Sunday 4 March 2012

Politics and stuff.

So its that time of year where we get to pick the ones that represent us in some fashion in the apperant everlasting struggle with our glorious game devs at CCP. Some like to moan about the actual value of our CSM some profess not even to vote at all.

I have no strong feelings about any particular candidate this year but I will vote to at least attempt and disrupt the chaps that I disagree with most.

My 3 votes will be split between 3 different Characters adding to my lame and vanilla style of poilitics; Roc Wieler, T'amber and Mike Azariah will receive my votes this year based on them being cool dudes and/or their views matching mine most closely.

Please check out this great app made by Dierdra Vaal to help you make your choices!

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