Wednesday 19 August 2009

Ramblings #1 Mynxee Art

This section of my blog will be about stuff I cant place anywhere else. I have just finished work and whilst not doing what I should be doing I drew the following picture with a biro pen. It will eventually be included in my fiction story 'You win some, you learn some'. this particular image is Mynxee in the clone facilities in chapter 3. The image title will be; 'never seen a naked woman before?'

I hope you like it. and sorry Mynxee I didn't ask for permission to write/draw about you. I ensure you its nothing sinister.


  1. moar boobs!! Nice Nash, very nice.

  2. Thank you Venom. I am looking forward to our rematch, made more interesting with the little wager... ;-)

  3. LOL I want to see this more "complete", and by "complete" I mean what Venom said.

    Also, if you have not figured it out by now, but I have a tendency to reply late to comments because I let my starred folder hit to 100 articles and then take 2 hours in my weekend to post some comments and thoughts.