Sunday 20 September 2009

Weekly Update #6

Weekly Update (14th – 20th September)

O my word. Work has ripped me a new one this week. Various members of staff bailed, ill or fake ill or had to be fired. Obviously this meant me picking up the shit and the extra hours. 70 hrs later and I am knackered. I am getting too old for this stuff.

Subsequently this means I got minimal eve time in. I did manage to get 2 CDM post in this week; Spectre and Hallan Turrek. Spectre late on Sunday just after posting my weekly update and Hallan mid week. The result has been disastrous as I lost both. The CDM score now swinging in the celebs favour for the first time again in 12 fights.

A CDM re-match has been agreed (after much fist-shaking) with Mr Kirith Kodachi and shall be done at some point this week. Kirith has claimed a first in the fact we shall be duelling in Destroyers this time around. I haven’t got high hopes as I haven’t flown a destroyer for at least a year but it shall be good fun for sure…

The super secret epic CDM is coming along nicely but I can’t disclose too much just yet. I can however tell you the date of the fight will be 11th October 2009 and as we get closer to the date I shall drop a few more hints…

I had some issues with the comments on my blog and wish to thank Manasi and Kirith for there assistance. I hope to have it working again now on posts made after this. So for anyone that tried to post a comment on CDM 12 & 13 please comment on this post instead.

A short post for me this week but I have bags under my eyes that could contain a weekly food shopping trip. Diafbkvazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….


  1. I thought about it afterwards and there are no missile specialized T1 destryoers. That may put you at a disadvantage and if so, please let me know and we'll go Frigs or Cruisers. I just thought Destoyers would be cool as you hadn't done them before in a CDM.

  2. Only Interdictors fashion missiles / rockets. IMHO I'd love to see a destroyer with rockets :-D

  3. /me sighs...aye. its ok though Kirith. The CDM rules are simple; you chose location, ship and rules. I shall skill for the required modules to fight you... and will give my very best to kill thee! (shakes fist at Kirith!)

  4. Try to get some sleep before combat. It helps.