Tuesday 29 September 2009

EVE Blog Banter #12 I-pod Capsuleer

This is my first attempt to join in the Eve Blog banter created by the great CrazyKinux. I have not attempted to get involved in any previous ones due to time restraints or because the particular subjects had been way over my head.

This one however requests a post on how Eve can be made mobile and since I am an I-pod touch user I figured I should pipe up and let my voice be heard. After all there is the chance to win a billion isk… or maybe a key-ring and mug…or maybe not.

Hell, sign me up anyway…

I wish there was an application for my I-pod that retrieves data through API-keys and the Eve server. It should look slick, handle smoothly and have some really useful tools. I think a catchy Eve related name for the application would be nice, maybe something like…er… ‘Capsuleer’?

What it already exists? But it has some free slots you say for future additions? Mmm… interesting. Please find my additions below;

In this section one will find some of the top blogs in the eve community displayed. Updated automatically when a selected blogger posts a new story. It also has some CCP and Eve news updates.

A nice addition would be the option of leaving comments straight from the I-phone.

Now this is very prominently the most important feature of the application. Any eve pilot will have had that one moment in the middle of the night where they sat upright in bed sweating, having just realised they forgot to add a skill to the skill queue.

Well no more. With this submenu it is easy to keep track of what skills are queued up and when they finish; reducing the chance of a pilot missing out on those precious skilling-hours.

In a future edition of the application there should be a possibility of actually adding to the skill queue via the application itself.

This has a clear overview of loaded pilots current skills and how long learned skills would take if added to the skill queue.

As an addition there is an option to view all skills available in the game to see what skills would be useful to get in the future.

Agent Finder
There is a great website that supplies every possible solution in the agent business. May it be that you are looking for a combat mission agent or a science project manager this application should be able to fulfil exactly what this website offers.

Eve maps
Dotlan could be the base for this part of the application to help in how to find your way around the Eve universe. The maps should indicate each systems security status, who owns what space and what amenities are available in what solar system.

This should sync with the well out of date Eve mail setup available at this stage. Eve mails should come in and should be able to be replied to like any other email server.

It would be nice to be able to keep track of ones science projects.

Part of this menu ought to tell you with what science agents you have how many datacores accrued.

The other part of this should keep track of what science projects are outstanding and of what type; copying, invention etc.

Similar to the Scientist menu this should keep track of outstanding building projects

Secondly it would be cool if Grismar’s building tool would be made available somehow.

Yup I want to know how my outstanding contracts are doing. Have they got a bid on something has someone bought my 400 mil Raven?

Full market details on current market prices for a start. I don’t believe that this part should be too hard to get on a mobile platform with the many sites already available.

Furthermore it would be great to see how my buy and sell orders are doing.

Item Browser
The only reason I keep a second Eve related tool on my I-pod is because Capsuleer doesn’t sport an item browser. Iclone has a pretty good base for the idea but is very messy. However it’s the only mobile item browser and I like to read up on ship details, module info etc. when I am on the bus to work.

Fitting Tool
Need I say more? A big part in eve is how to fit your ship and if your desired fit actually is possible with the skills you have. Bring on mobile EFT!

Test Flight
Test flying your fittings made in the fitting tool in this part of the application should at least give a feel of the ships speed and DPS output. Clearly the graphics won’t be as good as in the game and PVP would probably not be possible but as GalaxyOnFire has proven 3D PVE can look pretty sharp and handle ok on a touch screen device like the I-pod.

Server status
It is always nice to have a general time to keep when making appointments in eve. Since the pilots are from all over the world it is nice that all live by one clock and one time; Eve online time.

The server’s online/offline status is also available just in case it’s not already worked into your natural body clock.

For changing background images, help messages, sound options and sync options.

The must have disclaimer bit until the application gets accepted by CCP as the best available and probably better than anything they could produce themselves.

That’s my two cents anyway. I love the Capsuleer application and can’t wait for it to expand and do even more great things. Maybe Roc Wieler and Pyjama Sam take some of the ideas listed above and pay me a few billion isk in show of appreciation =).