Sunday 30 August 2009

Weekly Update #3

Weekly update #3 (24th August – 30th August)

This week has been tough as some of my assistants at work are off on holiday and I had to pick up the extra hours. In fact this update is written at work. Don’t tell my boss.

Celebrity Death Matches;
This week saw my lead in the Celebrity Death Match score tumble even further with a loss to fellow Blogger Manasi. The score now almost even with the celebrities trailing with 6 wins versus my 7. Kudos to Manasi who out-performed me in every way and has been a real pleasure to meet.

I fear that Kane Rizzel has blocked me and is not responding to my emails. It’s a shame as I had already parked up a Battlecruiser in his home system in preparation of our agreed fight.

There are some more in the pipe line but the very next fight will be with legendary Pirate CEO Flashfresh from the Bastards. This should be an interesting fight as we have agreed to fly a ‘comedy fit’; T1 Cruiser hulls with a Battleship sized gun. Yeah, you read that right. Break out EFT or similar tools and give it a try. Keep in mind that normally I only fly Caldari. The fight will be this coming Tuesday at 21:00 Eve time at an undisclosed location. Please see Flashfleshs’ blog for some details too and feel free to leave comments or suggestions on the fits. I have already prepared a ship but can’t discuss this until we are both undocked and ready for battle, so watch this space…

I have posted Chapter 3 of my fiction story ‘you win some, you learn some’. Some responses in game have been positive however some have been to correct me on Eve universe laws of physics. All comments are appreciated as they can only drive me to write more and better.

Flashfresh has been very kind to read over the story and will advise me on some of the Bastard lingo and help me make the story more matter-of-fact. I intent to post the last Chapter on Wednesday this week as I originally intended but will re-release the amended story in a month or two with all the drawings I missed out.

In other news;
The dark side has been calling me more and more and on Monday evening I flipped my first ever can. Why? To be honest the only reason I did it is to have some fun and pick a fight. It worked and I had a gang of 3 newer players in frigates attack me with a more skilled pilot in a battleship. I had a laugh and talked briefly with the Battleship pilot after I popped one of the frigates. No hard feelings I hope.

As all 4 attackers left the system I spotted in local something that I had heard about but not seen before. A corp called Pew Pew had entered the system with 7 pilots named; Banana Alpha, Banana Beta, Banana Charlie… you get the idea.

I decided to investigate and finally found an Orca with 7 retrievers in a belt. I flew around for a bit until the Orca pilot convo’d me and asked if I wanted to fight his main in Battleships. Do I? you bet!

I undocked my favourite Raven and jetted off 2 systems away. There was a possibility it was a trap however I was willing to take the risk. I am confident my Raven fit is one of the best and Torpedo damage is assisted with the implants I carry. On damage out-put there will not be many Battleships that better my 1243 DPS.

We met and danced only briefly; his Blaster fit Megathron made short work of my beloved Raven and destroyed it with more than half his armour still intact. I quickly escaped in my pod feeling disappointed in the result. I offered him a GF and took a prolonged lunch break.

I had been wondering not so much how he had beaten me but how he ran 8 accounts. So I decided to have a chat with him;

Jensius Duo > lo :)
Me > 0/
Me > complements on the kill
Me > had a question for you
Jensius Duo > hehe, thanks for bringing it :)
Me > lol
Me > how do you mine with 7 accounts?
Jensius Duo > lol, i run the 7 clients on one pc
Me > jebus
Jensius Duo > on a 1680x1050 20" screen
Me > must be slow?
Jensius Duo > every client is 1024x768
Me > is it worth it?
Jensius Duo > not too bad actually. Got a core 2 quad Q6600, nvidia 285 gtx and 4gb of ram
Jensius Duo > no clue
Jensius Duo > but i kinda got the 6 accounts for free anyway
Me > ?!
Jensius Duo > well EVE had this buddy program, if you invite someone, they get a 21-day extended trial
Jensius Duo > then if they activate, you get +30 days gametime as well
Me > i see
Jensius Duo > now, there was this steam action, where you could active your trial (+30 days) for 5 euro's
Me > aha
Jensius Duo > seeing as i had 2 accounts, i got +90 days on both accounts + 6 51-day accounts, for 30 euro's
Me > feck
Jensius Duo > even normal gtc's for the 90 days would be more expensive
Jensius Duo > :p
Me > nice one, how do you keep track of 9 clients running though?
Jensius Duo > oh, the mining barges only need checking back to every 5 minutes or so
Jensius Duo > so i just quickly go through 'em all every 5 minutes, while doing other stuff :)
Me > very impressive. good on you.

Interesting I thought and went on with my day.

Just to finish;
My career as a Pirate has finally started! Nashh Kadavr has been accepted into The Black Rabbits Academy! I still need to find some time to bring some ships in for him and after one op it has become clear I need something sturdy to deal with gate guns. I wonder if an Ishtar can…

Also on September the 1st new bloggers will have been selected to join the Blog Pack! I have put myself forward and hope I am one of the lucky few. Fingers crossed.

Cant wait for next week!

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  1. Not blocked mate, I'm just indisposed at present.

    We'll still have our duel, my RL™ commitments come first however and once my work schedule eases sufficiently for me to start PvPing again I'll send you a mail.

  2. Ofcourse, apoligies, no offence meant. ;-)

  3. Well met indeed good Dane! :) I hope all of your matches go better for you, although I must admit PvP in a rave or any Caldari boat for that matter is looked upon some with derision. I can only offer a congradulatory 'good fight' and wish you the best in the future.

    Gratz on the black Rabbits! While I am not very familiar with them, they ahve been around a while IIRC and should be a fun place.