Wednesday 23 September 2009

Helpdesk #2 The 10 CDM rules

The 10 Celebrity Death Match rules;

1; Fights are for a kill-mail; to the death; until a ship is destroyed.
2; No warping off. Warping off would be considered a dishonourably loss.
3; No podding.
4; Celebrity chooses fight location.
5; Celebrity chooses ship type.
6; Celebrity chooses fitting restrictions (i.e. no ECM, no ECM drones)
7; Celebrity chooses fitting must haves (i.e. must fit point, must fit BS sized gun)
8; Celebrity may warp in at any distance; if I warp in I warp in between 0k and 20k.
9; No distance greater than 50k should be taken from each-other unless previously agreed otherwise.
10; No podding.

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