Friday 27 August 2010

Joining VETO...

‘Jacque!’ Nashh belted over the comms channel, ‘send me three... Now… Usual spec…’

‘Mr Nashh, I ..I can't after last time. I am sorry but two of the girls are still having treatment after their last visit.’

‘I'll pay Nashh slurred. Double…’

‘I am sorry the pimp stutterd, t-tools are not toys... I can't put my girls in harms way… You must understand.’


‘Well I guess I can make an exception, Jacque started... But no funny stuff ok?’

‘Just send them up…’


The door chimed. Nashh stumbled half-naked off his desk chair and tripped over the bottle of rum next to it on the floor, spilling what little contents was remaining.

The chime chimed a second time.

‘I' m coming for Christ sake!’

His hand landed on the plaque next to the entrance of his apartment and the door slid open.

‘Er… I didn't order you...’

Nashh rubbed his bloodshot eyes and blinked.

‘Venom? Holy fuck! I…’

Venom orchid had not changed much since last time they met. She still had the Hellcat tattoo on her left arm, although the oversized Hellcats-belt-buckle had been replaced with the insignia of the Bastards. She clearly still liked leather.

‘I knew you joined but we keep missing each other I guess…’

Venoms hand struck him hard across the left cheek before she paused and stepped inside.

‘What the fuck is your problem’, the foxy pirate stated, looking around the messy apartment. Empty bottles of booze strewn across the floor, some filled to the brim with cigarette ends.

‘Did you really think she'd come back here? To the Bastards? Wake up Nashh.’

‘Look, this is not a good time right now... I am expecting guests’, Nashh managed, scratching the back of his head.

Venom orchid stared at him blankly, raising her eyebrows in disbelief.

‘Mr Kadavr? Jacque sent us...’ A tall, scantly clad Minmatar girl had stepped into the room. She looked nervous. Two more dreadlocked ladies of leisure waited in the hallway, curiously peering in.

Nashh looked from Venom to the girls and back, ‘this is not...’

‘You fucking sad bastard’. If venom had exuded any joy for seeing Nashh previously, that had drained away.

Nashh gave a wry smile and hung his head, staring blankly at the floor.

Shaking her head, venom started her rant... ‘Look, your a nice guy Nashh, but what is your fucking obsession with her!? Give it up; it's not ever gonna happen…’

Nashh shrugged his shoulders and wiped some moisture collecting in the corner of his eye.

‘Fucking man up you little girl. Look at you!’

The trio of prostitutes huddled together, mouths ajar in amazement, watching the spectacle unfold.

Nashh straightened up, chest out, anger, adrenalin and lust coursing through his veins.

Venom stroked his cheek and rested her hand on his toned and tattooed chest…

‘Out... Get out...’ Nashh glanced sideways at the three girls.


The three girls stumbled into each other and hurried out, fear in their eyes.

Venom let her hand slip and turned towards the door.

Quick as a viper Nashh lashed out and grabbed her by the wrist.

‘Not you’ he spoke softly, pushing the panel on the wall, closing the door.


  1. LOLOL! You are just the CUTEST thing, babydarlin! Hahaha, great story. ♥♥♥ Venom is secretly mine, though. So don't get THAT hope up, either. *winks saucily*

  2. I'd better hurry up and get Persephone married to Artemis before Nashh writes her into a scene like this. . . O.o

  3. 0.o is about as accurate a response as I can get. Not sure whether to be glad I haven't had the honour of meeting you in game yet. But anyway, great story and I really enjoy your fiction. I just have to tell myself it is fiction....

  4. LOL Oh Venom so has a response to this

  5. @anon; what? should i include PG rating?

    @Mynx; I know.. one can but dream right?

    @Persey; you just gave me a brilliant idea. work in progress.

    @Shota; Thanks dude, all my'fiction' is based on real events. I live just behind you.

    @Helicity; Bactine is ok, i preffer a mixture of E45 and tabasco, trust me it does wonders. Alternativly have your Minnie hulls stripped from rust, 16 Gallons of Quafe for a Rifter, 38 for a Rupture, 54 galons for a Hurricane, or 32 million-76 million and 108million respectivly. I know its pricey but god it makes your ships look dead sexy. I have my Rifters resparayed after the treatment, Pearlescent Black is my flavour at the moment. I have a number for a guy that does me a good deal, let me know if you want me to hook you up..

    @Venom; Go easy on me kk? dont mention the 'size' issue for god sake.