Sunday 16 August 2009

Weekly Update #1

Weekly Update #1 (10th August-16th August)

Well well, it has been a good week for me. I have been off on holiday and thus had plenty of time on Eve and side projects.

The first biggy is of course this blog. I have intended to start writing and drawing again a little while ago, getting out the creative side of me and all that jazz. It just hasn’t materialised until this week. There are still some things I want to change and add but that will come. My first 3 Celebrity Death Matches have been posted and back dated and CrazyKinux has kindly posted a reference in his last blog. I am gonna keep pestering him to add me to the blog pack as that is my goal but until then I will keep blogging away.

Also a quick note to thank Mynxee, Venomorchid, Shae Tiann, CrazyKinux and Kirith for adding themselves as followers of this blog. I am truly honoured.

I have also posted the first of four chapters of a fiction story I wrote last month. So far no comments but; no news is sometimes good news. I have finished the complete story but am unsure if I should post all of them straight away or spread it over the next two weeks or so. They are incomplete in my mind too as I intended to include some drawings but I haven’t got around to that yet. I had also intended to have someone proof read them as well before I posted them but I can’t find any volunteers. Instead I am using the freedom of speech act and just doing it. I hope not to offend anyone as I have included various characters out of Eve but if I do offend anyone I can only apologize and refer to the freedom of speech thingy again. Also I need to stress the fact that it is a fictive story. None of the events actually happened and all of it is lies. Apart from the stuff about Mynxee :-)

Today particularly has been busy as I am managed to squeeze in 2 Celebrity Death Matches; my favourite blogger Kirith Kodachi and the infamous Colonel (and top of the wish list) Mr Roc Wieler.

Finally a quick thank you to Caldarla of WWC for helping me get setup.

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