Sunday 22 August 2010

Pirates Ahoy #6 Summer Dullness has bright sparks...

Summer dullness...

Summertime is always quiet in our Universe. Perhaps not so much an issue running missions or mining, however for Pirates specifically a real drag… I have to lower myself to shoot noob-ships tinkering on their PI setups or cyno-ships unable to return anything but a helpless look. All that just to sleep better at night after seeing that pretty blue flash…

Targets are far and few between but there are moments of glory still to be found. There are even, in these quiet times, pilots that, perhaps due to many pirates being off too, grow lazy and fat.

One unsuspecting Hurricane pilot had his egg ejected into the cold vacuum of space after my Ishkur stripped his rusty hull from around him. A ransom had been offered, with him however just shooting the last of a wave of rats and with 20 new ones spawning, time was not on his side. I was left no choice but to continue firing and take what was now rightfully mine.

Not long after a second Battlecruiser appeared on the D-scanner. After finding his initial location and purposefully warping to it, I found nothing as I entered his mission. My call for help in the Bastard comms channel got swiftly answered by our new brother in arms TFS Tibbs or Tibbsy as he has been renamed. With the Drake’s new location locked in the trusty Ishkur set of to gain point, whilst Tibbsy held one jump out. I was sure to get a point on this chap but had my doubts I could break his tank, hence my call for help, and the Tibbster is one hell of a pilot. With his help the kill was assured as much.

The Drake pilot had manoeuvred himself a solid 50 clicks from my warp-in but with the large cloud of rats he must have missed my entrance onto the field of battle. Overheated complex afterburners pushed my vessel to within Scrambler range in a matter of seconds. With the lock and scram secured I requested for Tibbsy to jump in and finish him of. High Drones skills and a rather poorly tanked Drake don’t mix well I guess, as the Drake erupted in a ball of blue flames leaving nothing but a smoking wreck for Tibbsy to look at.

I felt a little bad as I made Mr Tibbs travel 5 jumps to come and support me. The stunned pilot paused a little too long when he tried to get his pod to safety and point was acquired before he could make his escape.

The rats seemed to favour Tibbsy’s Hurricane and started to fire at my Assault Frigate, so much so I was forced to temporarily leave the scene. Chow, the Drake pilot, was kindly invited to our ransom channel and negotiations were under way as Tibbs took care of the rat’s, in preparation for my return.

In true Pulp Fiction style Mr Tibbs accidentally shot mr Chow in the face. A genuine accident and as the price for Chows pod had already been agreed I sent him a little isk as a way of apology and spoke to him for a little while after. Apology accepted.


With Persephone’s recent celebration of the coveted ‘Peregrine Badge’, awarded to her for the stellar kill of an Interceptor in a fat-man (Tristan), a smile crossed my face. These two kills are the only ones of the few to be put forward for this month’s solo-kill-of-the-month-award. Please read Persephs brilliant fictive story on receiving the award.

So not bad, you would say right? With the end of the month closing in fast, is August going to be my month? Will I finally receive that much wanted medal and the recognition from my fellow corp-mates?

The answer is simple and short; no. Why you ask? Well, Muckalt, another one of our newbies has gotten himself the following kills;

Hound Vs Drake
Hound Vs Drake

And just if that wouldn’t do it he topped it off with this little gem;

Hound Vs Raven

Astounding, mindboggling stuff, so I guess September could be my month right?...

Watch this space



    Here's a pretty cool kill.

  2. How did he manage those kills solo in a HOUND?! Details, please!!!

  3. Mynxee, if you look at the fits those ships have no way of damaging a speed tanking frig without good skills. So i can kinda guess how it worked.
    Nice kills especially the solo Raven.

  4. i know mynx its crazy, i thought it was a fix but clearly there are not. ab fit hound, long point, lotsa luck, balls of steel and bingo!

  5. Just keep on killing, and you'll get there one day. I didn't go after that Crow thinking "solo kill of the month material right there!" but it worked out that way anyway. =)

  6. Those are nice kills, but a friend of mine killed an orca solo in an incursus which by far takes the cake imo :P

  7. Eh.. They aren't THAT impressive...
    I mean hell, the ships were flown by Goons......

    Nice kills guys!