Wednesday 1 February 2012


So as perhaps old news to some but as of today its official, Kadavr Black Guards are proud to be part of the infamous Shadow Cartel Alliance.

For the past three weeks we have been roaming and killing stuff with these guys and having great fun in large and small gangs, leaving a path of destruction wherever we go...most of the time.

Banners on our website, forum, killboard and on this here blog will be updated in due time.

Recruitment is still open but our selection process has become a little stricter and tighter, if you have any questions please feel free to drop by in our public channel ''Kadavr Public' and chat up either Nashh Kadavr or Anabaric.


  1. Shadavr Black Guard Cartel is a go! Congrats, I guess? At any rate, looking forward to keeping you guys around in the area.

  2. I look forward to meeting you some day, while roaming the SC's area. :)