Tuesday 21 February 2012


'Nashh? What the fuck are you doing?''


Anabaric had walked straight into the CEO's office against the secretaries recommendations. Nashh Kadavr had been very specific about 'not being disturbed' and had not answered any calls for two days now. He had not been seen leaving his office for a few days, not that unusual but not answering calls from Anabaric was.

Major Anabaric was very capable of taking care of the corporation all by himself and in many cases was left to do so. There wasn't usually any need for him to contact Nashh at all, however, when he does ring it means it's worth answering the call.

Nashh had ignored him for two days, something must be wrong. Kadavr had a history of drugs and alcohol abuse and was known to occasionally slip from his intended sobriety. And when he does...

Nashh Kadavr and Anabaric had spend a lot of time together lately, even more since Acute had disappeared. Officer Ana was as annoyed as he was worried before making the call to bust into his office.

'You can't go in there, Mr Kadavr doesn't want to be disturbed'.

Anabaric didn't even look at the Archura secretary as he swerved passed her desk. He pushed open the door and was greeted by the bitter smell of stale coffee and sweat. He shut the door behind him.

Nashh stood over by the far wall with his back to the door. He was staring at handwritten calculations of some kind.

Nashh's Goinard office was not to dissimilar in setup from the one he had in Dal, although this Gallente station was a little more spacious and modern, had more curves and lighting. The left hand wall had full length projections of market-orders and complex schematics on what appeared to be moon-goo reactions.

There was an entertainment system on of some sort but whatever it had been playing had finished and a gentle static noise came through the speakers in the corners of the room.


'Nashh? What the fuck are you doing?''

Anabaric walked over and nudged Nashh to get a response. 'Nashh?'

Nashh muttered something incoherent and remained fixated on the writing on the wall.

Anabaric stood back for a moment to realize the entire wall was covered in writing and drawings.

'Jezus fucking...Nashh!' Ana shoved his friend, making his face connect with the wall.

'WHAT?!' Damn, fucksakes, you prick! Nashh shouted back. 'What, mate, what?' Nashh looked at Anabaric with bloodshot eyes, obvious sleep depravation had formed dark grey rings around his eye-sockets.

What are you doing and why didn't you answer my calls? Ana paused to regard the ink on the wall again before adding; 'and what's up with this shit?'.

'Moon-Goo' Nashh grinned.

Anabaric had seen that crazed grin before. It either meant Nashh had a genuine moment of brilliance or there was imminent catastrophic disaster, usually the latter.

'Please, do fill me in' Ana rolled his eyes.

With auto-cannon speed Nashh rattled out the basics on the reactions possible with the available materials, their values, the location of existing Towers, their defenses, the connections required and a basic cost break-out. Depicting his findings Nashh paced up and down the wall pointing out schematics. as he enthusiastically expelled the contents of his mind.

'Nashh, you are basically saying that this here could turnover 50 billion a year but with the volatile cost and sell price of the components you produce and require this could result in what?'

'A profit or a loss of-course you moron. '

Anabaric looked at the disheveled and deranged man in front of him. 'Right, gotcha, very clever Nashh, very clever'.

The sarcasm clearly didn't register in Nashh's brain.

'And the odds then buddy? You have worked it out in a complex risk assessment somewhere on the wall here right?'

'Yeah' Nashh gloated as he sipped some cold coffee 'like with everything in life its gonna work or fail 50/50...'


  1. I think its a bromance thing going on between Anabaric and Nashh!

    1. Personally I think there is not enough ponies in this blog :(

  2. Moon Goo?! Reactions?!? What happened to the handsome strapping pirate who used to invade my dreams?