Friday 20 August 2010

DEATHRACE2010 - Team NK Complete...


All Racers! Rally will be Amarr Prime Region, please make sure to be in this general area of the universe for the race. Launch system will be announced at 17:00 on Sunday in the in-game channel Death Race 2010. Race will start promptly at 18:00! Between 17-18 we will be fleeting up in the launch system, only those racers registered and in the race fleet will be awarded prizes.

I wish all particpants the very best of luck and hope you all have a great time! More than any other pilots I'd hope the pilots in team Nashh Kadavr go kick some serious ass!

Team Nashh Kadavr Pilots are;

1 ; Chimagia

2 ; El Tea

3 ; Jartren

4 ; Brother Murphy

5 ; JEK3

6 ; Zen'tau

7 ; astral dominix

8 ; Admiral Norbank

9 ; Flafnir

10; ArhKeNez

11; Mea VI

12; Mord Fiddle

13; Vallorie

14; Azohauler

15; evanv04

16; Skippermonkey

17; Hardreign

18; Max Ursa

19; Angelus Infirim

20; Amnatar Kyaan

I hope you get to take home some of these;

First Place
> 600m isk!
> Choice of Faction Frigate + Domination Warp Scrambler (Sponsored by MissX934)
> Astarte Hull (Sponsored by Dissonance Corporation)

• Second Place
> 300m isk!
> Dominix Hull (Sponsored by Dissonance Corporation)

• Third Place
> 100m isk!
> Drake Hull (Sponsored by Dissonance Corporation)

• Fourth thru Tenth Place
> 10m isk! (Double the entrance fee)


> "Most Kills" - 100m isk (Sponsored by Rixx Javix) and 10 Rocket Rifters (Sponsored by Nashh Kadavr)

> "First Kill" - Firetail and Deadspace MWD (Sponsored by Roo at Depth's Unknown)

> FREE HOSTING - is offering 3 Standard Hosting Packages Free for One Year! These will be offered in order of finish until satisfied.

> EON Magazine - In addition to donating 1 Billion ISK to the prize pot, EON will be publishing a FEATURE on the Death Race in an upcoming issue! So make sure you take some UI-Less Screen Shots during the race and send them to

(Make sure to put in a good word for me Mr Javix!)


  1. Always a good word m8! Many many thanks for doing this and helping to spark interest in the Race, it is much appreciated. In many ways you provided the inspiration with the CDM and how much fun it was to participate in that, so thank you for that as well.

    Go Team Nashh!

  2. This is starting in low sec, right?

    <-- outlaw

  3. Thanks Rixx.

    Yes Perseph the race is low and nul so you are like a fish in water!

  4. Go team NK! Can't wait to see this one and yes, we're starting in low sec, hmmmm...