Sunday 6 September 2009

Ramblings #4 Eve Blog Pack

This is just a quick post to explain what I blog about. I have been accepted into the Eve blog pack this week (thank you CK) and will give a quick run down of what you can expect from following my antics. I have tried to keep my stuff under certain headings to make it easier for myself to keep track of what I am doing and for any readers to see by the title if they want to read the actual post or skip the particular subject I have posted.

Celebrity Death Match
By far this has proven to be my most successful part of blogging so far. I this section I explain my side of the story after challenging Eve celebrities to a duel. Various have already happened and there are lots more coming. Watch this space…

Weekly Updates
At the end of every week I post about what I have been up to in general or what achievements I made.

I have written a four part fiction story and have already posted the first 3 chapters. I intended to post the last chapter on Wednesday but have not been able to do so. Instead I shall post it this coming Wednesday. The story is about Nashh joining the Bastards pirate corp. This never actually happened but as I said this is a fictive story. Flashfresh the Bastard CEO has kindly proof read the story and helped me make it more authentic. I will repost the full story including some artwork in a couple of weeks. A second story is in the making so if you enjoyed the first one keep your eyes peeled for the next...

Mid week rambling’s about stuff I want to get of my chest or simply stuff I cant find a better place for.

Guides or advice from me. This is a tough subject as most guides have been done and redone many times. I add my bit though…

Bio Funnies
Simply copied and pasted quotes from pilot bio’s I have come across in space and laughed out loud at.

Eve Blog Banter
My responses to the famous Eve blog banter. This is a tough one and I haven’t participated to any just yet but I hope to put in a good effort on the next one.

So now you know what to expect from me, I hope you enjoy it! Remember to leave me some comments; good or bad they will only improve what I do!


  1. Congratz on making it into the blog pack.

    Regards, TheElitist

  2. An interesting post. Might want to add that to an "About Page"!