Friday 6 August 2010

Flashfresh and Ronindata Art

I have actually taken a few forced days off from eve; RL has been manic and resulting stress has manifested itself in a physical form. Clearly this is all related to my short nights sleep, epic amounts of booze, cigarettes and mayonnaise.

Nevertheless I kept myself going and finally finished some drawings I made some time ago. Please note these are my first experimentations with photoshop and I know I suck but for a first timer I cant complain.

Anywho without further ado;

This is Flashfresh, CEO of the Bastards. The best CEO I have had in EVE and an excellent blogger;

I had made this sketch of him some time ago;
And this was the intended result;

Luckily for him I found this option called 'hue/saturation?' wich easily changed pink to black;

This is Ronindata, ex-Bastard CEO, but still a director and all-round-bad-ass;

Initial sketch (after cleaning it up);


Each sketch took about a week of 'getting inspiration', a day of sketching and 6 hours a piece to colour in. They arent the best but I am happy with the result, they will only get better with more practise.


More soon, maybe...


Watch this space


  1. Everyone starts somewhere m8 and these are pretty darn good for a beginner, just like in Eve - don't give up. Keep practicing and the skills will follow.

  2. And PS: Good to see you back, was getting worried about you.

  3. Great drawings Nashh, gotta say i prefer the pink shirt, colours just look more natural somehow...