Sunday 6 September 2009

Weekly Update #4

Weekly Update #4 (31st August – 6th September)

I haven’t been on Eve as much as I wanted but still a busy week yet again. On the 1st of September the new bloggers for the blog pack were due to be selected and to my elation I found the following comment underneath CDM #11;

CrazyKinux said...
Welcome to the EVE Blog Pack. Look for a post about it soon.

O yeah! That’s right! Find me on an i-pod near you soon! I am so chuffed and hope to do my bit for the blogging community.

Celebrity Death Match;
Finally I got to meet the one and only Flashfresh. The duel I have been looking forward to for some time; cruiser with comedy fit. I am proud to say I have won the fight but even more proud to say I have joined the Bastards for some fun a little later in the week.

Unfortunately Chribba and Hallan Turrek have both declined to participate in a CDM. Chribba explained that even if he would agree to fight he would lose on purpose. A shame but I understand the man has a clean reputation to uphold. Hallan, like a true celebrity, declined as he is too busy. Unfortunate but I hope he finds time at some point in the future.

I have agreed however to fight Spectre in a cruiser duel in the upcoming week. I fear with my CDM Cruiser record I am to lose but fingers crossed. RoninData has also agreed to fight but the details are to be discussed. I am hoping for another fun Bastards expierence and will keep you up to date as soon as I hear from him.

A reader who has kindly left encouraging comments on my blogspot challenged me to a duel this week. I gladly accepted the challenge from Squizz. I have decided to write my next fiction story about our encounter and hope to post it before too long. I can however let you know the skilled pilot defeated me in a frigate duel and also in a rookie-lol-fit fight just after.

Pirating and stuff;
Nashh is skilling hard for Battlecruisers so I can join in on the gate and station action but I had some fun with Lau this week;

I joined the Bastards after my fight with Flashfresh on Tuesday and had a great however unsuccessful time. I did also get an invite to join them again.

Wednesday I got involved in a little scrap outside the Bastard base and assisted in the destruction of a Drake. Only to have my kestrel blasted out of space by a small blob.

Friday I made a 32 jump round trip to pick up one of my Drakes and dropped it off in Evati. I had a brief chat with legendary pirate RoninData and we agreed to do a CDM at some point soon. He gave me a warm welcome back into Evati and subsequently destroyed my Battlecruiser with his wingman Jarit. No hard feelings though; all is fair in love and pirating. Flashfresh picked up the killmail and eve mailed me not long after explaining he has set me to blue to avoid future incidents. YAY! I am blue to the Bastards.

I had just finished a 15 hour shift on Saturday and logged on briefly to update my skill queue. A frigate roam was about to set off according to the Bastard channel. O noes, I thought, its 3 am, I really should go to bed… of course I didn’t…

Mynxee was also in the fleet and before I knew it we roamed through low and nul sec. Nothing but some annoyances for the first hour and unfortunately the fleet started to decrease in size. Some pilots logged, Mynxee got shot and podded. The killers paraded her famous corpse which was worth a chuckle. She rejoined the fleet not long after.

The fleet was cool calm and collected throughout. No shouting and downed pilots didn’t scream but accepted their fate and picked themselves up after. A very good experience yet again and topped of with a few kills in the end. With the remaining 6 frigates we destroyed a mining (AFK) Rokh Battleship. A pod ransom was tried but after no response the inevitable happened and that got destroyed too.

A few jumps later we managed to get a Caracal kill but lost another frigate in the ensuing battle. I had to park up in a local station and log as 6 am is definitely past my bedtime… It was worth the argument with the missus.

Cant wait for next week…

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  1. Congrats on your 1v1 with Flash, although I have to be honest and say I was supporting him. Glad you're not miffed about the Drake, as you say "all is fair...". I was watching, but didn't get involved as I thought it might have been a 1v1 ;-) By the time I was told it wasn't, docked and changed ships it was all over except the shouting.

  2. Awesome ... welcome to the Pack. I LOVE the CDM writeups and very much enjoy flying WITH you as well as AGAINST you :)

  3. Glad to see you're that excited! :D

  4. Wanted to give you a little update. Our duel has inspired me to create one of my own within the alliance. Right now we have a frigate tournament happening, and I've scheduled a frigate free for all next week.

    Current Frigate tournament results: