Wednesday 26 August 2009

Fiction #1 "You win some, you learn some" Chapter 3/4; ‘Kourmonen Clone Facilities’

Chapter 3/4; ‘Kourmonen Clone Facilities’

Nashh opened his eyes. Blurred light bled into his retina. His movement was slowed by bio fluid. Ah yes, I died, he thought. Gentle humming surrounded him. The glass lid of the clone vat opened as the liquid drained. He could breathe again. Nashh slowly tried to step out unsure what to expect, unsure if his new unused legs would carry him.

'Hi, I am Arthur', Arthur Enpiesea said. 'I am the vat controller at this Kourmonen station'. A short slender man from Achura background stuck out his hand to help Nashh out. 'First time I see' Arthur noted scanning the small barcode on the inside of Nashhs right wrist. 'Yeah' Nashh replied slightly dazed and rubbing his head. Hair! 'Why have I got hair? and I still have my tattoos?'. 'Your clone must have been updated when you looked like this' Arthur explained. 'Would you like to purchase an updated clone while you are here?'. 'Sure, I suppose' Nashh said, trying to remember the day he installed this clone.

It must have been a year at least, guessing from the Mohawk he sported last summer. Arthur proceeded with taking a blood sample and scanned Nashhs body. 'I also sell and install implants, depending on availability; I see your records show you have lost some'. 'I won't at the moment I think, I expect to be back here before too long'. 'I wouldn't mind some clothes though' Nashh said now aware he had been naked in front of the Achura scientist for some time. 'Of course' Arthur started, 'the washing and changing facilities are at the end of the hall'. 'If you haven't stored any clothes in your locker, there are some medical pants available, one size fits all' Arthur smiled.

The faint whizzing noise from another vat opening came from right beside him. It was her! Her cloned body as perfect as the other, stirred then burst out. 'Aargch!' she screamed, 'assholes!'. Both men fell silent and took a step back. She took a moment to catch her breath then looked at the scientist and Nashh. 'O, hi Arthur' she spoke calmly as she straightened herself. 'Hi Miss Mynxee, good to see you back' Arthur started, 'had a little accident?'. 'Just fun and games' Mynxee said her eyes now resting on Nashh.

'Close your mouth boy' she said teasingly, 'never seen a naked woman before?'. 'Well I ...' he couldn't finish his sentence. He was suddenly aware she had started to look him up and down slowly, she smiled. She likes it. 'How is your first egg-breaking experience so far' she asked. 'You win some, you learn some' Nashh managed, sweat forming on his brow. She smiled. 'Update me please Arthur, I have to go'. Arthur took the required blood sample and scan.

'See you around pretty boy' Mynxee said. She stood on her toes, balancing herself with her hands on his shoulders and kissed him on the cheek. As she turned and started walking she jokingly shouted 'nice hair-cut!' and grinned.

The two men didn't speak for what felt like an eternity.'Friend of yours?' Arthur broke the silence. 'I suppose' Nashh had gone red in the cheeks again. 'Clones may be sterile but the mechanics still work' Arthur said clearing his throat. 'I see' Nashh said trying to cover his modesty. 'I'd best get changed, thanks for your help Arthur'. 'No problem, anytime, and time again...'

He had lost his implants, his favourite belt and his dads watch. None of it mattered to him. All he wanted was to see her again. And some clothes.

On arrival in one of the many drinking venues of the giant space-station Nashh made his way to the bar. A slim, young lady with full Brutor facial tattoos nodded at him. ‘Do we know each other?’ Nashh muttered whilst signalling over the bar tender. ‘You are not that lucky yet’ Venom Orchid snapped back. ‘Rum & Quafe’ Nashh instructed the bartender. As he looked sideways at the girl he added; ‘and whatever she’s having’. ‘Make mine a double’ Venom smiled at the bartender. It was only then that Nashh noticed the Hellcats buckle the vixen wore on her belt. ‘Are you here with Mynxee?’ Nashh stuttered. ‘No, she has already left’ Venom lifted up her mug and winked at him before emptying it in one go. ‘Working on a secret project’ she continued, ‘nothing for you to worry about’. She stepped away from the bar and tied her shoulder length dreadlocks behind her head. ‘We’ll be back in a few weeks young pirate’ Venom Orchid smiled and patted Nashh on the shoulder. Without any more words exchanged the female buccaneer picked up the bag by her feet, turned and walked out. 'Rum & Quafe please tender' Nashh called over the bartender.

'Rum & Quafe please tender'. 'Another?' the bartender asked Nashh somewhat concerned. 'I have paid for the previous drinks have I not?'. 'Well, yes sir, and I may say you have tipped generously' the tender leaned in 'I merely say it for your concern'. 'It’s the Quafe you see' he continued now whispering. 'It can send one loopy' the tender said putting a finger to his head and twirling it. 'Just the rum then I suppose' Nashh replied as the bar steward straightened up. 'Coming right up sir, would you like to make it a triple for only double the price?'

Some triples for only double the price later and Nashh lay slumped over the bar. Conversations had ranged from love to music. On love the bartender had only been able to advise him to seek her out and to tell her how he felt. The music conversation was even shorter. Nashh had requested for the music to be turned down, to which the tender could only reply 'what music?'.

It was very obviously time for Nashh to retire to his temporary quarters at the Kourmonen space station. Not knowing where she had gone and no way of knowing when he would see her again he retired to his room to contemplate his next move.

The few floors to the sleeping quarters seemed to take forever, hallways appeared stretched to infinity, lights blurred. The forever journey had given him time to think of the one place he could see her. By the time he reached his room and got inside, he knew the clone facilities are off limits and heavily guarded.

But there was another way. Sitting on the edge of his bunk, he unclipped the safety latch holding his blaster in its holster and without a second thought he put the hand cannon to his temple...


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