Tuesday 18 August 2009

Helpdesk #1 Pre-arranged fight fittings

Pre-arranged fight fittings

After my scrap with Hellcats legend Venom Orchid and Mon Palae the Bastard I felt the need to explain my fitting choice. After reading some of the comments on the Bastard killboard especially I need to stress that the ships I lost to the Bastard that day are not the setups I would go for any other day. The ships masterfully dismantled by Mon Palae where the prototypes for my 1 vs 1 fight with Venom Orchid.

In any normal pvp situation any pilot would take into consideration warp scramblers or disrupters. In a pre-arranged fight however the rules are different; no pod kills, no warping off. Now this immediately means two things; you have a spare mid-slot and possibly two if your fit would normally comprise of a sensor booster.

Propulsion assist modules are still preferable as you can use this to get to your optimal or stay out of your opponents’ optimal range.

Fitting a ship becomes more difficult if you decide to replace the warp disrupter with anything other than shields or shield assist modules. Clearly you would look to get the best out of the module you slap on and may compromise the rest of your fitting. There is even the possibility the more common fit completely changes to be a bespoke fit depending on whom you are fighting and what you expect them to fly.

Then there is the added problem of only flying T1 hulls. So there are no natural bonuses to the ships other than some racial speed or damage.

As you can see the fitting for a pre arranged fight may require some thinking out of the box and is the reason for my stupendous setup.


  1. I've always considered not fitting a point in a duel to be cheating. Just a note.

  2. Thanks for the comment Hallan. As stated I dont feel comfertable with my victory. I Shall not fly the ECM Kestrel again with its current setup and agree a point should be mandatory on frigates.

  3. Aye, I've had 1v1s with people who had no point and used ECM - it becomes a really unfair fight, especially when they fit racial jammers against your ship type (essentially ANY ship can permajam another if you use full racials).

  4. In my opinion I would have probably still brought my usual setups because they have the web, scram (to shut of MWD's) and speed.

    Just my preference.

  5. Sounds like the best answer is to add "no ECM" to the agreed upon terms for 1v1. That way everybody is aware and nobody's feelings are hurt either way.