seem to mind though and gulped down another load.

'Promotion oppertunities must be good for the Ammarians after today' Anabaric joked.

Nashh Kadavr returned a blank stare.

'After us assasinating all those commanders?' Anabaric explained.

'They where Amarrians?' Nashh shrugged.

Monday 15 October 2012

Late to the party...

Anabaric surveyed the Corp hangar below him. Various teams where loading or unloading goods and squads of mechanics poured over remains if ships or parts of ships.

Staff was kept busy but on the pilot front it had gone quiet. Many KBG members had requested leave of absence and taken a break planetside. With steady activity in the alliance no real pressure to recruit had presented itself.

A highpitched bleep from his pocket snapped him from his daze, not many people had his private contact details.


'yo bitchface, I need to show you something'

'Well hello to you too, and yes I am fine, how are you?'

The line remained silent for a moment followed by a crackle and a hissing sound before Nashh returned.

'...are you familiar with the loyalty point scheme some agents run?'

'Yes Nashh, a handfull of credits in return for some lame missions. Why, who cares?'

'Well, in return for very little effort it appears that some agents pay a lot. Something about some war or something...'

'How much for how much effort?'

'More than a billion an hour...'

Anabaric paused for a moment before replying; 'I am on my way'.

Monday 1 October 2012


So I purchased some Worms the other day to bulk out my hangar a bit more with frigates. My limited playtime doesnt really allow for many fleet roams and thus solo roams is where its at.

I have taken out a few different Rifter fits but even my trusty shield gank fit is not performing in this day and age. Incursii are doing incredibly well in either single or double rep varietys and now by far outclass the once mighty Rifter. The natural progression would then be to get Incursii right? yeah so I did and failed to get any fights because nobody wants to fight an Incursis. Anabaric has been very succesful in an ancill boosted Slasher although flying a ship like that takes more skill than I have.

So I need a ship that can enter minor plexes, ideally have a energy nuetraliser so I can shut down active tanked Incursii, it needs to be fast so I can tackle shit before they run off, it needs to be strong and do good DPS, it also needs to be the kinda ship people dont run away from because its so damn scary.

That is some high demands but the Worm delivers my every need. With two Drone damage mods it gets in excess of 180 DPS, it has space for a Energy Nuetraliser that can run for long enough to kill another frigates capacitor, it reaches 1800 meters per second (overheated) and with a medium Ancillary booster can tank 140 DPS for about a minute.

She flies like a dream and has given me some epic fights, killing multiple Destroyers and Frigates in a single fight, although I mis-timed some reloading this morning and lost the first of three. Shame the hull is so expensive!

[Worm, PVP]
Co-Processor II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

Coreli C-Type 1MN Afterburner
J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I
Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor I
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster

5W Infectious Power System Malfunction
Rocket Launcher II,Caldari Navy Inferno Rocket
Rocket Launcher II,Caldari Navy Inferno Rocket

Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I

Monday 24 September 2012

Can I haz new forum sig yo?

So Ana has been bored at RL work again lately and produced some of his finest signatures to date. Time for me to get a fresh one too then plz.

For contract work plz mail Anabaric ingame or on to discuss prices.

Sunday 16 September 2012

Crime pays.

Crime does pay.

I have been scammed in eve on many occasions, I have been duped so many times, all because I am a gullible fool that wants to believe people don’t mean to be horrible creatures and sell Ravens instead of Navy Ravens.

In RL I am a truly honest person; I have morals and dislike, no, despise those that lie to me or those I care about. Regardless; years of eve life and seeing betrayals, back stabs, lies and deceit in many forms made me wonder if I can do the same. I have thought out many market related tricks that in theory may or may not have worked but would require a sizable investment. Certainly not something I could risk or would borrow the isk for. I have tried scams that have been done before but I lack the patience and have failed.

On a boring afternoon early this summer I tried something against my better judgement and this here blog post is my confession. 

I want to start off by apologising for those that I hurt in the process and those that may now think less of me. Some that wished me well in my endeavours and gave their support have been let down and betrayed. To all those hurt by my actions; I am sorry, I hope you can forgive me.


Supercapitals in Shadow Cartel alliance come and go. Some buy them but sell them again sometime later. We have corps join for a few months adding to our arsenal but then leaving again. We are after all a low sec pvp corp and supercaps haven’t found a regular spot in our tactics. 

Early this summer an alliance buddy sold a supercap and events surrounding the sale prompted me to contact sellers and buyers offering a 3rd party service for their supers. From the start I had no intention to actually complete any sale at all, I simply expected no results at all or maybe a quick 10 or 15 bil fluke before the thing collapsed.

Some alliance members laughed off my clear scam and took the piss out of my attempt. Some genuinely believed my initial attempts and pledged their honest support publicly on the forums. Nothing happened. My forum post was shot down within seconds of posting it. Haters of Shadow, haters of me; posted their rubbish and lies making me look bad before I even completed a single fake sale. The game was up before I even started.

Or was it? 3 weeks later. A random eve mail resulted in an actual sale of a super. 15 bil was my asking price and after getting the seller in system, next to the pos with the Nyx, and making my wallet go blinkyblink the poor bugger was terminated. Permanently it appears, as the character he came to collect the Nyx with and the character that paid me have since been deleted.

I am a bad man. The lowest of the low.

I felt bad. And good. My heart was racing like one of the best fights I had ever had. That sucker believed a complete stranger (he hadn’t heard of Nashh Kadavr before) and handed over 15 billion isk, just like that. 

A week later and after spending a few hours mailing potential targets I got another mail requesting me to be the third party for a buyer made up. This poor bugger had a Wyvern for sale and I agreed an 18 billion buyout price and a pickup in a system of his choosing.

Granted the guy was a complete fool and clearly had a level of trust not suitable for a supercap pilot but it was like taking candy from a baby. I instructed him to complete the deal in his pos, mainly to make him feel more safe, but he didn’t have one so we agreed a deep-safe trade. Deep to him was 1 AU from the sun, sigh. I asked him to uncloak the Wyvern, so the ‘buyer’ could see it before he would transfer the isk. Instead the guy ejected, leaving the Wyvern afloat in space, without me ever notifying I had even received the isk. 

Being unable to fly a Wyvern I had brought along an accomplice to pilot it for me and with him triple boxing a fight elsewhere at the same time I yelled over comms to board the vacant Super next him and jump out to our emergency cyno.

The wyvern pilot shed many a tear unsure who the thief was, the ‘buyer’ or me as the third party. A week passed and another EVE player bit the dust, not returning to the game. 

Yes, I am evil, pure evil.

Within 48 hours of the Wyvern  scam another Nyx pilot agreed a 15 billion for a ship that would never actually change hands. The fucker threathened all sorts of bad things to be done to family and friends and reporting to so and so and you know blah blah.

Old news buddy. You are poorer, I am richer. Just quit already.


All this comes at a price to me as well of course. I had to pay out 7 billion in fees agreed with super pilots, either those presenting a Nyx in space for 15 minutes or the Wyvern pilot who had to sit in the Wyvern for nearly 2 weeks before we could shift it.

I had to pay off the alliance for not kicking my corp for my actions. Shadow Cartel, Baggins, the old guard, non agreed with my dealings. Thievery and dishonesty is a big no no in our group and rightly so. We honour our word, it is what makes us. 5 billion in fees to the alliance kitty buys enough friends to let a few supercap-scams slip through the net and be ignored. Mostly at least, some still have not forgiven me.

Other than that I have given those most loyal to me and my corps causes a Faction battleship and or isk in equivalent.Three bil to the Alliance Tourny kitty, a billion here or there to fund our own corps wallet, a few new shiny boats and before you know it you are broke again, like it never happened.

I can’t lie; the rush became an addiction and I have put some considerable efforts into doing more scams although non have worked since that last Nyx. Non will happen anymore either. Too many of the people I care about disliked my scams and I have upset people I care about. I don’t feel the least bit bad for the guys I scammed though, let that be clear. Nashh Kadavr is an evil fucking bastard.

For all your third party needs please contact Chribba only.

Or me…

Monday 10 September 2012

Not dead yet...

Those closer around me have known for a few weeks now that I am scaling down my EVE activities. Real life has me by the balls after taking on a new job that is all consuming. In planet-side life I manage restaurants and after relative freedom over the last 5 years I have started back at a 2 Michelin starred restaurant. Working in an environment as elitist as that requires all my strength, physically and mentally to perform at the standards demanded.  The little free time I get off is spend with my 2 children first, then if I am lucky some with the wife as well. With those priorities set, EVE will take a back seat for the next 12 months or so and I have decided to close two of my three accounts.

Kadavr corporations spans across three corps and each have been securily placed in the hands of those that are best qualified. Kirith Kodachi solely runs Kadavr Crimson Guard and my good friend Beaute has taken over as CEO of my Wormhole Corporation; Kadavr Conglomorate. MrMaax has stepped up to a director level in the Black Guards and Anabaric has kindly taken over as CEO.

I have sold off my alts on other accounts and closed off all other accounts other than Nashh himself. To reduce my efforts outside of game I have closed my Gmail, twitter and Facebook accounts. Those I want to stay in contact with have my RL Facebook details or those that want to stay in touch can mail me in-game to swap details. The blog is up and will remain here as I still have posts to make. This being the first of a few this month.

The source of my isk shall be discussed in posts to come perhaps but it is safe to say I am very comfortable in that department. With 5 billion in loans still to be returned to me I am sitting on 25 billion liquid isk, 25 billion in ship hulls and 20 billion in fittings. I love the game and I love the guys I play with and when I log in I intend to just undock in whatever required and participate as much as I can. 

Maybe I’ll return to full active duty in 12 months who knows.

I aint dead yet bitches…

Friday 7 September 2012


 Copy pasted from Anabarics personal logs;

Anabaric looked over the data slates piled high on his desk, yes it really was his desk now. Nashh's name had been partially scratched off the door by Maax, who after getting bored half way was now shouting things at the new recruits.

Nashh's sudden retirement had left the corp in a bit of shock, but the manner of leaving was typical;
The data slate with the note hadn't been found for three days, without realising it was actually important Anabaric had been using it as a coaster for his Q-Zero, it was only when Maxx pried the sticky slate off the ready room table did the message from Nashh flash up on the screen.

"Have run out of rum going planetside, back sooner or later (maybe). Made you Boss, left you something in the kitty for expenses."

Anabaric read the message again, before putting the slate down on the his desk. It really was his desk now, Nashh obviously wasn't coming back any time in the near future, and the slate had gone on to suggesting a few changes to the corp branding, but those could wait a while. There was no hurry.

The pile of slates in his new office was simply staggering, unpaid bills, impounded ships, the repairs to the docking clamps from Nashh's most recent departure, these would all have to be dealt with in time. For now Anabaric lazed in the worn out leather chair looking out over the KBG hanger, still a hive of activity as the new recruits were still moving in. Recruitment was going quite well, 3 promising recruits in as many days, but more were still needed to drive the corp forward.

Home is what you make of it he thought to himself, of all the stations Anabaric had lived in over the last few years this one felt the most like home, it wasn't the hanger itself or good hunting in the local asteroid belts, it was the people he shared it with. They were the ones who'd put the holes in the walls, spilt the Quafe on the floor, and were hard at work screaming at the recruits, or hauling ammunition and equipment ready for the next roam.

The neo-comm chimed with a new message to alliance, time to go, time to fight with friends.

Thursday 2 August 2012

I am still here...

I am still here! although I have been a little quiet I have been around. I have a week away from EVE coming up today then one week of full on EVE before I shall slip slowly into the darkness that is RL.

A new job has come my way and it will require all-consuming- dedication to succeed at it. Its ok, I am ready for a break or a slow-down in EVE but I will not be leaving permanently just yet.

I will post some stuff re the Alliance Tournament soon to let you know how I experianced that and I will update you all about how the corps are doing and the state of the alliance. Recruitment for all our three corporations is open and details for all three will follow soon. If you cant wait for my blurps then head on over to our website where you may find a little more info;

A fortunate turn in events this year saw me make a little iskies and most of that has now been spent on characters, Alliance Tournament and my hangar. After loosing an unfit Vindicator (long story) and my shield Rapier I figured I'd best take a screenie of what remains in my hangar before it all slowly dissapears.

In a future post I shall explain what does what but I think the names will explain enough for now.

See you next week!

Sunday 15 July 2012

Jizz in mah pants

So with us still in the Alliance Tournament I cant say too much about what we are doing at the moment but for the right price I will get anyone access to Shadow Cartel forum posts and fleet setups of course, I am still in the market for a Titan and my funds are shy by about 30 billion so make me an offer.

Anyway my friend Mr T'amber has been working on the above project and has run out of time to complete what he intended to do. I get a hard-on everytime he posts more of his work and this video is a short compilation of what he has achieved sofar. Granted the quality isnt the best but you get the idea.

I'll climb out of your arse now T'amber. I love you. Have babies with me? Call me mkay?

Tuesday 10 July 2012

New Sponsor - Monocle Madness

So I have a new sponsor for my blog in 'Monocle Madness'.  These chaps have made yet another gambling site for all the gambling addicts in EVE online. There is EOH, slowly slipping into the background and there is Blink, safe to say the two biggest names in EVE-online gambling and isk wasting/making.

These guys have pushed it another step further, a great looking website and lots of different ways to take a risks on all sorts of bets including the Alliance Tournament!

Go and check out their site and send me 10% of your winnings!

Tuesday 26 June 2012

I love T'amber...

Saturday 16 June 2012

Quiting EVE...

Catchy title huh?

With a few exceptions I have seen my EVE Heroes rise and fall over the last 4 years. Looking at the list of CDM participants most don't play or blog anymore. Also some of the great names outside the blogging community have faded or completely disappeared.

So with that in mind when do I quit? When do I stop blogging? How will it end? A big dramatic bang? A fizzle? Will there be rage? Who will I blame? What will I do with my stuff?

I may have to wait for an excuse, something epic maybe, good or bad to trigger the 'right' time to not re-new my accounts. There has never been anything that CCP has done that has warranted me to rebel so I doubt it will ever be CCP that drives me out. Maybe a betrayal or drama caused by my online friends would upset me enough. Maybe completing the goals I have set for myself? Like participating in the alliance tournament? Well it is possible I finally get to do just that this year so now what? I have no more goals? Should I set some new ones? I don't know maybe RL will just slowly drive me away and I'll disappear unnoticed...

My gear? I am likely selling all my gear and characters and doing something big when I leave. Maybe derp a Titan at a gate in Amamake. Or maybe I will give my isk and goods to my Corp and place it in good care of the CEO that is willing to take over. Maybe CCP will take my isk and donate an RL value to a good cause.

Oh damnit, I just don't know and clearly am not ready to quit just yet. Ask me again after the AT...

When and how will you stop? What will happen to your gear?

Friday 8 June 2012

Fiction; Jade Lafesque

That one second between Jacob Lafisque pulling out the blaster and shouting ‘for Jade!’ seemed to last an age.  Nashh could have slid off his seat, thrown up his hands or maybe even had time to draw his own weapon. He didn’t. The reason, the story behind Jade flashed before him as he simply managed; ‘thank you’ before Jacob pulled the trigger twice.


Three weeks earlier…

Another long day keeping up with his long working hours and Jade made ready to finally leave her post. ‘Will there be anything else Sir?’ she enquired over the intercom, hoping he would call it a day as well. ‘Yes, get yourself in here’ Nashh commanded. ‘Yes Sir’ Jade responded before sighing deeply and making her way over to the Directors office.

Commander Nashh’s office in Goinard was a replica of a former friend’s office back in Evati. It had a large oak desk, floor-to-ceiling book cupboards and brown leather features, polished to a shimmer. One the far side was a large full-pane window overlooking his personal hangars, in it hovered the enormous hull of a Vindicator Class Battleship. The door shut behind Jade as she entered, ‘Yes Sir?’.

Nashh Kadavr was bent over various electronic pads all displaying different graphs related to sleeper loot. ‘Jade…’ he started without looking up. ‘Yes?’ she sighed putting her bag on the chair in front of the desk. The sigh was not discreet enough to escape his attention and he looked up from his work.
He looked tired and darkened skin covered his eye-sockets. ‘Sorry’ he mumbled ‘I lost track of time again, have I kept you too long?’. ‘Sixteen hours Sir’ she smiled a sweet smile. Jade had been a dedicated secretary for over 3 months but he had not paid much attention to anything other than the quality of her work, she looked sweet. ‘Fifteen minutes?’ he smiled and raised his eyebrows to attempt a friendly manner of convincing her. He didn’t really have to; there was not a chance the mere mortal Jade would deny any of his wishes. She returned a friendly smile and meant it, ‘ok then…’.

Nashh offered up his chair to give Jade a better view of the spread-sheets on the desk. Leaning over her left shoulder he pointed out the figures that didn’t seem to correspond with some of the results on other pages. ‘You see what I mean?’ Nashh asked. Her hair smelled lovely. ‘Yes, odd’ Jade responded slowly but immediately started cross-referencing some formulas and numbers. The office was uncomfortably warm and small beads of sweat started to form around her neckline and collar bone. ‘Well, this is part of the problem’ Jade Lafesque highlighted some of formulas that had clearly been added in at a different time than the original document was made. ‘Yes’ Nashh mumbled, distracted by two small beads of sweat that adjoined then slowly ran down her cleavage. ‘

He didn’t pay attention anymore to the problem that had been bothering him for the past two hours. Pupils dilated and lust coursed through his veins like a hungry wild animal. He must have her. With his left arm he swept clean the desk as his right hand tightly gripped around her neck, pulling her out of the office-chair. Jade managed a high pitched yelp as Nashh forcefully removed her pristine white shirt and pulled up her black waxed skirt.

Jade desperately tried to remove Nashh’s hand from around her neck as she gasped for air. Both her hands scratched and writhed their way behind his fingers and with all her remaining strength she removed his firm grip allowing her to breathe. Nashh would not be stopped however and she knew it, she didn’t have the power to protect herself any longer. She wept quietly as he had his way.


Jade had left after the event that played out in her boss’s office but never returned home to her husband Jacob on the 38th floor, section B. Instead she got out of the elevator on the viewing platform on the 9th floor and after standing there for 3 minutes and 42 seconds climbed over the ledge and jumped. Security cameras captured the incident from several angles. Although she didn’t die instantly she was later pronounced dead at the scene, her injuries to severe.

Remorse was not one of his strong points; it simply wasn’t an emotion he could afford. Outside the hundreds of deaths he had caused in space-combat he had raped, tortured and killed more men, woman and children than he cared to remember.  Why did this death bother him then? Her face appeared in his dreams, sometimes smiling, sometimes bloodied and deformed. 

He had been shown the security camera’s footage and it replayed in his head over and over. He imagined the sound her fall and crash would have made. 

There was a police investigation and a court precession but nobody was charged as it had not been murder or a criminal case. It was just an investigation into her death and to confirm her death was self-inflicted or incidental. Nashh had been called upon to give evidence as he had been the last person to speak to her. The presiding Judge reeled of a set of standard questions to satisfy the grieving friends and family that all had been done to prevent her death and that extra security measures where to be considered for all viewing platforms in the station. 

‘Are you guilty?’ a man stood up in the first row in the public section of the court room. He was tall and had curly hair down to his shoulders. A tear ran down his right cheek as he repeated the question louder.  Judge Quareem silenced the room, explaining this was in no way a criminal investigation and called an end to the proceedings by closing the case.

The case was closed, suicide the verdict. He asked himself; I didn’t kill her but why can’t I fucking sleep, why am I hurting for her loss? Lack of sleep makes one tired; lack of sleep that lasts for days causes anxiety, paranoia and illusions. None of those things where strange to him as he suffered from them on a regular basis, but now they were worse than ever. He imagined her dead body to be under the table as he tried to eat, under his bed as he tried to rest his fatigued body.


Nashh sat in one of the many restaurants of the station, his dinner companion was Anabaric. As always Anabaric had a plate of food in front of him and was eating loudly or spoke with his mouth full. Nashh didn’t respond much or stared vacantly into nothingness. 

A tall curly haired man he vaguely recognised made his way into the restaurant and stopped just shy of their table.

That one second between Jacob Lafisque pulling out the blaster and shouting ‘for Jade!’ seemed to last an age.  Nashh could have slid off his seat, thrown up his hands or maybe even had time to draw his own weapon. He didn’t. The reason, the story behind Jade flashed before him as he simply managed; ‘thank you’ before Jacob pulled the trigger twice.