Monday 30 August 2010

Artemis Fortune & Persephone (DELETED)

I have been thinking about this fiction story overnight and have decided to take it down.

I have written fiction story’s previously and not really thought about it too much, generally if I have included any in-game-characters the response has been positive. On this occasion however I feel perhaps I overstepped the mark.

My fictional character Nashh is getting pretty dark and nasty, personally I like it. I have included Mynxee, Flashfresh, Venom Orchid and other Bastards in previous stories, but generally kept it all above board and decent.

The last two stories have been gloomy, depressing, twisted, dark and are of some sexual nature. Although I have portrayed Nashh as a low-life scumbag with a heavy drink and drugs problem, a twisted mind and generally the anti hero, I have portrayed other in-game characters in ways that may not suit their own fiction story-line.

I am not removing the ‘Joining VETO…’ story as both Mynxee and Venom are cool with my twisted brain writing filth about them. Perhaps I should have asked them before I wrote it, but it didn’t cross my mind. It was merely a response to Mynxee leaving to join VETO.

The story that followed was just something that came up and I put on paper. Yes both were written to ‘shock’ and make people go ‘WAT?’. But I didn’t think of asking Persehone if she’s cool with her characters being portrayed in the way I did, I should have.

She is cool with it btw, and although I personally feel one can write whatever they want in a fictive story, others may not agree.

If you do have interest in reading it, leave a comment with your contact details and I’ll mail it to you, alternatively it is on the ipod-Capsuleer-App already and I cannot remove that.

I am not sorry and have no regrets writing it, I enjoyed it and thought it was cool, hence I posted it. I am merely removing it in case I offended anyone, you crazy Rp’ers.

Opinions? Feel free to comment, I’ll pick it up as and when I can, bit busy though this week, wedding and all… (CCP please send me an Opux Luxury Yacht yeah?!)


  1. Persephone's gonna kill you. A lot :)

  2. We may be pirates, but we're capsule pirates. As such, we're stinky rich beyond the dreams of anyone else, even if we live a little lowbrow. A battleship takes the resources of a whole star system to build, and it's just a toy to us, just as an example. A person could retire planetside with just a few ISK and live comfortably for the rest of their life, because planetary currency is worth almost nothing in comparison.

    As such, Persephone would page some of The Bastard's in-station support staff to come collect you and go throw you onto your own sofa. ;-)

  3. i knew you'd like it.

    *sighs* the beauty that is fiction, one can do as one pleases...

  4. Well you guys r something freaky ;p

  5. @Kayla: Keep saying things like that and I won't post that Persephone-Kayla twincest story I've been working on. . .

  6. Isnt it kinda rude to hijack others characters and make them act in a way you like without even asking?
    I mean this are not only characters of someone elses fiction but the characters they roleplay in the same game you play in...
    I mean, i dont really care, its a Bastards thing, but i wouldnt even consider doing that without asking permission kindly.

  7. mm, i dont know tbh Anonymous, i wasnt aware there were any rules to writing fiction, but what do i know.

    perhaps i could have asked before i wrote about anybody,ever, however whenever i have in the past people have always said it was cool.

    perhaps there is a level of curtesy i should have extended before having my fictional wickid way with some fictional chicks.

    i shall keep it in mind for future pg rated story's. so thanks for your comments.

  8. I dont know about actual rules either. ^^

    Well its mostly something i would be afraid to piss people off that i like with.

    Given she isnt pissed at you and you wrote a nice story showing your character in an entertaining way, you probably did everything just right. ^^

  9. @Anonymous: There are a few details that I would change if I had been asked about this in advance. Okay, there's actually a LOT of things I'd change if I'd been asked about this in advance to be honest, but I'm not too worried about it. =)

    You see, he was nice enough to write a story which was basically about me and another character from my blog, and that's pretty flattering-- even it it was softcore porn written from a guy's point of view. So there's two ways to look at it. One way is "OMG he's totally mis-writing my characters without my persmission! RANT RANT!" and the other way is "Hey, he likes my stuff so much that he wants to build on it here and make his own stories too-- neato!" I'm going with the second approach.

    @Nashh: Technically, Anonymous is correct. However, I was flattered that you wanted to write about me, and I figured you probably didn't know about the little social rules of shared-setting storytelling, and I didn't want to make a big THING of it, so I'm letting it slide and taking it in the spirit in which it was intended-- which is nicely. =)

    Do drop me an EVE mail before the next one, though. ;-)

  10. But then these comments won't be as entertaining. And Persep, my brain is not yet scrambled like yours. I don't believe I would do such things, especially with someone who would randsom me afterwards. ;)

  11. While technically, the "ask first" thing does apply when writing about other people's characters, just as it applies when writing about other people, I haven't read it yet, so I don't have a valid opinion..
    Mind sending me a copy? Your stories have helped to pass a lot of long hours at work and I'd hate to think I missed one..

  12. certainly Zanarax, just email me on and i shall send it as a reply.

  13. I'm sad that you pulled the story, but I respect your reasons for doing so.