Friday 14 August 2009

Celebrity Death Match #3 Mynxee

Mynxee - Infamous Hellcats CEO (19th July 2009)

During a fruitless 2 hour roam with some militia pilots I noticed her name. Lit up in bright green, her picture stared at me, then vanished. I hear the fleet commander mumbling in the background warp so and so… but I was no longer listening. The fleet around me split up and warped in different directions whilst I debated what to say to her. A minute passed before I realised I was alone hanging in enemy held space and decided to drop from fleet and park up my Raven Battleship.

‘Hello Mynxee’ I said after she had answered my communications request. ‘Hi how are you?’ she replied. I felt strangely comfortable, strange as I hold the legendary Mynxee in high regard; clearly a very skilled pilot and doing great work for the Eve community through her blogs, I could be a fan. No nerves this time though as I asked the question I convo’d her for; a fight. She accepted straight away by asking what ship type I would like to fly, I explained that I prefer to fly larger ships but am aware she most likely flies the smaller faster ships. Mynxee was willing to fight in Battlecruisers but her suitable ships were too far out to safely bring through the space now full of roaming militia fleets. Neither was I interested to make the same journey the other direction as activity in the area was bustling and I probably wouldn’t make it the full 17 jumps. Mynxee offered to clone jump herself to my direction if we could tussle it out in Cruisers, a most generous offer from her, to waste the 24 hour wait before she would be able to use the clone jump facilities again, so I gladly accepted.

She remembered my name from a kill mail registered by her Hellcats associate Shae Tiann. ‘Yeah’ I grinned ‘that was a good fight’. Knowing she had seen the kill mail and thus my fitting, I expected she would think I would fly the same or similar setup, therefore making the decision to fit Capacitor Neutralisers or comparable devices to her Stabber. This was the reason for me to break out my fitting tool to come up with an alternative setup, a passive one. I explained to Mynxee I required a little time to gather the modules for my Caracal but our communications channel stayed quiet. As quick as I could muster I continued setting up the ship I thought would give me a chance of winning, including rigs that my business partner had built for me.

An annoyed Mynxee returned in the communications channel explaining she had been caught at a gate and the blob that took her ship also took her pod. ‘O’ I muttered, thinking the fight would not happen now, ‘are you ok?’, ‘yeah’ she replied ‘it’s not an issue I had a clone stored nearby’. (For anyone lucky enough to ever kill Mynxee remember her corpse sells for around 100 million isk in Jita). As Mynxee had no other ships but her Wolf in the area we both agreed to continue the fight with the ships we had strapped ourselves into.

By now I had my ship fitted, rigged and ready to roll, naming it ‘The Mynxee Killer’ for good luck. To my annoyance I did not have any T2 ammo for my launchers and had to make do with faction ammo, I didn’t want to keep her waiting any longer so I set off and made the 4 jumps to the agreed system. On my way there she invited me to join the Hellcats Ventrillo channel, I gladly accepted and did so immediately…

She spoke softly, clear and strangely soothing. Until now I had not understood the big deal other pilots had made about Mynxee’s voice. Yes she does sound seductive and sexy without meaning to, but her voice also exudes confidence and venomous danger. Imagine Kaa the snake in a space ship with lots of guns.

Shaking my head to clear it, I stayed the course and upon arrival in Amamake we formed up a fleet. Unfortunately I had to close voice communications as I had by now received visitors in real life and I did not expect them to appreciate a conversation about space ships. I still had one ear for my headset and hoped secretly she wouldn’t stop speaking.

‘Ready?’ she asked, ‘yes, warping to you now’ I replied. There she was, the infamous Mynxee on my head up display, waiting… As my engines slowed from the warp, I prepared myself… ‘Target locked’ my systems confirmed to me just after I had activated my launchers. My 2 tiny drones left their bay and zoomed straight to the Wolf already making good speed in my direction. Missiles leaving the T2 launchers at great speed crashed into her Attack Frigate. Steadily they started eating away at her shield and then halfway through her armour when I feel blood rushing to my head… I desperately try to hold my excitement as I begin to think I have the upper hand… her armour disappears and hull begins to show when my shields finally give in, her hull begins to crumble but my armour is non existent as her overheating autocannons cut through me, like a hot laser through butter… with a large vicious explosion my Caracal erupts into smoke and fragments…

Damn! So close! ‘12% hull remaining’ she confirms to me. I sigh and warp to the closest station. We talked briefly about overheating, a skill I have not trained, but she assures me that that was the deciding factor in this fight. I make a mental note to buy the book as soon as possible and study it well.

It was a very enjoyable scrap, however expensive the loss. The rush I got from the entire experience is what makes me fly pixelated space ships in the first place. I clearly would have felt even better if I’d won but perhaps this opportunity comes along again sometime…

Mynxee left me to get back to work as she was scheduled to be a banker for EOH poker. Another brilliant EVE side game I have been spending too much isk on since she has got me addicted to it… damn you Mynxee!

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  1. Great post, I love reading about fights from the other pilot's perspective! We'll have to do another sometime soon. :) Your comments about my voice made me laugh.

  2. What? You working your way through the celeb EVE list or what?

    Almost got her!

  3. I am trying to venom; Flashfresh, Kirith and Kane Rizzel fights are coming up soon...

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