Thursday 20 August 2009

Fiction #1 "You win some, you learn some" Chapter 2/4; ‘Mynxee’

Chapter 2/4; ‘Mynxee’

’Guys! Guys! Please! Take a moment and say a warm welcome to our newest member, ladies and bastards, this is Nashh, Nashh this lot here are the Bastards’. Some of the rowdy bunch at the bar raised their drink or nodded. ‘What's your poison Nashh?’ Flashfresh continued. ‘Rum and Quafe please boss’, Nashh replied trying to sound cool and remain calm.

There she was. The many books he read and newspaper articles didn't do her justice. She was even more beautiful in the flesh. Mynxee, how he had longed to meet her. She was taller then he expected, her black knee high boots accentuating her height. She wore a short, skin tight black dress, adorned with a wide belt, holding a blaster bigger than his. With finger nails painted black, her hands never strayed far from her hip. A sharp jaw line and hard features did not distract from her feminine beauty. A body toned and hard like it had been sculpted out of Tritanium by the most skilled artist. Her breasts...

'Nashh!' it was Flashfresh holding out a mug. 'Huh.. Yes, what?' Nashh responded looking dreamily. 'Ah yes, she is hot stuff hey..' Flashflesh said following Nashhs gaze. 'Forget it though, she's with the big man over there' he continued, pointing at a tall muscled figure at the end of the bar. 'Not someone to mess with'. The tall man sported a black leather jacket with the words ‘The Colonel’ in white paint.

It was obvious, apart from his immediate affection for her; she was the focal point of the bar. Everyone looked at her, talked to her or wanted to talk to her.

'Doez anyone fancy a roamz?' Happy San said, very obviously too drunk to ride a tricycle. 'Sure' the general response came from the group. 'What did you have in mind Happy?' Mynxee spoke. When she did people fell silent and watched her. Her voice was clear, seductive and sexy without meaning to, but her voice also exuded confidence and venomous danger. 'Frig zuicide gank' Happy San managed, for 'shitz and gigglez'. 'Hell, why not' Mynxee said, 'I am bored' she proceeded as she stepped away from the bar. 'What about you, new boy?' Mynxee looked directly at Nashh. 'Who? Me?' he nearly choked on his drink. 'I...'. 'No he wont' Shae Tiann interrupted. Shae walked up to Nashh and lifted his right arm, turning the wrist up. 'No clone tattoo, this is still his original body!'. There were some chuckles from the pirates that had now started to pay attention. 'Aww, you never had your egg broken?' Mynxee said, 'how sweet', slowly stepping in his direction. Nashh cleared his throat, looking at the two beautiful vixens in front of him. 'I don't mind' he stuttered, 'can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs'. The air tensed, nobody laughed. Mynxee was now close enough for him to feel her breath. His heart started to beat faster and blood rushed to his cheeks. She put her hand to his face, fast enough to make it sound like a slap. He didn't flinch. Her thumb briefly touched the scar on his face, she smiled. She likes it. Her hand gently moved down to his neck where it stopped, and squeezed together. She leaned in closer and whispered 'just don't get in my way pretty boy and you'll be fine'.

Speed fit Frigates and Interceptors scream from the undock point faster than torpedoes...

'A Drake has been spotted in an asteroid belts 2 jumps from here Flash' Fishbrain said over the fleet radio channel, 'however it is clearly bait'. Mynxee cut in and reminded the fleet commander; 'so what? That's what we are out for'. 'Roger that Mynx' Flashflesh responded, 'fleet, set destination Auga'. Some "yar's" and "woots" later and one jump from their destination the frigate fleet held and waited for stragglers. 'Jump you crazy bastards' Flashfresh instructed, ‘warp to the top belt on arrival!’.

As the rowdy pirates came through and one by one de-cloaked in Auga, the lone Drake had not moved from where it had been spotted a few minutes ago. The pirates swarmed to the Battlecruiser like a cloud of angry bees. Missiles and projectile ammo started hurtling towards their target.

As expected it was a trap. However nobody had expected the size of the enemy fleet that jumped on them from the vast black emptiness. Countless Rapiers, Muninns and Ishtars; a frigate pilots worst nightmare decended upon them…

'Get back to the gate!' Flashfresh commanded his fleet. Too late, it was sink or swim. 'Crap, I hate being primary' Shae said calmly in the fleet channel, 'see you at the bar'. Her ships hull expanded and ripped apart like wet tissue, revealing the pod briefly before also that got disposed of. ‘Hull breach hull breach! Beer spilled!’ Happy San yelled manically, followed by laughter then static. Carnage ensued, frigate wrecks and drones strewn across the span of the gate, pods being popped or barely making it out.

Nashhs head up display lit up yellow and his warp drive shuddered to a halt. He wasn't going anywhere. He didn't speak. Within seconds his systems indicated incoming fire. This was it. Shields and armour vanished around him, his ship buckling as mixed ammo and lasers from various ships now took away his hull. The moment he had waited for. The pod automatically ejected as the frigate collapsed behind him. Pod Systems flickered back on and he watched multiple ships light up bright red. 'Yes, I am ready', he spoke to himself not even attempting to warp off. Stretching out both hands and touching the side of his fragile pod, white light engulfed him.


  1. That was a good read, and very much true to form with the actual reality of some of our roams hee hee! BTW, the Colonel may seem tall to some, but I'm several inches taller! That's right...he HAS to look up to me. *grins*

  2. HAha lol! brilliant. Thanks for the comment Mynxee. ;-)

  3. Oh hot damn, I don't think that joke was appropriate in that situation :D

    Anywho, great fiction piece, really had the good details I wanted to read and the atmosphere portrayed in it was wonderful!