Thursday 9 February 2012

Kadavr 3rd Party

So I lent out my eve-semi-celebrity status to act as a third party a few weeks ago and sold a Titan for a friend and shortly followed that up by a Nyx.

I didnt actually make any money on it as it was friend sales and I didnt know there was any money in it but hey presto I just did another Titan sale a few days back and a nice few iskies as a tip, not a fee but it made me dicide to make arrangements for possible future sales.

Enter Kadavr 3rd Party! I have sold a few WH's through our sister corp and old friend and a few supercap sales and I can agree cheap prices on deals for supercaps, tips are very welcome!

Prices are set but can be negotiated depending on each situation.

Check out my new site here;