Tuesday 1 September 2009

Ramblings #3 Statistics

After the first ten Celebrity Death Matches I saw it fit to post some statistics;

Celebs fought; 9
CDM fights; 14
Score; Celebs 7- Me 7
Ships lost in process; 9
Isk lost in process; 590 million isk
Jumps made for CDM; 799
Longest wait for a celeb; 15 hours
CDM Sec Status drop; -5.1
Comments on CDM blogs; 26
Celebs that posted a blog after winning; 6
Celebs that posted a blog after losing; 2
Frigate CDM fights; 7
Frigates destroyed; 4 (3 x Rifter, 1 x Punisher)
Frigates lost; 3 (3 x Kestrel)
Cruiser CDM Fights; 4
Cruisers destroyed; 1 (1 x Rupture)
Cruisers lost; 3 (3 x Caracal)
Battlecruiser CDM fights; 3
Battlecruisers lost; 1 (1 x Drake)
Battlecruisers destroyed; 2 (1 x Myrmidon, 1 x Hurricane)

If there is any other stats you would like to see please leave a comment and I will post new stats after CDM 15.


  1. Nice stats :)

    While I'm no celebrity, I'd love to do a frigate duel with you. What do you say?

    Squizz Caphinator

  2. Oh, I should add that if you lose, it won't count against your CDM losses either! :)

    But if you win, then maybe you can count it hehe

  3. Sure Squiz no worries. I am currently in Evati. Just give me a shout when you are online!

  4. Nash..good stats bro, as I said before breaking even is a good thing with such a diverse field to fly against.

    While I do not have a ton of $, 500M is a bit to lose and I'd be happy to give you some money should you need it :)

  5. Thank Manasi, I appreciate the offer. I am ok however. The isk lost sofar is only partly true as most ships and mudules I have build myself. It represents the Jita sales value of what I 'lost'.

  6. So...now that I'm the only Ninja Salvager in the Blogging Elite...when do I get my match?

    Though I'm crazy...because my skills suck and I'll lose horribly :)