Sunday 27 September 2009

Weekly Update #7

Weekly Update (21st – 27th September)

O my, this week has flown by. I have had some decent eve time this week but have not completed all I intended to do. I blame heavy drinking and too much work.

It appears I have lost a follower…=( . I had from the start of this blog pretty quickly gained 13 followers. Now this does not necessarily matter or bother me, but it is nice to be liked isn’t it?

I get more and more shout-outs related to my blog and in general pilots are very complimentary on what I do. I have had some requests for duels on a non-CDM basis and I sure intend to pick these up. Please read Kirith’s blog on an interesting/very true opinion on this particular subject.

Now yes I write a blog and yes I fly futuristic space ships but my general RL pc skills suck. I have no idea how to keep track if people that actually read this blog and if so how many. Surely there is a way to keep track of this kinda thing?

Now one thing bothers me in myself; if I don’t care about what people think of me and if I do this blog for my own satisfaction…why do I like the shout-outs? Why do I want to know how many people actually read this? Why does it hurt I lost a follower?

I don’t know yet but I do intent to get back to it. If in the meantime anyone could tell me how to keep track of visitors/readers etc please let me know…

Celebrity Death Match;
First off; my apologies to Mr Kirith Kodachi for not having had a chance to meet up for the pending Celebrity Death Re-Match. I intend to catch up with you very soon, this week if at all convenient for you… =)

I did get to squeeze in a CDM with 00sage00 however with a pretty poor result on my end. I had started off pretty well with a convincing victory but lost the immediate rematch and got completely annihilated in the deciding battle. I tip my hat to Mr Sage for his unusual fitting choices and beating me as I had done with some celebs earlier in my CDM career. Please the relevant CDM post for the full story.

Also with this CDM completed I have prepared to publish a second ‘rambling’ post with updated stats. Some of which made certainly made me laugh… or think… and interestingly enough 00sage00 will claim the ‘most words written for a single CDM post’. More to follow soon; as I shall post the statistics after CDM #15. Please don’t forget to send me suggestions or request for stats you would like to see from Celebrity Death Match.

In the helpdesk section I intended to post some more guide related stuff but again most guides have been done over and over again. There is space to give my point of view but this takes time, something I currently do not have. Also some of the subjects I intended to tackle have actually been discussed at length this week by some very good bloggers. And they sure did put up good arguments and suggestion. Breaking out the subject in easily understood bits then discussing it. I think the topics; Cloaking and D-scanner use are somewhat taken care of…

I did however post a helpdesk blog this week; explaining the standard CDM rules.

I had booked this Friday night off work (a first for a long time), well at least I managed an earlier finish. I had done this for the mere chance to fly out with the Bastards on their 2 year Anniversary Faction Roam.

I have indeed applied to join the Bastards full time as I have had a great time flying with them so far and also the pirating side of eve has become extremely attractive to me.

My faction ship choice had become the Worm, hoping secretly the Bastards would delay the roam until after the Dominion update. But either way I was happy just to be there. I owned a Worm about a year ago and paid 40 million isk for it. Scouting the market these days you will rarely find one for less than 100 million. It’s an expensive start to the night for sure but I did manage to pick up a ‘bargain’ Worm for 100 million already rigged.

It was speed rigged, not my prime choice and it did force me to fit the little devil as a nano tackler. I didn’t mind I just wanted to come along, and I did not expect to bring it back in one piece after the roam.

Flashfresh the Bastard CEO fc’d the 6 hours I spent online with a mixed fleet. We started of in Evati with 19 pilots, some Bastards, some potential recruits but all in faction ships. Some of the ships; Caracal Navy Issues, Firetails, a Worm (mine), and a beautiful Gallente Navy Vexor…

Action was sparce but the fleet had been good fun to be with. We go a few kills ourselves, lost a few pilots here and there… Including myself…

An annoying Ishtar and his Sleipner friend took a good 40 minutes out of our scheduled roam and in a sheer attempt to impress my prospective colleagues I went in for a hero-tackle… I can merely quote Flash and say; MWD + straight line = death.

So I lost the worm, hey ho. I started purchasing a Kestrel and fittings in the area we where in but with supply low in that sector I ended up just flying back to Evati to pick up a ship. On arrival in Evati I chose a Crow instead to make sure I could catch up with the fleet a little quicker…

On arrival back with the fleet I managed to get involved with some more tackles and kills, finally dropping Nashh’s sec status to negative. The night ended with the remainder of the fleet being camped in for some time but with some careful planning Flashfresh got us back home safely.

I missed out on the opportunity to fly home z0de’s Navy Vexor but with one recently purchased myself is shall enjoy that Demon soon enough.

Watch this space…


  1. for followers you have a few options.
    1) if you look at google through their rss redaer you can look at details and see how many followers you have.
    2) I use several stats packages through Wordpress
    3) Perhaps blogspot has one you coudl use...Maybe CK could tell you what one he uses.

    Good luck and I hope you get in with the bastards.


  2. Google Analytics all the way, man. It's free, and super easy install. This looks like a decent writeup for blogger:

    Only thing is, it won't track the people that only read your posts via your RSS feed in the blog pack (like if they're reading it in Google Reader... analytics won't know that). The only way to track RSS data, that I know of, is through a service called feedburner... but it'll change your RSS address to something new entirely, which might be a paint to bring back in the blog pack.

    I'd just do analytics, and round your daily numbers up another hundred or so to account for the feed readers. ;)

  3. HI kashh, I am your lost sheep (follower). I didn't really leave, I use the iPhone app capsuleer so when you were added to the blog pack I started reading you there! Still reading, just not shown as a follower anymore here. No need to have your blog twice.

    So you didn't lose one, I just follow you differantly, as do all the other iPhone users out there that now get your blog in the pack!

    Keep up the good blog sir.

  4. Hi Nashh, I figured I had better sign up instead of lurking. Lucky number 13. Keep up the good work - looking forward to the next CDM report.

  5. Don't know if I'm a follower, but I read EvE blogs prolifically and have enjoyed every post of yours. Keep up the good work.

  6. Feedburner is the way to go for tracking your readers